The Best 4 Burner Gas Stove In India I've Tried - Reviews

6 Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves In India 2023 (With Pros & Cons)

Since you are here, you might be looking for the best 4 burner gas stove in India either with stainless steel top or glass top. Cool, you have landed at the right place.

After having tried numerous and gathered information regarding innumerable, I realized that there are not many varieties of 4 burner gas stove that can actually serve to be perfect. In fact, it is very difficult to segregate the better ones. Brands like Prestige, Pigeon, and Elica dominate the gas stove market in India.

Most of the four burner gas stoves come with the similar kind of features and extremely subtle differences. However, this list contains the most popular and appreciated models. Also, you will learn about the basic differences between a 3 burner and 4 burner, and glass top vs stainless steel top.

What to look for in choosing a 4 burner gas stove

From my past experience, what I had learnt regarding choosing a good gas stove were:

  1. The glass top should be toughened as well as powder coated. Indian cooking involves cooking procedures at high temperatures; hence the quality of the glass is of utmost importance if you do not want to end up with a shattered glass top as in my previous experience.
  2. To keep the underneath area clean, the drip tray should be effective.
  3. Look for the burners’ sizes and material. For large kadais and pots, strong burners preferably made of brass are the best. The burner sizes should also be considerable. It is best to go for those which have variable burner size, as it can help in customized cooking.
  4. Choose the ones which have pan support. It prevents skidding off of vessels as well as it is best for cooking kebabs.
  5. Ignition type – see if it is a manual or automatic ignition one. In manual ignition, you need to light up the stove using a match stick or lighter. Automatic ignition on the other hand lights up automatically when you turn on/rotate the knob.

Now, after taking all the above parameters into account I have chosen the below 4 burner gas stoves for seamless cooking experience. Here you go!

6 best 4 burner gas stoves In India

1. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass Top GT 04

Prestige 4 burner gas stove review

Let me start with a product that I personally use. This is a manual type gas oven. It is a 4 burner and has a glass top. The glass top is toughened glass type with powder coated texture. The glass is extremely tolerant towards high temperature as it is made of special quality Schott glass that is hardy and durable.

The burners are all of distinct sizes – 1 large, 1 medium and 2 smalls. The variable burner sizes are of special importance when you have to cook a lot of dishes within a short time.

Often, we observe that, if all the burners are of similar size, then vessels cannot be placed in all the burners and you end up using either 2 or 3 burners simultaneously but not all.

This problem is overruled in this type of gas top. The burners are all constructed of superior quality of brass and can support even heavy vessels. The burners are all tri pin in nature.

I really like the pan support on individual burners. Big utensils are supported in the best way through these gas burners. The pans get heated uniformly. Another important feature of this pan support is that it provides scope for easy cleaning.

The knobs come with flame control system and are ergonomic. You can easily turn them on and off and nothing hard is felt against the fingers. They are very sensitive and allow for temperature control in the most precise way.

The variable burner sizes make cooking faster and easierIt is manual type
The pan supports are pretty cool
Easy to clean and maintain
Superior quality of the glass top, perfectly resistant to high temperatures and made of powder coated toughened glass
Ergonomic knobs for better flame control

2. Butterfly Smart Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly stove

Great combination of elegant looks and functionality. The glass is quite tough and sturdy. Even the look is quite classy. The knobs are allowed complete rotation of 360 degrees around the nozzle. The burners are constructed of brass and are of superior quality.

The colour is black which makes it look even more posh. The cooktop comes with a vivid user manual which will help you to understand regarding its functionality. The toughened glass is resistant against heat and therefore, you can cook without any worries.

It has two efficient stainless-steel components: a spill proof tray and a pan lock stand that helps in hassle free and easy cooking. Polymer constructed support legs of the gas stove help for the overall balance of the stove.

Elegant lookBit clumsy
Ergonomic designSometimes, stains on the glass are difficult to remove
Superior support legs
Rotatable knobs

3. Pigeon Smart Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove by Stovekraft

Pigeon 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

Pigeon is a well-known brand for kitchen essentials. The design is quite compact and does not occupy much space. This cooktop also comes in black color constituted of specially designed toughened glass. Cooking for long hours at high flames will not crack the top glass anymore.

