6 Best Atta Chakki For Home Use In India 2023

6 Best Atta Chakki For Home Use In India (Top Flour Mills)

Thinking of buying an electric flour mill for home? Well, you have made the right decision. However, getting the best atta chakki for home use in India might be confusing for some people because there are so many things to look upon. One should properly inspect the build quality and grinding capacity of the flour mills to avoid any problem in future.

The best part of getting an atta chakki for home use is that it offers us nutritious freshly milled flour at the comfort of our home. There will be no extra ingredients that you will be not aware of. It also gives you authentic flavour and taste to your roti or chapati.

Today, let me share with you the complete buying guide of domestic flour mill, what are the pros of using it, and much more. Also, I have reviewed some of the top best flour mills for home use in India that will be soothing to your pocket with all necessary specifications.

Why you should get an atta chakki for home use?

If you are wondering why you should get an electric domestic flour mill, then I have some logical reasons for that as well. Having an atta chakki for home use is very useful because of multiple reasons. Domestic flour mills provide lots of benefits which you might have been not aware of. Can you believe that only a few percentage of Indian population consume packaged atta?

Every household should probably own a domestic flour milling machine, be it in a city or a village. Buying the machine would be one time investment but it would be totally worth it in the longer run, specially because atta is something which we use on everyday basis.

Here are some reasons to get an atta chakki for home use:

  • Wheat berries hold the nutrition in themselves. Once the wheat berries get cracked, its nutrition exposes. So, it is better to eat right after you grind them.
  • Getting wheat berries in stock is much cheaper than buying branded packaged flour.
  • You can add texture to your flour by adding extra ingredients like pulses, millets, corn kernels, barley, and many more. It makes your flour more nutritious and delicious.
  • Milling your own flour at home gives you satisfaction and a sense of relief that you are not consuming anything harmful.
  • In case you are a farmer and you have wheat berries in stock, then you don’t need to go market for grinding wheat. You can save a lot of money by grinding your own at home.
  • You can get any amount of freshly milled atta anytime you want.

6 best atta chakki for home use (top domestic flour mills)

1. MICROACTIVE Domestic Flour Mill

MICROACTIVE Domestic Flour Mill review

MICROACTIVE is one of the most trusted atta chakki brands in India. This particular model is our top pick for many reasons.

I really like its size, which is quite portable to fit in your kitchen. You can even easily move the machine from one place to another in your house as it has four wheels on its bottom. The wooden exterior material should have a great life because of the wood quality. The interior materials are mostly made of stainless steel, including the jali and the container, which is safe from rusting and corrosion.

This domestic flour mill comes with a great capacity of 5 kgs hopper size and you can grind up to 10 kgs of wheat in just one hour. It’s perfect for a medium to large sized families. This fully automatic flour mill comes with 1 Horse Power of the electric motor which has 2880 RPM of torque, and consumes only 750 Watt of power with the power supply of 230 Volt. You will be spending much less on electricity bills.

According to my research, this is probably the best atta chakki for home use in India considering its price, positive reviews, and many other factors.

Comes with a kit that contains all the required accessories like container, jali set, and cleaning brushFound none
Easy interface and can be run by an anyone
You can even grind other pulses like besan, rice, moong dal, udad, and more
Less noise; low maintenance

2. MICROACTIVE 2 IN 1 Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

MICROACTIVE 2 IN 1 atta chakki for home use

This is another best selling domestic flour milling machine from MICROACTIVE (earlier the brand was known as Fortune). This particular model is called 2 in 1 just because it has multiple uses. It is useful not only for grinding wheat but also for grinding masala. It comes with two separate tanks (hoppers) for the same, one for wheat berries and the other one for grinding spices like the Masala.

The machine comes with a compact size, which will rightly fit at the corner of your kitchen. The exterior wall is made of high quality plywoods and the interior is made of pure stainless steel for durable and long lasting experience.

The output of this atta chakki is same as the previous model, which is 8 to 10 kg per hour.

