7 Best Car Batteries In India 2023 (From Top Brands)

Best Car Battery In India Reviews (From Top Brands)

Selecting the right battery for your car can be difficult in the first place. If your car doesn’t have a good battery, then it can reduce the efficiency and durability of the vehicle. Thus, knowledge about the best car batteries and brands is important.

A dead battery can leave you stranded in the middle of the road. Moreover, a poor battery might end up tampering with the electrical system of the car. Thus, it is very important that you select a good-quality car battery.

Battery life depends on your vehicle’s condition, driving habits, and how well you treat the battery.

Hence, proper care of car battery is really essential. If you take proper care, then the battery life is close to 5 years. Ensure that maintenance of the battery is done regularly. A quick diagnostic check on the temperature of the battery, on regular basis, can increase its durability.

The car battery, with the electricity it produces, helps in charging up your entire vehicle. This is why, a good battery life is indeed important, else it can lead to a car breakdown, which is the most annoying thing.

Moreover, a steady flow of current is another reason why a good battery helps in boosting the durability of the electrical parts of a car.

7 best car batteries in India from top brands

1. AMARON FLO – Din 45 Ah

Amaron Car Battery

If you are looking forward to having a car battery with excellent service and a perfect durability, then Amaron FLO is the perfect one. With a charging capacity to provide 45 Ampere of current in an hour, the battery is tested for commercial use.

The maintenance cost is almost zero during the warranty period. With a high cranking power, you can expect reliable performance and quick starting of the engine.

Truly a perfect battery for the cars with attractive prices and perfect value for money.

With the silver electrolyte and the reduced corrosion, the battery starts even in the direst of the weather conditions. Give your car the best maintenance-free battery with the BIC vents that provide enhanced safety.

2. Amaron BLACK – 12V 35 Ah Front Car Battery

Amaron Black 35 Ah

Another masterpiece from the house of the Amaron, this battery is one of the best in the market. With durability of more than 3 years and the ability to deliver 35 Ampere of electricity per hour, this is a must-have battery for your car.

The cranking power is an essential factor while selecting a battery. With high cranking power, the car will start even during winters. The shipping is done in such a way, that it can fit into your vehicle ready-made.

It comes with 18 months warranty (may change) and 12V battery makes sure that there is no over-power generated for the electrical appliances. If there is more power generated, then it can make the electrical components dysfunctional.

The acid present in the battery is highly corrosive to the human skin. Hence, I suggest you to not come in human contact with it.

3. Exide Matrix – Mtred 45L 45AH Battery

Exide SUV car battery

Making the first entry to the list from the Exide house is Exide Matrix, with a capacity to generate 45 Amperes current every hour. The battery is perfect for 4 wheelers and other utility vehicles.

With a warranty of 60 months, the battery offers warranty in two different phases. For the first 30 months, you can avail of the complete replacement of the battery. The next 30 months, you will be reimbursed based on the pro-rata basis, keeping in mind the usage of the same. (Warranty period as on 29-06-2020)

The problem which you might face is that for vehicles with larger power requirement, this might just not be the right battery to use.

4. Exide Xpress – FXP0-XP800 12V 80Ah

Exide Xpress

Most of the batteries fail to withstand the high temperatures. Indian climatic conditions suffer severe fluctuations and Exide Xpres XP800 is one such battery that is not susceptible to change in the temperature.

This battery is built perfectly for the Indian roads, as they can withstand strong jerks and vibrations.

With the special alloy-system and the presence of the magic eye, it is easy for the car owner to check the condition of the battery.

The design is made in a very sleek manner that makes it resistant to any leaks in the future. With the enhanced capability of recharging and a quick recharge with internal resistance, it is the perfect battery for your car.

With a capacity to deliver 80 Amperes of current in one hour, it can withstand wear and tear, making it perfect for your car.

5. SF Sonic Flash Start FS1440-35L

SF Sonic car battery review

Making its way into the list is another gem of the Exide Industries, the Exide SF Sonic. The product comes along with a warranty of 24+24 months (as on 29-06-2020), which speaks a lot about the warranty of the product.

