Aluminium Vs Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: Which Is Best For Health?

Aluminium Vs Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: Which Is Best For Health?

Pressure cookers do enjoy a big chunk of popularity in the market, thanks to their ability to cook your desired food at a rapid pace. They are certainly the most well-known kitchen utensils that every family requires for themselves.

What makes a pressure cooker a standout is its ability to utilize steam to cook food, and meat/chicken getting cooked within half of the normal time it usually takes to make your favourite food. More importantly, the flavours, vitamins, and also minerals are intact within the food as it is sealed when preparing food in a pressure cooker.

This leads to you eating healthy and is beneficial for you as a whole. The debate sparks between; which pressure cooker is the best for health? There are two contenders in the market in the form of an aluminium pressure cooker and stainless steel pressure cooker.

I’ll be breaking it down the differences between aluminium vs stainless steel pressure cooker. Let’s get it started:

Which pressure cooker is best for health – aluminium or stainless steel or anodized?

All of the three pressure cookers have unique abilities that make them different from each other. Let me list them accordingly with a verdict.

Aluminium pressure cooker

They happen to be the oldest pressure cookers used in India, and are quite affordable in terms of pricing. Also, your food will be prepared in a jiffy as compared to a stainless steel pressure cooker as it is an excellent heat conductor.

But, there are many downsides cluttered with it. Whether you’re talking about a shorter life span, hard to clean, and the biggest problem I see is that it is unhealthy for you. Aluminium reacts to acidic food like vinegar, tomatoes, citrus, and damaged/eroded ones aren’t good for your health either.

Stainless steel pressure cooker

Stainless steel pressure cookers are a supreme force in the kitchen industry as it offers you various benefits. It is a tad expensive when you compare it with an aluminium pressure cooker, but it does have a better life and offers you a healthy alternative.

The reason I’m saying this is because, it is not reactive to acidic foods, is corrosion/stain-free, and does not burn your food. You might have to spend some extra bucks, but it is worth the money.

Hard anodized pressure cooker

Being the newbie among the other pressure cookers, it has a lot to offer. Since it is an excellent heat conductor, your food gets prepared in a short span, is easy to clean, light in weight, scratch-resistant. The deal-breaker is the fact that it tends to release unhealthy fumes while heating and also starts reacting to acidic foods when the layer wears off.

If I have to choose a winner purely based on health, it is surely stainless steel pressure cookers. They do not affect your health and have a longer life as well.

Aluminium vs stainless steel vs hard anodized pressure cooker

Aluminium vs stainless steel pressure cooker

ParameterAluminium Pressure CookerStainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Health WiseIt is not considered a good option in terms of your health. Once it is rusted, parts of the layer can get mixed with your food and that can have a negative effect on your health.It is non-reactive to acidic foods, hygienic material, does not harbour dirt, and germs. It is an ideal option for healthy living.
DurabilityLess durable as compared to stainless steel cookware. You might have to replace it with a new one soon as it has a short life span.It is extremely durable and has a longer life span as compared to an aluminium pressure cooker.
Heat conductivity.
Heat ConductivityGood conductor of heat. Allows you to make food at a faster rate. Even though the difference in preparing food between the two is low.Poor conductor of heat. It takes a bit longer to heat and prepare food in a stainless steel pressure cooker.
CleaningIt will get rusted sooner than later, and it requires cleaning at regular intervals.Maintains its shine and appearance for a longer duration. Less amount of cleaning process required as its name suggests.
Non Stick CoatingAluminium pressure cookers do not come with a non-stick coating.Does not contain a non-stick coating. Consists of nickel and chromium alloy.
PricingThe price of an aluminium pressure cooker is on the lower side and it is affordable.Purchasing a stainless steel pressure cooker is expensive as compared to buying an aluminium pressure cooker.
WeightIt is light on weight and easier to handle than a stainless steel pressure cooker.Heavier than an aluminium pressure cooker.


Whether you’re going in for an aluminium pressure cooker or stainless steel, both have their own unique identity and differences that separate them. Aluminium pressure cookers were the top choice in the past for most people, with advancement came a change in the form of stainless steel pressure cookers.

Aluminium pressure cooker might be an affordable option, but it does come with negative points and that includes your health safety. Since an aluminium pressure cooker is made at a cheaper price, it has a short span and the pressure cooker gets rusted or damaged easily. The rusted layers might get mixed with your food, which could be hazardous in the long run. Moreover, it reacts to acidic food like vinegar, citrus, and so on.

On the other side, a stainless steel pressure cooker emerges out as a clear winner as it has a more hygienic material, does not rust, and does not react to acidic foods. Additionally; it keeps the taste of the food, vitamins, and minerals intact.

The question lies, whether you’ll go for a cheaper alternative or a tad expensive one in the form of stainless steel pressure cookers that provide you health safety? There’s a clear answer to the debate between aluminium vs stainless steel pressure cooker as the latter wins it comfortably.

Well, it’s time to head to the nearest store and get your hands on a stainless steel pressure cooker.

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