Best Chimney Under 10000 | 15000 With Auto Clean Feature

Best Chimney Under 10000 | 15000 In India With Auto Clean Feature

Chimneys are an absolute must when you want to spend long hours in the kitchen. Since you are here, you might be thinking of either buying a new exhaust hood or switching from traditional to modern one. So, the question is – which is the best chimney under 10000 or 15000 in India with auto-clean feature? What makes a chimney perfect? Let’s find out!

A manual chimney requires regular cleaning and maintenance for better functioning, and that is why you should opt for an auto clean chimney. This type of chimney comes with a sperate oil collector to collect all the oily particles. Thus, cleaning the collector will be the only cleaning task for the whole chimney. Also, it has better life span.

Many factors, such as size, maintenance, filter technology, and suction power should come into consideration which choosing the right chimney for your kitchen. Now, to make your buying journey easy, I have picked seven chimneys in India (under Rs. 10k /15k) which are dominating the market right now.

(Prices were considered at the time of updating this article – 25-03-2023)

7 best chimneys under 10000 & 15000 with auto-clean feature

1. Faber HOOD EVEREST IND SC TC HC BK 60 – highly recommended

Faber Chimney Under 15000 (EVEREST IND SC TC HC BK 60)

Faber is a trusted brand and this particular model is backed by intensive research about the features and durability. It is a hooded chimney with jet black and superbly elegant looks. The chimney is wall mount type and the body being made of curved glass is of superior quality.

The suction capacity of the chimney is 1200m^3 per hour and that is pretty well for medium to large kitchen. It renders the kitchen absolutely free of smoke and oil.

The most unique feature of this chimney is the use of filter less technology, which is a kind of next generation innovation in the world of chimneys. The flow angle through the motor placed inherently within the chimney can tackle with the purification of air, eliminating the need to use any separate filter to achieve so.

Another futuristic technology in the chimney is its gesture control sensation. With the help of this, the chimney can decide for itself, the direction of flow of air or other functioning parameters. This is of special importance when you cannot touch the panel with greasy hands.

It comes with an auto clean technology and therefore you do not need to devote any extra time for its cleaning. All the oil and grease that get collected within can be cleaned by itself.

The entire external control can be operated via elegant touch panel. The panel is easy to operate and sensitive to the slightest touch. All these features make HOOD EVEREST IND SC TC HC BK 60 one of the best chimneys under 15000 INR.

The gesture control system is commendableBit noisy at max speed
Filter less technology & easy to operate
Efficient suction power
Consumes less power
Fancy, modern looks

2. Elica WDAT HAC 60 NERO Auto-clean chimney

Elica WDAT HAC 60 NERO Auto-clean chimney

Elica WDAT HAC 60 NERO is a 60cm chimney which is perfectly well suited for 2-4 burner ovens. This is a wall mount chimney with a curved glass stature. It is jet black in colour. The control is achieved via touch panel.

The Elica chimney does not create much noise as it produces only 58 decibels of sound. It can carry out suction at the rate of 1200m3 per hour. It is equipped with a separate stainless-steel oil collector which makes cleaning the chimney a lot easier.

The most unique feature of this chimney is the presence of the Heat auto clean technology. The chimney makes use of a heating system to liquify this stuck in oil particles and let the oil collect in the oil collector.

There are 2 LED lamps which illuminate the cooking top. The presence of baffle filter renders your kitchen absolutely smoke free.

Baffle filter with Heat auto clean technologyTouch panel is not very tactile sensitive
Elegant design
Quality of the separate oil collector is superior
Cheaper than most of the branded auto-clean chimneys

3. ‎Eurodomo Classy HC TC 90

‎Eurodomo Chimney Under 10000 (Classy HC TC 90)

Have you heard of Eurodomo? Well, the brand works under Faber and all the services are provided by Faber only. Eurodomo offers innovative kitchen appliances at lower prices, especially kitchen chimneys.

Like other chimneys from the house of Eurodomo, this one is an affordable wall mount, 90 cm chimney. It has curved glass exterior with touch control and gesture panel.

With a suction capacity of 1200 m^3 per hour, it works pretty well for 4-5 burner gas stoves. The initial cost of the product is under the range of 10000 INR. But, it is an absolutely premium budget product.

Eurodomo Classy HC TC 90 has 2 LED lamps that have great illumination capacity. It creates minimum noise and works efficiently. What more? This Eurodomo chimney consumes less power (180 kw/year), so the electric bill won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

When it comes to design, it looks modern like other expensive chimneys from Faber or Kaff. If we talk about the baffle filters, they work amazingly well in reducing the greasy smoke from the kitchen.

To conclude, this 90 cm auto-clean chimney is cheap and it is worth your investment.

Cheap but it’s loaded with premium featuresCan be noisy at times
The LED lamps are pretty cool1200 m3/hr suction capacity but provides average performance
Works under Faber – you’ll get a good service when needed
Stainless steel baffle filters

4. Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney

This one is a bit different in the whole list. It has got a steel finish metallic coloured body. It is also of wall mount type and made of curved glass. The chimney is equipped with thermal auto clean technology.