The battery is best suited across all the vehicles. With an excellent starting power and excellent protection against mechanical damage, I personally recommend this battery.

In case of any shocks or vibrations due to the undulating roads, you need not worry. The battery comes along with a dual plate separation that separates the electrode.

As the electrodes are separated, there is no issue of the shorting of the terminals. With the ampere-hour of 35, and the C21 alloy, it is a revelation in the battery industry.

The battery needs zero maintenance with perfect protection making it the right choice for the Indian roads.

6. Tata Green Batteries TG Series – TG400R 35Ah

Tata Green Battery for Car

It is a new addition from a Tata series of batteries. It provides a user-friendly fittings like the easy to use vents. With this feature, it becomes essential that users understand the care with which the battery is manufactured.

The containers are tested to be safe for Indian roads, with the electrodes present far away from each other. This reduces the chance of further shorting of the batteries and makes them withstand jerking of the road.

The handles on the box are removable and they can be fit easily. With the perfect welding to reduce the shorting, this battery is a good choice.

Ampere-hour of the battery is 35, which means it takes an hour to deliver a current of 35 Amperes.

The only downside is that the battery comes with a lower warranty compared to its peers.

7. Usha Power Tech Active Ex – 80Ah (for automotive SUV/car)

Usha battery - best for automotive SUV

Saving the best battery for the last, this one comes along with a complete focus on safety. With the best spill-proof mechanism and the perfect handles to ensure ease of handling, this battery is the best in our list.

Understanding the level of electrolyte in the battery is not much difficult as you can check it through the float guide. So, every time you go for a long trip, make sure you check the indicator.

Zero surface leakage and the mechanism to control the spark resists any accident due to the acid during operation.

With an ability to deliver 80 Amperes of current in an hour and a warranty of 4 years (as on 29-06-2020), it is the right choice for your car.

Things to consider while choosing the best battery for car

Selecting the correct car battery is essential. Since the battery is used to charge the electrical components, there should not be any mismatch in the electrical requirements of the components.

Some of the most commonly used terms while dealing with the car batteries include:

1. Ampere-hour rating

The duration for which the battery can generate the same ampere of current without any hindrance is called ampere-hour rating. It is important because once the car is cranked, it might need high current discharge in a short duration to beat the static. Higher the Ah, better is the quality of the car battery.

2. Cranking Amps

The firepower of the battery is very important, especially if you are staying in cold regions. In places with very chilly winters, prefer a battery with high cranking amps. The amount of current that a battery can deliver to the car at a temperature as low as 0 degrees Celsius is called cranking amps of the battery.

3. Cold Cranking Amps

If you are living in a region where the bones get chilled a lot, you must not think twice before looking at CCA. The CCA is the amperes of current being generated at a temperature as low as -18 degrees Celsius. So, if you are staying in areas where mercury dips a lot, don’t mind to check the CA and CCA rating of the battery, while buying it.

4. Reserve Capacity

It is the time for which the battery can power the vehicle by discharging a current of 25 Amperes, in an environment of 80 degrees Fahrenheit before discharging to 10.5 volts. It is also known as MCA or Marine Cranking Amperes. You can multiply the reserve capacity with 60 seconds, to find the duration for which the current is supported.

I always suggest that look into CCA and Ah while purchasing a battery. Yet you should keep your vehicle warm by starting it twice a week. The ignition to the engine will prevent the liquids in the battery from drying up, thus increasing the longevity of your vehicle.

How to choose the correct battery for car?

Making the right selection of the battery can be tricky if you are a beginner. While you purchase a car, there is a manual provided, which mentions the important specifications of the battery.

The owner’s manual has the information needed regarding the power requirements of the standard vehicle parts. Make sure the Ah of the battery is not less than the specified Ah of the parts of the car. Even a very high Ah is not a good thing for your batteries.

The Ah of the battery can be higher than mentioned, but not too high.

Battery with too high Ah will lead to problems in charging of the battery. Moreover, the increased load on the alternator is something you might have to deal with.