Most of the technical features are somewhat similar with the above model but if you are particularly looking for a multi-purpose atta chakki for grinding other dry spices as well, such as chilli, coriander, or turmeric, then this is a better choice. But it can be a bit more expensive.

Multi purpose atta chakki – you can grind most of the dry spicesComes with masala hopper but at extra cost
Can be easily cleaned with the brush which comes with the machine
The castle wheels make it easier to move around your house
Low electricity consumption

3. Haystar Domestic Flour Mill (Atta Chakki)

Haystar Atta Chakki for home

Haystar has launched this beautiful piece of technology at a reasonable budget which makes it affordable for many. It has similar technology and design with the above two machines but comes with some unique features.

This fully automatic atta chakki from Haystar looks compact and it’s highly praised for one thing – ‘easy operation’. Not only it can be operated easily but also very easy to clean after using. The machine is designed to be more robust with high quality blades and steel inside, which is free from rusting and ensures long life.

I’m really impressed with its safety feature. The atta chakki automatically shuts off, if by any chance the door opens during the operation. So, it’s good if you have kids around. You can even leave the flour mill running and forget it as it will switch off automatically once there are no grains inside the hopper.

The motor has 1 Horse Power and it’s strong enough to grind almost everything – from wheat, millet, turmeric to besan. Overall, a great electric atta chakki for home use.

Comes with 6 types of net and other accessories like container and cleaning brushBit noisy sometimes
Auto switch off feature
No motor overheating because of the air flow design
Can grind up 10 kg per hour (but depends on the type of grain/pulse)

4. Natraj Viva Designer Aata Chakki Gharghanti Automatic Domestic Flourmill

Natraj Electric Domestic Flour mill

It has similar functions and features with the above three models but Natraj Viva Designer Aata Chakki comes with a stylish glossy finishing. It gives a look of mini refrigerator and will add a beautiful look in your kitchen.

The brand uses powerful grinding chamber made of cold forged steel and you can easily grind almost all types of grains – from rice, wheat, maize to black pepper.

You don’t need to worry about safety too as it has a ‘special chamber knob’ and child safety lock. This fully automated flourmill comes with a user-friendly controlling unit and can be even run by anyone including your grandma. You just need to pour the grains and you are good to go for freshly milled atta.

The motor comes with 2880 RPM speed so you can expect fast grinding. Also, it consumes as less as 0.75 units per hour. In one hour, you can mill around 7 kg of flour which I will say it’s a good quantity, though it entirely depends on the type of grain.

Elegant design with floral printMore expensive when compared to its competitors
Strong and highly durable grinding chamber
Thick and good quality container and sieves
Provides moisture free atta

5. STC Swaroop Kite Atta Chakki Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

STC Atta Chakki for home (Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill)

This domestic flour mill from STC brand is obviously one of the best atta chakki for home use in India. It weighs only 46 kg and can balanced perfect on its 4 wheels, which can be rolled all around your house.

The best part of this product is that it comes with awesome warranty on motor and other parts. You can rely on efficiency and durability of the electric motor because the company says it’s based on German technology.

Most of the features are almost same with the products reviewed above. It has a hopper capacity of 5 kg which can grind around 3.5 kg of atta in half an hour. You can use different sized sieves provided to hasten or slower down the grinding process. Remember, getting finer quality of atta takes more time. So, adjust accordingly to get the type of firmness you want.

Summing up, this is another best flour mill for home use you can get.

Reasonably priced with good product warrantyGrinding chamber needs improvement
Portable design and will occupy less space in your kitchen
Has auto shut down feature with audio indicator (Buzzer Indication)
Consumes less power

6. Instagrind mini Flour Mill & Mixer Grinder (budget pick)

Instagrind mini Flour Mill & Mixer Grinder

If your budget doesn’t allow you to get any of the items above and you badly need an atta chakki for home use, then it is indeed a great option. You can manage it and still get a home made atta or masala using this flour mill/multi purpose mixer.

The machine is useful not only for grinding wheat but also for grinding spices. You will get a mixer grinder setup along with this flour mill. It comes with different sized jars and extra blades for different purposes. Also, you can set the consistency of flour using the different nets provided.

