7 Popular Amul Chocolate Flavours (Varieties) With Price List

7 Popular Amul Chocolate Flavours (Varieties) With Price List

Chocolates are something that keeps you wanting for more, isn’t it? Similarly, Amul has a list of top-tier chocolates that one should give a try. From my recent experience, I tried some of the Amul chocolate flavours that did blow my mind off.

I’ll be talking about them in detail, but did you know, that a pound of chocolate requires about 400 cocoa beans? Anyway! As an Indian brand, the Amul chocolate variety offered is worth mentioning as it caters to different types of consumers. They need to be given thumbs up for providing a variety of chocolate flavours to the Indian audience that is on par with foreign chocolates.

Let me list out the 7 popular Amul chocolate flavours I tasted:

7 popular Amul chocolate flavours

1. Amul Dark Chocolate Bar – Fruit N Nut (55% rich in cocoa)

Amul Fruit N Nut Dark Chocolate

This is one of my favourite chocolate flavours from Amul. If you’re a fan of dark chocolates with a different taste to regular ones, this one is for you.

With a magical combination of raisins, impressive almonds, and fine quality dark chocolate, the Fruit N Nut Dark Chocolate bar is an all-time classic. Additionally, the packing quality is mighty impressive as well. This chocolate flavour is on top of my list with its scintillating taste and crunchy chocolate content.

Added sugar, g – 37.0 (per 100 g)

2. Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Since it does not contain any added sugar, this chocolate bar is an ideal pick for those not planning to put on any extra weight. I’m certainly not a chocolate connoisseur, but it comprises 99% of cacao from different parts of the globe stacked into a chocolate bar.

People who are accustomed to sugar in chocolates might find it hard to like, but it is the healthier option. If you can handle extreme bitter chocolates, go for this one.

Added sugar, g – 0

3. Amul Chocominis Chocolate Box

Amul Chocominis Chocolate Box

The Amul Chocolate Box consisting of Chocominis comes in a pretty plastic box with each chocolate packed in a wrapper separately. I found them to be a lot different from the bitter chocolates as they are milk chocolates and taste sweeter.

It is more suited for people having a thing for too much sweetness, which is a drastic change from bitter chocolates. Moreover, each chocolate within the plastic box is shaped differently to keep you guessing.

Added sugar, g – 51.1 (per 100 g)

4. Amul Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Sugar free dark chocolate

This is another fabulous bitter chocolate that made me a fan. The combination of original cocoa (55%) and creamy milk brings out the best and does tantalize the taste buds. Whether you go for the bite or break a slab of it, the choice is all yours in how you want to have them.

Amul chocolate flavours tend to keep the standard high and this one is no exception as well.

Added sugar, g – 0

5. Amul Bitter 90% Chocolate

Bitter dark chocolate

It can be terms sophisticated dark chocolate in its truest sense. Having 90% cocoa content to it, it is certainly on the bitter side and reflects how a bar of bitter chocolate should be.

It was a pretty extraordinary experience for me as it was quite bitter to the other ones I tasted. However, a few bites later I did get accustomed to its rich cocoa flavour. In all sense, the 90% bitter chocolate is on the international level certainly.

Added sugar, g – 10 (per 100 g)

Also has 75% Bitter one

6. Amul Dark Chocolate (55%)

55% Dark chocolate flavour

Compared to the 90% bitter chocolate, this one (55%) comes out as an ideal balance in terms of taste and less bitter. I found it easier to adapt to the 55% and with a rich mix of cocoa beans and it offers a smooth chocolate experience while tasting it.

If you’re somewhat new to trying out dark chocolates, trying this one would be highly recommended. Amul chocolate variety is something commendable, as they have a range of dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and different chocolate alternatives.

Added sugar, g – 43.0 (per 100 g)

7. Amul Mystic Mocha

Mystic Mocha dark chocolate

Coffee addicts, here’s your flavor! With a blend of dark chocolate and the aroma of the coffee, it surely captivates those who need the best of both worlds.

My eyes lit up when I tried the mystic mocha for the first time as it delivers the perfect punch of dark chocolate and brings a sense of refreshment by not being a cliché. For people who do not consume sugar regularly but have a slight sweet tooth, this is your pick.

The dark chocolate flavour does overpower the mocha in it, but you’ll surely be on a ride while tasting the 27 squares of Amul Mystic Mocha. Overall, I do like it as it has a different spin on dark chocolate.

Added sugar, g – 42.2 (per 100 g)

Amul chocolate price list

Amul Chocolate VarietiesWeightPrice
Fruit N Nut Dark Chocolate150 gRs. 110
Dark Chocolate (Normal – Orange Colour)150 gRs. 110
99% Cacao125 gRs. 160
Chocominis250 gRs. 140
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate150 gRs. 140
Bitter 90%150 gRs. 140
Mystic Mocha150 gRs. 140
India Twilight Tryst125 gRs. 160
Tanzania Chocolat Noir125 gRs. 160
Venezuela Ebony Twist125 gRs. 160
Ecuador Tropical Dusk125 gRs. 160
Madagascar Noir De Cacao125 gRs. 150
Milk Chocolate150 gRs. 110
Belgian Chocolate125 gRs. 150
Prices may differ according to the outlets/discounts

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People Also Ask

How many chocolates are there in Amul Chocominis?

In a solitary (Single Chocolate Box) there are exactly 50 pieces of them packed separately with different shapes.

Is Amul dark chocolate good?

Yes! It is one of the best dark chocolates in India and abroad as well with a high rating of 84.

Which flavour is the best in Amul chocolate?

Amul 99% cacao currently is the best flavour solely due to its exquisite taste and an overall different experience.

How many types of Amul chocolate are there?

A total of 46 variants of Amul chocolate are currently available within different categories.


Amul, as the taste of India, is surely slaying the chocolate industry in India and abroad. I made up my mind that I’ll be trying out the 7 popular Amul chocolate flavours and give my input about how it went.

Fast forward to tasting all the Amul chocolate variety of flavours, I would want to say the dark chocolates are mighty fine. They surely in the International standards as some of them did taste way better than other imported dark chocolates.

Moreover, the Chocominis are pretty sweet and a nice change that can be suitable for kids. The flavour which blew me off was Amul Mystic Mocha as it has what you need in dark chocolate with a tinge of mocha.

My verdict – Amul chocolate flavours are here to stay due to their finesse quality and top-notch taste.

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