A2 Ghee Benefits & What It Means: Is It Worth Buying?

A2 Ghee Benefits & What It Means: Is It Worth Buying?

A2 ghee surely might be costlier than normal desi ghee and grainy in texture, but you’re getting a superior product with high value. In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of A2 ghee and what A2 ghee means.

Ghee has been an essential part of our Indian culture for an unimaginable list of years. Considered a well-known ingredient in South Asian households and you’ll notice there is a bit of ghee in your rice, desserts, or even your breakfast items.

Ghee is known to enhance bone mass and is also quite helpful for body development and growth. On a personal level, having a paratha with ghee all over it during childhood was the most lip-smacking experience. Additionally, I do add a certain amount of ghee to my lunch at regular intervals.

What is A2 ghee & what does it mean?

What A2 ghee means

It is not a rocket science to understand that ghee is made from the milk produced by buffaloes, cows, sheep, and goats. While in the case of A2 ghee, it is entirely made from the milk extracted from desi/Indian cows. It is produced via the stirring technique, also known as the bilona method. In this process, the milk is curdled, and afterward hand-churned or even motor churned.

After a while, the butter accumulated in the process is collected and has to go through a chain of the heating process until we get the final touch of A2 cow ghee. So, it is A2 milk produced by cows that contains more amounts of protein and a higher nutritional value for an individual.

As A2 cow milk does not have the harmful β-casein protein, also referred to as A1 Protein, which does have adverse effects on the human body, you do not have to worry about A2 ghee.

Moreover, there are numerous benefits of A2 ghee that are suitable for everyone and help keep you fit.

Benefits of A2 ghee

Benefits of A2 ghee

The A2 ghee has a lot to offer in terms of health when compared to the regular ghee that you get in the market. I have listed out some of the benefits of A2 ghee. Check them out below:

1. Healthy heart

With Omega-3 unsaturated fats present in A2 ghee, it balances out cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy and active. This might not be the case for regular ghee as it contains an abundance of fat content.

2. Easy digestion

Do not worry about digestion as A2 ghee is made in such a way to help you out with digestion. Also, it comprises butyric acid which does help in the absorption of nutrients and also helps with constipation.

3. Good remedy for skin problems

Yes! You heard that right. When you apply it to burned or parched skin, it gives you a comfortable feeling.

4. Immunity booster

With several vitamins (A, E, K, and D) being present in A2 ghee, this combination helps a person boost their immunity at an extraordinary level. Additionally, the presence of these vitamins in A2 ghee helps in better functioning of the heart and brain too.

5. Higher smoke point

As compared to ordinary oils which tend to release toxic fumes when heated at a high temperature, when A2 ghee is cooked at a high temperature, there are no toxic fumes released.

6. Helps in treating different health issues

There is a long list of the benefits of A2 ghee, as it can help prevent and treat health issues like improving bone health, stomach ailments, curing gastric, and heart blockage too.

A2 ghee nutritional label

Here are the following ingredients as per 100 gm of A2 ghee.

Total Fat, mg99.53
Vitamin A, mcg466.97
Vitamin D, mcg0.12
Energy, Kcal896
Cholesterol, mg148.86
Mono unsaturated fat, g25.09
Omega 6, gm2.05
Trans fat, gmND
Total fat, gm99.53
Total carbohydratesND

A2 cow ghee vs normal desi ghee – the difference

There are plenty of differences when it comes to the debate between an A2 cow Ghee and regular desi ghee. Have a look:

A2 gheeNormal desi ghee
It consists of A2 protein found in cows that are not genetically mutated and purebred. A2 protein is the healthier alternative to A1 protein.Most of the normal ghee includes A1 protein that is present in hybrid cows.
It is easier to digest A2 Ghee.Consuming normal ghee is harder to digest.
High in nutritional value.It is low in terms of nutrition.
A2 ghee consists of cerebrosides and strontium that help an individual with more immunity and stronger brain power.Consuming desi normal ghee can result in a person experiencing bloating, and acidity as well.
No artificial colouring and additives are present in an A2 ghee.Harmful additives and colourings are present that can cause problems to people having regular desi ghee.
Highly recommended for kids and pregnant womenIt isn’t the most ideal option for pregnant women.
Provides a better taste when compared to regular gheeMonotonous and cliché taste
It serves as a good option for moisturizing the skin.It doesn’t fit in as a skin moisturizing agent.
It is mostly grainy in terms of texture.Usually non-grainy and smoother
It can prevent numerous health issues.Does not offer much in preventing health problems
Difference between A2 cow ghee and normal desi ghee

People also ask

Why A2 Ghee is costly?

It is free from adulteration with no additives; more desi cows are required to produce A2 milk, and also it is made via bilona method, which is time-consuming. All of these factors add up to additional costs.

Does A2 Ghee increase weight?

No! It does include anti-inflammatory properties which prevent bloating. So, having the right amount won’t increase your weight.

Which Ghee is better – A1 or A2?

A2 ghee is surely better as the A2 milk is stronger and provides health benefits to humans. A1 ghee on the side results in different health problems in the form of bloating and allergies.

Is Patanjali cow ghee A2?

That’s a debatable question. They do assure that is pure and natural ghee, however, there is no proof of being an A2 ghee.

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Verdict – is it worth buying?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, ghee is something that we Indians keep consuming in different ways. Whether it is during breakfast with parathas, adding it with rice during lunch or dinner, it is ubiquitous. Ghee is obtained not only from the milk extracted from cows, but also from goats, sheep, and buffaloes.

In my verdict, A2 ghee takes the prize for me when compared to regular ghee. Do you know, why? Come on! It is stacked up with multi-benefits that make it a better option and it is completely natural without any kind of additives.

For me, health is the priority and that is what A2 cow ghee delivers as it is natural and free from additives.

The next time you’re in a supermarket looking for the perfect ghee or ordering online; do go all out for A2 ghee. I do not have to mention why as you already know by now after reading this article.

Stay healthy!

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