The only downside of this machine is that it can grind a very limited quantity of grains but it should be useful for small households.

This is a good option for someone particularly looking for a mixer grinder that should serve the purpose of grinding wheat too.

The machine consumes 750 Watt of power while grinding flour while the mixer has even lower power consumption and can grind turmeric, pepper, chilly, and many more.

Comes with a juicer jar for wet grinding. Perfect for making idli/dosa ingredientsYou can grind only small quantity of grain because of the chamber size
Cheap and serves all the purposesBuilt quality can be improved
You can mill fine atta (unexpectedly)
Low electricity consumption

What to look for in a flour mill for home use?

Investing on atta chakki for home use is totally worth it considering its many benefits. However, ones needs to properly go through the product features, the price it offers, and warranty before finalising the right product.

You don’t want to waste your money on an electronic item that will go kaput after a few months or trouble you in the middle of uses with unwanted technical issues.

Here are some features and specifications you should give attention to while choosing the best flour mill for home use:

1. Automatic or manual: which is better?

Basically, automatic flour mills need electric power for grinding wheat, which means you just need to put the berries inside the hopper and it will function automatically. Manual flour mills require manual operation for grinding. Typically, you need to rotate the machine’s handle.

Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Automatic flour mills obviously cost higher but gives you more control without much physical effort. It can deliver more than 5 kgs of freshly milled flour in just about one hour.

However, manual atta chakki is still preferably used in many parts of India. No need for extra expenses on electricity or repairing but it will take a lot of time and effort to get just 2 kgs of atta.

If you have a big family of 5 – 8 members or have a busy lifestyle, then go for automatic flour milling machine otherwise you will be spending all your time grinding wheat.

2. High power or low power

It is always better to have a machine which consumes less power but one needs to check its efficiency too. Usually, an electric domestic atta chakki comes with a motor of 1hp and 2880 RPM speed on an average. It’s powerful enough for grinding all types of grains and consumes as low as 750 Watt of power.

Low power machines below 1 HP electric motor functions slow and takes more time in grinding. Also, you may not be able to grind all types of grain.

Commercial flour mills have around 15 – 50 hp of motor with grinding capacity up to 2500 kg/hour.

3. Portability

If you are purchasing an atta chakki just for household purposes, then there is no need to get giant boxes. Get a machine that should be compatible with your space and can be carried easily. You should also go for a flour mill that has wheels on the bottom so that you can move it easily as per your convenience.

All the above domestic flour mills have a decent size that will fit perfectly at the corner of your kitchen.

4. Durability and warranty

If your machine has good build quality and materials, then it will be long-lasting. So, always get a flour milling machine that can run for at least 6 – 10 years easily. Flour mills with stainless steel bodies tend to last longer because of the anti rusting and corrosion qualities.

Most flour mill brands offer good warranty on electric motor and replacement of parts. Do check out before buying.

5. Ease of cleaning

Your machine should be cleaned easily otherwise you will have to purchase a vacuum cleaner just to do the job. Steel materials are easily cleanable and can be cleaned anytime. If you want to have hygienic grinding and germs free flour, then focus on the same.

6. Low noise level

An atta chakki for home use normally produces around 70 to 90 decibels of noise label, somewhat similar to a hair dryer. Beyond this label would be considered noisy. Also, be aware that the machine may also vibrate while operating.

A noisy domestic flour mill with vibration issue may cause nuisance in your kitchen and may disturb the neighbours too.

7. Grinding plates quality

To mill fine quality of atta or masala, you need strong grinding plates. Some brands even use hand made blades on their machines. If grinding plates and blades are made up of pure stainless steel material, then the efficiency of your milling will be much more. You can grind more ears of wheat in a lesser amount of time.

8. Grinding capacity

Another important feature to look upon is the milling capacity. You should thoroughly check the capacity of your machine. Most of the above models can grind up to 8 – 10 kgs per hour and it’s enough for home use.

