Best 4G Dongle For All Sims In India: Huawei, Enter, Or Coconut?

Best 4G Dongle For All Sims In India 2023: Huawei, Enter, Or Coconut?

If you are working at a remote location, or always on the go, or if you are someone living at a place where there is no broadband connection, then a ‘4G dongle for all sims’ is one device that becomes handy to get online.

4G dongle, also known as a Wi-Fi dongle for laptop, data card, or mobile router can help you connect your laptop, tablet, smart TV, and other devices using a mobile data connection.

Now, there are many options of Wi-Fi dongle available in the market, such as Reliance JioFi, Airtel Data Card, Vodafone Dongle. But, none of them supports multiple sim cards. For example, JioFi doesn’t work with other sims from different networks. This becomes a problem when you want to shift your network provider when you face issues.

In such scenario, a 4G dongle that works with all sims is a preferred solution . It not only gives you fast internet speed but also is more reliable and can connect eight to twenty devices at the same time with stable connectivity.

You can use your smartphone to provide mobile Wi-Fi connection using portable hotspot or internet tethering. However, it will drain your phone’s battery and will also create inconvenience while switching sim cards and sharing data. In this article, I have reviewed the four best Wi-Fi dongles in India that support all sim cards.

Let’s get into the reviews!

4 best 4G dongles for all sims

1. Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle is a fantastic investment for me as my hometown doesn’t have any broadband service. I spent days deciding on which data card to buy and I chose this for two simple reasons: it is compatible with all sim cards and it is cheap.

Surf internet at high speed with this impressive 4G dongle. Having a download speed that can go up to 150mbps, you’re assured to have a fascinating experience while you surf and an upload speed of 50mbps that can be fast.

The device provides you with the opportunity to connect it to up to 9 different devices to let others enjoy along with you the blistering speed. Made up of matte black, this 4G dongle for all sims plays a key role when you’re out of station and a real saviour during important work schedules.

Things I like:

  • Multi-device support – The wifi dongle lets you connect with approximately 9 different devices, ranging from laptop, tablet, and smartphone to let you enjoy super-fast internet services.
  • LED lights – can indicate the strength of the signal and the speed
  • Connect it anywhere – Thanks to its spectacular network, you can start surfing and get connected in a fraction of a second with impressive download and upload speeds.
  • Portable – As it is light on weight, it is very easy to take it with you for traveling purposes.

Things I don’t like:

  • It can get hot – If you’re using the dongle for PC and other devices for a certain amount of hours, the 4G dongle can get heated up pretty quick.
  • Connectivity issue – At times it can take ages to get it connected to your device.
  • Connection speed gets slower over time – After usage of the dongle for laptop and other devices, the connection speed gets quite slow.

2. Tukzer 4G LTE USB Dongle Stick

Tukzer 4G LTE USB Dongle Stick

Tukzer 4G LTE USB Dongle Stick looks sharp and is known to have stunning features. It is light in weight and you can easily put this Wi-Fi dongle in your packet and carry it with you.

Whether you’re in the comfort of your house or camping in the outskirts, you are provided with a high download speed internet of 150mbps and upload speed of 50mbps.

Things I like:

  • Supports up to 10 devices – It has the capability of connecting up to 10 WLAN devices at a time to let you enjoy high internet speed along with your family.
  • Top chipset integration – The Wi-Fi dongle has a high-speed chipset integrated with it in the form of Qualcomm MSM8916 to let you give that amazing internet speed.
  • Compatible with every internet carrier – Some 4G Wi-Fi dongles that do not support every internet provider, this isn’t the case with Tukzer 4G dongle.
  • In-built LED indicator – To help you know what is the strength of the network, the 4g dongle for all sims has an LED indicator.

Things I don’t like:

  • Connectivity issues – The speed doesn’t fulfill the criteria of 150mbps as it does have a poor speed for most of the time.
  • No indication of sim card at times – When you try to connect your sim card, there is no indication of being connected in the admin panel.
  • Defective software – You can’t scroll through the options at times on the first page as it can get buggy.
  • Unable to register a new password – If you plan to change your password, it doesn’t register at times and might require multiple efforts.

