Symphony vs Bajaj vs Crompton Air Cooler: Which Is Better?

Symphony vs Bajaj vs Crompton Air Cooler Comparison

Air coolers are great alternatives to ACs. They are much cheaper, cost-effective, healthy, and require no installation. However, choosing the right air cooler needs a bit of research, especially the brand that can satisfy you in every aspect of the product. Three manufacturers dominate the air cooler market in India. So, in the battle of Bajaj vs Symphony vs Crompton, let’s figure out which one is the winner.

I will be comparing the three brands in twelve parameters, so pick the one that mostly suits your requirements.

In a hurry? Find out the verdict at the bottom.

Symphony vs Bajaj vs Crompton air cooler: comparison

1. Brand market share in cooling segment

The Indian air cooler market is growing yearly at 9.04% rate, because most Indian households prefer air cooler because of less electricity consumption. Let’s see how these three leading market players perform.

This Indian brand is a synonym to air coolers, and they are the largest producer of air coolers in the world. They specialize in all types of air coolers, ranging from tower fans to desert air coolers. With selling over 12 lakhs units a year, Symphony is a market leader in this segment with 50% market share.In air cooler segment, Bajaj Electricals has about 15% market share. They have a good reputation and are trusted by millions. Bajaj appliances or devices are known for their durability.Crompton is a market leader in Fans and pumps category. Though air cooler isn’t among their top selling products, they still have around 4% market share. In early 2020, Crompton received 83% growth in air cooler segment.

2. Notable technology

Bajaj vs Symphony vs Crompton cooler technology
Symphony Cloud – the brand introduced the world’s first wall-mounted cooler which looks like a split AC and uses automatic water-filling technology. Also, they use i-Pure technology for dust & bacteria free air in most of their coolers.IoT Enabled Air Cooler – you can control the functionality of the cooler with a smartphone app. It can also detect temperature and humidity level, and can adjust it accordingly.Optimus 65 IOT with PureShield Technology – uses a combination of PM2.5 & anti-bacteria system. Also, they have a temperature control system app that recognises voice too.

3. Cooling efficiency & noise level

Symphony coolers come with powerful blowers/fans. Features like Cool Flow Dispenser, Speed Control System, & High Air Throw/Panels offer effective cooling covering wide area.

Not all Symphony coolers have same noise level. An air cooler with fan makes less noise, while the one with blower is more noisy.
Turbo fan technology for uniform air circulation, air throw up to 5600 cubic meters per hour, speed control, Hexacool Technology – all these make Bajaj coolers highly effective in cooling.

Not much noise level difference as compared to the other two. It also depends on the model you select.
Crompton believes in ‘Cooling nahi, jaldi cooling’. Wide angle air throw, higher air delivery, 4-way air deflection – these are some of the things they use for optimal cooling.

There is not much difference in noise level when compared to Symphony or Usha. For example, their popular model Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler has a noise level of 38 dB.

4. Features & cooling pads

Inverter compatibility, water label indicator, castor wheels, dura pump, SMPS technology for voltage fluctuation, auto-fill feature, ice chamber, automatic louvres – these are some of the features Symphony coolers provide, depending on models.

Mostly use honeycomb pads with PM 2.5 air-pollution filter
Almost similar. Some of their premium models do have auto-drain function and remote control system as well.

Often uses anti-bacterial honeycomb pads
Same here. You’ll find some units with mosquito nets and humidity control functionality.

High density honeycomb pads with dust filters/wood wool pads

5. Water tank capacity & durability

Available from 8-125 litre

Highly durable. But, honestly speaking, longevity of the coolers depends on how you use and maintain. Most of them have PP body material with plastic blowers/fans.

12-95 litre

Bajaj products have good reputation when it comes to durability. So, you can expect the same with air coolers.
10-125 litre

Durable with rust-free body material, Everlast pumps, and sturdy knobs

6. Pricing & warranty

Depending on the cooler type and size, Symphony’s air cooler pricing starts from 4k – 24k+ INR. They have more models to choose from.

Minimum warranty – 1 year

Pricing starts from about Rs. 5000 to Rs. 18,000

1 year warranty for most products
Available from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 22,000

1 year brand warranty

7. Availability & after-sale services


From tower, desert to personal air coolers, there are literally more than one hundred Symphony cooler models. They are easily available online & offline.

The brand provides ease-of-mind after-sale services. Not much hassles reaching the customer care number.

Not many models as Symphony. Bajaj currently has about 50 cooler models. Their stores/dealers are available in every part of the country.

Bajaj Electricals offer an average after-sale service, as per my experience. Not prompt as its competitors.
Currently, Crompton has about 55 models to choose from. They don’t have as many stores as Bajaj, but you can get it online. Also, you may easily find authorized Crompton dealers near your location.

Below average after-sale support. For example, Delhi has only 7 service centers. Crompton needs to improve on this part for more customer satisfaction.

8. Hot selling models

As mentioned above, all the three brands have coolers made for every individual’s requirement. Here, I will pick one air cooler from each of the them that receives hundreds to thousands of positive ratings.

Symphony DIET vs Bajaj Torque vs Crompton Ozone Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T (SEE LATEST PRICE)
Bajaj PX97 Torque New (SEE LATEST PRICE)Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler (75L) – No.1 Seller (SEE LATEST PRICE)

Verdict of Symphony vs Bajaj vs Crompton air cooler

Here comes the most interesting part. Symphony occupies the cooling segment with most sales. Bajaj on the other hand has good customer satisfaction while Crompton offers some top-notch units with better ratings than the rest.

Symphony offers wide range of coolers, so you may find the type of cooler with the capacity you are looking for. If you want durable and sturdy product, go with Bajaj. And, if popularity and positive reviews matter to you, get Crompton Ozone Air Cooler (buying link included above).

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