9. Safety

Since you are getting it for regular use, you should look for a flour mill that has safety locks and auto-shut down feature. Its door should not be opened while operating. In case it does, the power should go off automatically. Same applies to when the machine completes its grinding task. Another feature you can look for is the voice indicator which will remind you about the process.

Traditional stone grinding vs electric atta chakki: which is better?

Now, many of the urban households in India have electric atta chakki for home use. Stone grinding is still commonly used in rural areas or villages all across India.

Stone grinding can be done manually or electrically. However, today’s machines are mostly driven by electric supply. Traditional stone grinding has a lot of benefits because it is a slow and steady process. Stone grinds the wheat berries slowly which results in less exposure. Commercial electric flour mills grinds too fast with excessive temperature which removes the necessary nutrition from your flour.

The flour which is ground with the traditional way of stone grinding is nutritious and delicious to eat because it contains nutritious nutty flavour, endosperm, bran, and necessary germs. It adds extra texture and taste to your flour.

The high speed of electric atta chakki kills the nutrition of flour whereas the slow conventional process keeps it healthy to eat. The electric supply for grinding wheat requires temperature up to 90°celsius which destroys vitamins of the flour whereas stone grinding requires just 40-50°c which keeps vitamin intact with flour.

However, getting an electric atta chakki for home use is not a bad idea and is highly recommended. Only commercially made flours go through a lot of processes that snatch nutrition from your flour.

Tips to store freshly milled atta at home

You can keep your milled atta for up to 4 days at a cold dry place but some precautionary steps should be taken. Usually, the shelf life of flour depends upon the kind of grains. To be very precise, it’s better to have the fresh-grounded flour right away for getting the best nutritional value.

However, if we have to store freshly milled atta, then follow these tips:

  • Use a tight moisture-free modular container
  • The storage place should be free of moisture, humidity, and germs.
  • You should not keep the container box open for long hours.
  • You can keep the flours inside the refrigerator up to 7 days in a proper container.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I grind pulses and spices at home-use atta chakki?

Many of the above-mentioned automatic flour mills can grind a variety of dry grains, spices, and pulses comfortably at your home. Just make sure to read up the types it can handle. Does it come with extra hopper especially for masala or any type of pulses? You need to find out.

An atta chakki for home use can commonly grind the following:

  • Corn kernels
  • Moong
  • Rice
  • Jowar
  • Rava
  • Haldi
  • Coffee
  • Dhaniya
  • Kali mirch
  • Besan
  • Daliya
  • Uda
  • Oats
  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa

and more…

2. Buying atta chakki for home use – is it worth it?

Yes, of course, it is worth having a flour mill for home use. Freshly milled atta has more nutritional value than the packaged flours. Your body receives the maximum minerals and vitamins from it. Also, you will get the satisfaction of eating pure and nutritious soft chapati or roti every single day. All you need to do is buy the wheat berries in stock and store it at the right place.

A good domestic flour mill will last for at least 8 – 10 years.

3. Does chakki atta taste better than packaged whole wheat flour?

Yes, you can feel the taste if you get the chance to eat both separately. Chakki atta contains texture and authentic flavour which makes it more delicious as it is 100% whole wheat flour with no added adulterants or additives. Rotis or parathas made of chakki atta are soft and provide wholesome tasty nutrition.

Packaged atta on the other hand lacks bran, endosperm, and nutrients because of the grain quality and grinding process. It even has more starch and contains less calorific value.

4. Can I use domestic flour mill for commercial use?

No, not at all. Domestic atta chakki is made for only limited uses and it cannot even grind more than 10 kilogram in one hour duration. Even if you use it for commercial purposes it will not incur the load and the durability of your machine will be compromised.


With hundreds of electric flour mills available in the market from different brands, one has to thoroughly check the quality of the product and the after-sale service before buying.

After hours of research and taking many things in to account, such as user reviews, price, technologies used, and other parameters I have picked only the finest atta chakki. MICROACTIVE Domestic Flour Mill is a winner. It is affordable and ensures great performance. If it isn’t available at the location where you reside, pick any from the list and you will not be disappointed.

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