The gas stove has 4 burners, each made of brass. The burners are of various sizes – one large, one even larger, and 2 smalls. So, it is practically appropriate for all sorts of cooking.

The glass top gas stove comes with a drip tray that is essentially easy to clean. The knobs have a good design and are easy to handle. The grip of the supporting feet is excellent to support the gas burner.

Posh design and elegant lookLittle difficult to control the temperature. It either becomes too high or too low.
Great quality of the burners
The drip tray is one of the most useful appendages

4. Prestige Marvel (GTM 04)

Prestige gas stove

This gas stove is excellent in its looks as well as functionality. The top of the gas stove is constructed of powder coated glass. The design is compact. The toughened glass body has least chances of cracking even when you cook at high temperatures. The burners are all made out of brass.

The supports for the pan are also powder coated in nature. The knobs are built employing the effective ergonomic designs and therefore are easy to rotate. The burners are tri pin. It can support vessels of all dimensions.

There is an effective spill proof plate that is placed surrounding the burners. The gas inlet is efficient since it is 360-degree swivel type. The 4 burners help you to cook food swiftly. The glass is easy to clean. This gas oven has pan support which is an excellent aid for cooking tandoor dishes.

The material of the glass top is extremely good as it is powder coatedNone
Effective gas inlet
Pan support
Tri-pin burners – has high efficiency

5. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove (4 burner)

Lifelong Glass Stove (4 burner)

The body of the oven is made of steel and the top is made of toughened glass. The toughened glass is suitable for resisting high cooking temperatures. It is even scratch proof and can be cleaned daily with minimalistic care. The burners are highly efficient.

They are tolerant towards high heat. The burners have a long life and are constructed of brass. The burners have support stands that make cooking versatile and easy. The knobs are soft type and nylon coated.

Powder coated pan supports are a great addition. The feet of the gas stoves are anti-skid in nature. It is a 4-burner gas oven which can be regarded as a budget product.

Scratch proof and easy to clean glass topThe grip of the feet is somewhat ineffective.
Efficient brass burners
Reasonably priced
Equipped with nylon knobs which make it easier to control the flames

6. Elica Vetro (594 CT VETRO BLK)

Elica Vetro stove

It is a 4-burner gas oven with each burner of distinct size. Rust resistant and superior textured toughened glass of the oven is functionally effective as well as adds to the beauty of the kitchen. Sturdy and long-lasting support pans which are made of stainless steel.

The grips are euro coated and superior in functionality. The vessels do not skid easily. The quality of the burner is pretty good and they are constructed of heavy brass.

Hence, it improves the look and functionality of the gas stove. It has a spill proof design. Premium finish and edgy design of the knobs are not only sturdy but are also ergonomic.

Heavy brass burnerThe support system for pans and vessels is not properly developed. They tumble at times, especially when too heavy.
Stainless steel support pans
Spill proof design
Toughened glass

4-burner gas stove buying guide

Why you should get a 4 burner gas stove

4 burner gas stoves are usually ideal for a big size family but if you have the budget and a proper space in your kitchen, you should consider getting a 4 burner one. Not only they look stylish but you will also need them in future during family feasts or a party.

Here are some basic reasons why you should get a 4-burner gas stove:

  1. You can cook 4 different dishes simultaneously
  2. It saves the cooking time efficiently
  3. It is a great décor for your kitchen
  4. The glass top associated with 4 burner gas ovens is resistant towards very high temperature

3 burner vs 4 burner gas stove: which is better?

There are pros and cons for both. Most small families in India use 2 or 3 burner gas stoves but if you have a family of more than 5 members, then you should get a 4 burner one. The reason is it will save you a lot of time.

Another advantage of 4 burner gas stoves comes into picture when you have a party or gatherings at home. You will require to cook multiple food items in huge amount at once. This is when all the four burners will be used simultaneously.