This auto clean Hindware chimney exerts a suction power of 1200 m^3 per hour and it is extremely potent to clear the kitchen of all the unwanted smoke and grease.

It has LED lamps that are extremely energy efficient. The touch panel is of feather touch technology. The baffle filter is made of complete stainless steel.

The oil collector that is included in the chimney is also metallic. The cooking method in the Indian kitchens involve the production of lots of grease. These are practically best for that. The smoke is captured by the strong and powerful metal blowers that eliminate it through a duct.

It is energy efficient and budget friendly. This product has been appreciated a lot to be extremely durable.

Your kitchen will be smoke free and fresh. It’s probably the best Hindware auto clean chimney available right now.

Energy efficiencyThe baffle filter is not really powerful
Feather touch technology of touch panel
Powerful LED lights
Metallic nature of the oil collector

5. Eurodomo Hood Classy Plus HC SC BF BK 60

Eurodomo Hood Classy Plus

If your kitchen witnesses a lot of deep frying or grilling, Eurodomo Hood Classy Plus HC SC BF BK 60 is the best option for you. It is extremely efficient in sucking out all the greasy and oily smoke from your kitchen at the rate of 1200 m^3 per hour.

This is a wall mount chimney and has decent exteriors. The product comes out with baffle filters constructed out of stainless steel. These filters demand least care and you can get them cleaned just once in a while.

The control panel is touch type and is extremely sensitive to tactile sensations. The chimney has auto clean feature which makes cleaning just a cup of tea.

All the oil and grease from the interior of the chimney get collected in the oil collector and you can only clean the collector to get the job done. It has two LED lights that are highly efficient. The digital display is superiorly efficient.

This Eurodomo chimney is loaded with advanced features but it’s highly affordable. It’s definitely one of the best chimneys under Rs. 10000 in India.

Auto clean technology but budget-friendlyBaffle filter needs some improvement
2 strong LED lamps with sensitive touch panel
Great suction capacity, well suited for 4 burner stainless steel gas stoves
Cheap but reliable



This is another amazing chimney from Faber. It is comparatively more expensive than the other chimneys in the list. Faber HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY has powerful suction power of 1500 m3/hr. Hence, this one is perfect for large kitchens and heavy cooking.

It can easily suck out greasy smoke from kitchens larger than 200sq feet area. It is extensively designed using baffle filters made for Indian cooking. Another impressive feature is its I-Clean Technology which alerts you to auto clean the chimney when required.

The gesture control panel is another stand-out feature that’s worth mentioning. It’s so effective and many customers are happy about it. Also, there is an LED light to help in cooktop illumination.

Note that the chimney model is available in different sizes and suction capacities as well.

Highly functional oil collectorSometimes, operation can bit noisy
Filter less technology with strong motors
Powerful suction capacity for a 60cm chimney
Advanced I-Clean Tech & gesture control panel

7. GLEN 60 cm 1050m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney (‎CH60CTACBL60FL)

Glen 60 CM Hood

Glen is a reputed brand known for its innovative filter less chimneys and gas stoves. Glen H60CTACBL60FL is one of the best chimneys under 15000. As the model name suggest, it is a 60cm wall mounted, auto-clean chimney with a suction capacity of 1050 m3 per hour.

Like other units listed above, this one is also packed with essential features. You can control the functioning of the chimney through the touch panel with motion sensor. The thermal auto clean technology is also extremely effective to clean up the chimney interiors without effort. The exteriors of the chimney are all made of curved black glass that are superior in quality.

The strong 150W motor exerts such an amazing suction power without making much noise. The stainless steel oil collector improves the functioning of chimney too, and the LED light aids in lightening up your cooking area.

This Glen chimney is engineered to do its work seamlessly, i,e., to keep your kitchen smoke and odour free.

Super durable stainless-steel bodyFinishing needs some re-touch
Smooth touch panel with motion sensor
Cheap – considering the brand popularity & its features
Less noise when compared to other 60 cm chimneys

Auto clean chimney vs traditional chimney – comparison

Auto Clean ChimneyTraditional Chimney
Mechanism/Oil collectorCollects the oil & greasy particles in an oil collector/bowl. Can be easily cleaned using heat/water with a pre-set button providedNo oil collector. Thus, the oil particles get accumulated in the filter where you’ve to clean it regularly
LongevityIncreases life span because the oil collector catches all the oil particles from the smoke. This doesn’t affect the other parts of the chimneyGreasy and oily particles get stuck in the filter and other parts, resulting in damaging the parts & functionality of the chimney
Suction powerHigher suction power because of the clean filter. No oil gets clogged in the filter due to oil collector/non-stick turbine blowerLess suction power because of the highly clogged filter
CleaningRequires less maintenance. Just clean the oil collector and wash the filter once or twice a month.Filters are highly clogged with the oil particles. Thus, cleaning becomes a big task
CostBit expensive when purchasing but costs less in longer runCheaper than the auto clean chimney but needs regular maintenance
NoiseNoise is related to suction power of the chimney. However, it tends to make less noise because of its mechanismBit noisy when compared with an auto clean chimney

Features to look for in a chimney under 10000/15000 INR

Multiple factors determine the utility of a chimney. An exhaust hood with touch options in the control panel are easier to follow and handle. The chimney must be potent enough to suck out the oily and greasy smoke and fumes from the kitchen and keep the environment of the kitchen hygienic and fresh. It must be compatible with the nature of the gas stoves and number of burners you use.

