Atomberg Renesa vs Renesa Plus Difference: Which Is Better?

Atomberg Renesa vs Renesa Plus: Differences (Comparison)

Energy-efficient ceiling fan with remote control is quite popular these days. Atomberg is one brand which seems to be beating all the big rivals in terms of technology and innovation. Out of all the Atomberg fan series, the Renesa is rocking the market with thousands of 4+/5 ratings. But, one thing is puzzling the buyers, and that is – the difference between Atomberg Renesa and Renesa Plus.

Let’s compare both of them side-by-side and figure out the differences. Here you go!

Difference between Renesa and Renesa Plus ceiling fans

Features/DesignRenesaRenesa +
No. of Speed Settings66
Available Colours77
Available Sweep Size4 (600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, & 1400mm)4 (600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, & 1400mm)
Blade MaterialAluminiumAluminium
RPM360 for 1200mmSame
Air Delivery235 CMM for 1200mmSame
Motor WindingCopperCopper
Smart RemoteYES with same functionSame
Finish & TextureMatte FinishMetallic/Wooden Finish with anti-dust coating
Power Consumption28W at Speed 5Same
BEE Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Electricity uses per year134 units approx.134 units approx.
Renesa Plus Celling Fan Texture
Renesa Plus Looks

As you can see in the table, there is no difference between Atomberg Renesa and Renesa Plus in terms of features and technology, except the finishing or texture part. Atomberg Renesa has matte finish while Renesa plus comes with metallic or wooden texture with dust-resistant coating.

So, is it worth spending a few hundred rupees on Atomberg Renesa +? Yes, if you don’t have any budget restriction. Just go get it!

What makes Atomberg Renesa ceiling fans so special?

Started by two IIT-Bombay alumni, Atomberg focuses on producing energy-efficient household appliances in India using smart innovation. Let’s see some of the unique technologies of Atomberg Renesa cailing fans.

1. Advanced BLDC motor

Atomberg BLDC motor
BLDC Motor

Unlike other ordinary induction fans, Atomberg uses brushless direct current motors (BLDC) with Atomsense algorithm, which is more energy-efficient, inverter friendly, and can be controlled by a remote control.

2. Low power consumption

Atomberg Renesa consumes just 28 watt (at Speed 5, 340 RMP) while other power-saving fans like Orient Electric Ujala Plus consumes 50w. So, this cuts a lot on your electricity bills, and the brand promises that you’ll save up to Rs. 1500 per year. Awesome, right?

3. Smart remote

Renesa Fan Remote
Renesa Remote Control

Controlling the speed of your ceiling fan using a remote control while sleeping. How cool is that? It’s just made for lazy bones like me. Renesa remote comes with three speed settings (Timer, Boost, & Sleep Mode), indicated by an LED light, which indeed works as a light lamp too.

4. Overall design

Some users complain about the aesthetics. I don’t think you’ll find any other elegant and modern looking fans like Renesa at the given price. It has innovative design and looks like coming straight out of sci-fi movies. Sleek aluminium blades, mesmerising blue LED light, wide range of colours to suit your room – what more do you need?

FAQs about Atomberg fans

Which Atomberg fan is best?

Atomberg currently has about eleven celling fan series, such as Studio +, Efficio +, Ozeo, Ikano, Ameza, and Erica. Out of all these, the Renesa models are the best considering the number of sales and positive ratings online.

Who are Atomberg competitors?

Superfan, Polycab, Orient, Ottomate, Crompton, Oceco, and Emflux are some of the competitors of Atomberg. All of them manufacture BLDC fans and have a tough competition in the energy-efficient fans’ market in India.

Does Atomberg fan save electricity?

Yes, Atomberg fans consume only 28w of power, which is 65% less than the ordinary ceiling fans. The brand boasts of its ceiling fans saving Rs. 1500/year on your electricity bills.

Which BLDC fans are best in India?

There are many BLDC fans’ manufacturers in India and all of them claim to be No. 1. But, as per my research, Atomberg BLDC fans come out to be the absolute winners.

Is Atomberg a Chinese company?

Nope, Atomberg is founded by two IIT-Bombay graduates, namely Sibabrata Das and Manoj Meena. These two dudes aimed to revolutionise the Indian market of home appliances by adopting smart and innovative technologies.

Does Atomberg fan need regulator?

No, Atomberg fan doesn’t need regulator to function as it is engineered with BLDC motor and it’s remote-controlled. However, you can still use the fan with regulator. Just make sure to install the fan bypassing the regulator, and keep it at top speed. Anyway, the brand doesn’t recommend connecting the fan with regulator for long-lasting experience.

Final thought on Atomberg Renesa vs Renesa Plus difference

Now, you know that there isn’t any difference between Atomberg Renesa and Renesa Plus, except the finishing looks. Also, you might be knowing why Atomberg fans are loved by many users.

Both the models impress me, and I advise my readers to pick any of them according to their budget. Also, I like to mention that there are other few fan series from the brand as well. Do check them out.

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