Most of the time while cooking daily, you will end up using only one or two burners at once. But, why not get a 4 burner stove? You will definitely need all of the 4 burners occasionally. Also, there is not much difference in price.

According to me, 4 burner gas stove ovens are better than 3 burner gas stoves.

Anyway, here are some basic differences between a 3 burner and a 4 burner gas stove:

3 burner gas stove4 burner gas stove
You can cook 3 dishes at a timeYou can cook 4 dishes at a time
Suitable for small to moderate familiesSuitable for moderate to large families
Placement of pans is difficult because of the positioning angle of the three burnersPlacement of pans is easier than in case of 3 burner ovens
Cooking time is more than in 4 burnersMakes cooking faster
Occupies less space on the countertopOccupies more space on the countertop

Glass top vs stainless steel top: differences

Let me be honest. If you are having permanent residence, glass top stoves are definitely better, however, for those of you who need to shift often, you better go with the steel top ones.

But again, if you are a bachelor who lives in a rented house and shift frequently, induction stove/cooktop is another great option.

Do checkout the basic differences between a glass top and stainless steel top here:

Glass topStainless steel top
Can tolerate rustic cleaning procedures without following much normsNeeds sophisticated cleaning procedures
Looks far better than steel topNot as classy as the glass top stoves
You cannot shift them easily from one place to another due to fragility of the objectThere is not much care needed while handling. You can easily shift them from one place to another
Mostly comes with auto ignition which has its own pros and consEquipped with manual ignition


Are glass top gas stoves safe?

Yes, definitely. But the glass tops should be made of heat resistant toughened glass. Tempered glass or toughened glass is the strongest glass available and it is one of the hardest substances on earth. Because of its strength, it is often called as ‘safety glass’.

Toughened glass is resistant to extreme temperatures but for extra safety, most of these glass top gas stoves even use powder coating.

But, no matter how safe it is, it is important to get a good, durable, and branded glass top stoves. You should not compromise on the quality because of a little price difference.

Considering safety and other number of factors, I have only listed the best glass top gas stoves you can actually trust and rely on.

Which is the best four burner gas stove brand in India?

There are many home appliance brands that manufacture cooking stoves, but when it comes to four burners, unpopular brands like Lifelong, Glen, and Butterfly beat the premiums ones in sales and positive reviews, such as Sunflame and Faber mainly because of its pricing and product availability.

However, your selection criteria should be based on your budget. As mentioned earlier, most of these stoves have similar features and performances. So, pick the one that you can afford.

Is 4 burner gas stove hard to maintain and repair?

No! It’s simple as maintaining the 2 burner stove. All you need to do is wipe out those oil spills or drips after cooking. If you are a neat freak you can thoroughly clean the surface, burners, and grates using dish wash once a month. This will help avoid the grease to build up over time.

Like other kitchen appliances, your gas stove may also need repairing after some point of time. You may need a new knob, a burner, or change the auto ignition system. Don’t worry as it can be easily repaired by a technician without spending hefty amount of money.

Which is the best 4 burner gas stove under 5000 in India?

A premium automatic four burner hob can cost as high as 25,000 INR but you can get a decent one below 5,000 INR. Butterfly, Elica, and Lifelong offer high-quality and affordable four burner gas stoves which are priced under 5000. To save your time, I have done the selection and reviewed the products accordingly. See the list above.


Every brand and model have some good and bad points about itself. The recommendations that I have put forward here are those models in which:

  • Pros exceeds the cons
  • Budget is within the reach
  • Good reviews are majority
  • The product has been used by either myself or any close person of mine and I have actually witnessed the functioning of the product, as well as have recorded the true reviews from actual real time users.
  • Features are user friendly
  • The key factor is the quality product with durability

Prestige GTM 04 is a great product with the flagship of the ever-trusted brand Prestige. It’s loaded with amazing features that help to make cooking far better and faster. Pigeon Smart Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove is quite popular in terms of reliability and longevity. A well to do product and has average features with justified working. Butterfly Smart Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is the ultimate budget product in the list with good features, excellent look, and ensures high durability.

Happy cooking!

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