And most importantly, it should be easily affordable for the middle-class Indian families.

These are some of the important features that you should look for before investing in a good chimney:


In India, most people use either a chimney with the size of 60 cm or 90 cm. These two sizes are really common because they perfectly suit in most types of Indian kitchens. You should decide the size of the chimney according to the size of your stove/cooktop and your kitchen.

Basically, the width of the stove or cooking area should be lesser than the size of the chimney. For a stove with 2 – 4 burners, a 60 cm chimney will be sufficient for an average-size Indian kitchen.

Good suction capacity:

The suction power of the chimneys is another determinant factor. Here two things come into play. Firstly, if the suction power is enough for the dimensions of your kitchen. Secondly, if the suction power is enough to free your kitchen of the smoke that is generated from your cooking pattern. Indian kitchens produce lots of smoke while deep frying and tempering curries and dals, so, the chimneys must be potent enough to tackle all of that.

Suction capacity is measured in meter cube per hour. A chimney with a suction capacity above 800 m3/hr is considered good.

Maintenance & durability:

You should invest in a product that lasts long and requires minimalistic maintenance cost. This is why you should choose an auto clean chimney. Auto clean chimneys require less maintenance and last much longer than the manual chimneys. The reason is simple. You can easily clean the smoke, dirt, and oily particles collected using a pre-set button.

Most chimneys offer about 5 years warranty on motor. So, keep an eye on the warranty period the brand offers. The more the better.

Filter less technology:

Advanced auto clean chimneys have no filters. For example, the above Faber HOOD EVEREST IND SC TC HC BK 60 comes with filter less technology. It means the machine operate without a filter. Thus, separate cleaning of filter is not required. However, most auto clean chimneys available in the market today are provided with either cassette or baffle filter. You still need to wash the filters once or twice a month for effective functioning.


Do you really need a kitchen chimney?

Yes. Kitchen chimney is an essential for any kitchen. Especially, if we talk in the context of Indian kitchens, they are more than essential. The kind of cooking that we follow in most Indian kitchens generate a lot of smoke filled with oil and grease. It is really important that you get all the stuff out from there.

The oil and grease not only stain your kitchen to make it look horrible and make cleaning the tops and tiles a mammoth task for you, but also the greasy fumes are extremely harmful for your health.

Chimneys act as the best exhaust system for your kitchen and give you the pleasure to enjoy cooking in a fresh and healthy environment.

It sucks all the greasy fumes and smoke that are generated from cooking and eliminates them out of the kitchen. So, you experience a fresh, odour free, and a hygienic kitchen space.

Does auto clean kitchen chimney work in Indian kitchen?

Auto clean chimneys are great for Indian kitchens. Indian cooking involves the extensive use of oil as cooking medium hence the fumes generated are also full of oil and grease.

These are not good for the health of either the cook or the kitchen interiors. Auto clean chimneys draw out these greasy fumes efficiently and allow them to collect in a separate oil collector.

The grease and oil that get accumulated in the interiors can also be cleaned periodically by allowing a special heat generated liquefaction of those accumulated oil and finally directing them to the designated oil collector.

Auto clean chimneys also reduce the effort of cleaning the chimneys. You can only get along by cleaning the oil collector periodically.

Which kitchen chimney brand is the best?

There are multiple brands that are into the production and sale of kitchen chimneys in the Indian market. When all brands claim to be the best, it will be tough and confusing for us to decide which one is the best among all. But, here are the top chimney brands in India –

  • Elica
  • Faber
  • Hindware
  • Sunflame
  • Pigeon
  • Glen
  • Eurodomo (sub brand of Faber)
  • Kaff
  • Whirlpool
  • Wonderchef

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Wrapping up

All the products reviewed are some of the best chimneys under 10000 and 15000 with auto-clean features in India. Faber HOOD EVEREST IND SC TC HC BK 60 is definitely a winner considering its positive reviews. It has some amazing features and an elegant exterior finish to enhance the décor of your kitchen. It has a long shelf life and strong suction power.

Hindware Nevio 90 is also a great option especially if you want to go with the brand popularity and trust. With awesome reviews, this one is definitely a good choice for people who have big kitchens.

If you are tight on budget, Eurodomo (Hood Classy Plus HC SC BF BK 60) is a lovely pick from the list. It has decent features, good durability, and yet does not burn a hole in the pocket. Moreover, it is highly energy efficient.

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