3. Huawei E8372 Wi-Fi Wingle

Huawei E8372 Wi-Fi Wingle

This Wi-Fi dongle from Huawei is a stunner with an elegant look that can do wonders with a bunch of features. LTE + Wi-Fi sharing becomes quite easy by connecting the 4G dongle with the USB port of the laptop to transmit data and also sharing LTE + Wi-Fi with numerous devices at the same time.

Things I like:

  • Chill and work in the car – The E8372 4G dongle can work like a charm in the comfort of your car. Just plug into your car charger and you’ll be getting a top-notch Wi-Fi connection within your car to let you work or chill with music.
  • Support for 16 Wi-Fi-enabled devices at the same time – The ability to connect 16 Wi-Fi devices altogether at the same time is quite commendable for a 4G dongle.
  • High-speed internet surfing – The dongle from Huawei does provide an impressive download speed of 150mbps which offers you an elevating experience with quality HD Video and voice calls.
  • Lightweight – Weighing just about 141 grams, it is very convenient to travel with.

Things I don’t like:

  • Compatibility with Jio is poor – The internet speed goes down over time when you have a Jio sim. This is something the 4G dongle needs to improve.
  • Forceful redirection to Huawei site – When you try to connect the Wi-Fi dongle, it can redirect you to their site.
  • Speed is on the slower side – You don’t get a proper 150mbps speed, and at times you’ll be struggling for even 2mbps speed.
  • No support for nano/micro sim cards – No option of fitting in a nano/micro sim card, which is quite disappointing.

4. Enter USB Modem Tri-Band 4G LTE Dongle

Enter USB Modem Tri-Band 4G LTE Dongle

A spectacular option by the brand “Enter” is my last pick for the best 4G dongle in India. With an easy-to-carry design, it does sport a built-in antenna for a better signal and high-speed internet. With an easy setup, there are no hassles of installing any kind of software.

It does a remarkable job with tri-band technology and offers you 150mbps download speed.

Things I like:

  • Plug & play – There is no requirement of installing any kind of software. You can just plug in and start surfing.
  • Support for all Sims – All sims are supported in Enter USB 4G LTE dongle to let you enjoy high-speed internet services.
  • Easy to carry – The 4G dongle is light in weight and you can take it in your pocket to surf the internet anywhere.
  • Does work well in rural areas – There is no sort of connectivity issues in small towns and far-off places.

Things I don’t like:

  • Speed reduction over a certain time – After a couple of months of usage, you are provided with a slower internet surfing experience.
  • Keeps disconnecting at times – On certain days you might have to deal with continuous disconnection.
  • Not ideal for nano sim cards – You will need an additional nano sim card adapter.
  • Fragile build – It is made up of low quality, which isn’t ideal.

Features to look for in a 4G Dongle

Certain features need to be there when you plan to get a 4G dongle. Let us look at some of the important features that are essential and you need to look for in a Wi-Fi dongle:

1. All sim support

This is an essential feature when you plan to buy a 4G dongle. Having an all sim support assures you that you can surf the internet on your 4G dongle without worrying about will it work on your sim or not. You must check whether your dongle supports every sim.

2. Number of Wi-Fi connections

Another crucial feature to look for in a Wi-Fi dongle is the number of devices it can be connected to. Having the ability to connect to more devices will be beneficial for you as you can let your closed ones enjoy high-speed internet from your 4G dongle. Connecting to 8 devices or more seems a legit feature.

3. Does it have a battery?

Wi-Fi dongles take in power from an electric medium or from a laptop to which they are connected. They do have rechargeable batteries within them that can regain power through USB charging.

4. Speed

Speed is a necessity in today’s era of high-speed internet. Usually, most of the top-known 4G dongles from various brands offer you a blazing 150mbps speed. However, with numerous data plans, you have the option of upgrading it to 300mbps or even more.

A plan for 150mbps seems like a good enough speed to do your stuff at a quick pace. If you think that you would require a faster speed, you can then opt for a 300mbps plan or something similar.

Therefore, do make sure that the 4G dongle does have a high speed for your benefit.


Choosing the best 4g dongle for all sims in India can take some effort as you’ll have to dive deep into the minute details and features they offer. Many such Wi-Fi dongle in the market that are quite good, but do they make it to the best one?

To help you out of this mess, I have listed the four best data cards along with their pros and cons. Additionally, there are a couple of features to look for in a 4G dongle that you can check above in the article. You can pick any one out of the four options as all of them offer interesting features and high speed.

So, which 4G dongle you’ll pick?

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