There might be issues when the alternator of the car fails. With the failure in the alternator, there might be issues in providing electricity to the vehicle. A higher reserve capacity will ensure that the electricity reaches the headlights in case alternator fails at midnight.

Climatic conditions drive your choice of car batteries. Make sure that the CCA is high in case you live in the colder regions of the nation.

Which is the best car battery brand in India?

A good car-battery is an integral part of the durability of the vehicle. The average charge in a car battery is 12.6 volts. Some of the best car battery brands in India are Exide Industries Ltd. and Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Exide – Exide Industries are very famous not only in India but also globally. They are one of the biggest manufacturers of batteries in India. Most of India’s battery exports come from the Exide Industry. Their battery capacities are in the range of 2.5 Ah to 20,000 Ah. Exide batteries are used across small industries, large industries, and in the household for numerous production purposes.

Luminous – Luminous Power started in 1998 and is still one of the biggest battery manufacturers in India. From batteries for home use to commercial use, they have a large collection of the most durable ones for their consumers. They have solutions for the smallest to the biggest problems.

From generators to power back up batteries, they supply almost all kinds of batteries, that have a very good reputation, when it comes to durability. Moreover, their services and the warranty is top-notch, which makes them the industry leader.

Other brands – Amaron, SF-Sonic, Tata Green, and ACDelco

Amaron or Exide: which is better in terms of car batteries?

If I listen to the market sentiments, both batteries have a good repute in the industry. Exide is an established brand in the battery industry, but Amaron batteries are checking certain right boxes.

Amaron has an improved service quality, that makes it easy for the consumers to reach out to them. They provide counter-replacement of the battery in case of any damage during the warranty period.

Batteries of Amaron are tested by Jhonson Quality testing, which is a recommended testing in the batteries industry. With the silver technology used and the excellent servicing, I would suggest Amaron batteries to be used for your vehicles.

On the other hand, even though Exide has a good brand name, you will not experience good customer service. This can be a turn-off during the crisis.

Moreover, the number of default cases against Exide batteries are more as compared to Amaron, which makes Amaron a better brand for car batteries.

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How to make a car battery last longer

The car batteries cost as high as Rs 8,000 and come with a warranty of 4 years at maximum in India. Thus, it is important to know certain hacks, which will make your car battery to last longer.

1. Turn off the lights when not in use

When you are not inside the car, I suggest that you switch off the lights of the car. Even while driving, switching the lights on can make your car battery drain out. So, it is important that you regulate the use of car lights.

2. Take care of the electrical products

Make sure you don’t make any change in the electrical products of the car. Don’t alter any of the electrical products by purchasing from the market. It might disturb the electrical voltage and hamper the charging potential of the battery.

3. Avoid placing additional woofers

Even though you are an audiophile, it is important that you don’t use any additional woofers and amplifiers in the vehicle. The sound system will drag more power from the battery, thus reducing battery life to a large extent.

4. Avoid charging the portable devices

Portable devices like mobile phones, I-Phone should not be charged using the outlet in the car. When the car is turned off, you must never charge the smartphone as it can draw a lot of power from the battery of the car. Since it pulls the electricity from the car and the batteries are the producers of the electricity, it leads to a loss in the electrolyte.

5. Headlights should be monitored regularly

While the car is not in the running condition, you must switch off the headlights. The headlights derive a large amount of current from the batteries, especially when they are not in running condition. Thus, it becomes important that you take care of the headlights, such that they are not turned on. Moreover, you should be careful that you don’t start the vehicle when the headlight is in on state.

6. Say no to the infotainment system

While this might come surprising, but every time you listen to your favorite Boney M song, with the car turned off, you are draining the battery life of the car. Make sure you don’t repeat such a silly mistake the next time. Moreover, avoid turning on the blower of the AC, while the car is not in start mode.

Wrapping up

The above mentioned car batteries are some of the best and most widely used ones in India. They should work for almost all the car models and SUVs. Though, you need to pick the right battery for your car according to its capacity.

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