7 Best Foldable Study Tables For Adults/Kids

7 Best Foldable Study Tables For Adults/Kids In India 2023

A multipurpose foldable study table is probably one of the best things you can buy to make your life convenient. I never knew how much I needed a portable study table in my life until I bought one. It has definitely made my life easier.

Now I no longer need to work or study at one place. I can carry my folding study table with me anywhere and can work or study even on the bed without losing my posture or concentration. Over years, it has truly become my best friend. It is space-savvy, portable and is able to serve multiple purposes.

Contrary to the popular belief, an adjustable study table isn’t just meant for kids or students. Anybody can comfortably use it for studying, working on laptop and other sit-down activities like playing games and having food.

If you are also looking for a portable study table for bed, kids, students, and adults, then you are at the right place.

Here’s a list of some of the best foldable study tables in India along with detailed reviews, my buying experience, and common FAQs.

7 best foldable study tables for adults and kids

1. MemeHo Multipurpose Portable & Foldable Table

Multipurpose Portable & Foldable Table

Available in different eye-catching colors, this stylish multipurpose folding table is made up of high quality wood and powder-coated metal tubes. Be it a school-going kid or an office-going adult, it can be used by everyone.

Designed for various activities, it has great compression resistance. The anti-slip legs offer great stability to this table which makes it perfect for working, studying and even having food.

It comes with a multi-functional groove where you can easily place your pad or mobile phones and have a great working or studying experience. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry and store.

Good quality & cost effectiveThe edges are not so smooth
Can easily handle 30-50 kgs
Standard height and length
Lightweight and portable
Anti-slid legs

2. Gadget Wagon Multipurpose Table (best for working on laptop)

Multipurpose Adjustable Table

This ergonomic table is definitely one of the best folding tables that you can buy. It is made of high quality plastic and steel material to serve you in multiple ways. If you are tired of reading, working or writing at your regular fixed place then this table is for you. Just unfold this portable table and you are good to go.

From solving puzzles to reading books together, you can have a perfect family time with this adjustable study table. It comes with textured surface and raised corners to provide a firm grip and prevent the items from falling which makes it perfect for working on the laptop.

Unlike normal foldable tables, this one provides 18 different adjustments through which you can adjust it in 6 different heights and 3 different angles. It is easy to assemble, carry and store.

Easy to assemble and storeNot as comfortable as wooden tables
Small table top. Lightweight
Textured surface and raised corners
Can easily handle weight up to 20 kgs
Height and angle adjustment

3. MULTI-TABLE Detachable and Foldable Utility Table (best for kids)

Foldable Utility Table

Extremely stylish and sturdy, this foldable table is designed to be your best companion. Like the previous table, it also comes with 6 level height adjustment and 3 level angle adjustment. Whether it is painting, dining or working, this adjustable table is perfect for every activity.

Made of high-grade virgin plastic, it is highly durable and can easily handle good amount of weight. The L-shape metal legs are rust-proof. The edges are extremely smooth which makes it extra safe for kids.

The highlight of this portable table is that it comes with a handy cup holder so you can keep yourself hydrated while working or simply enjoy a good drink with some snacks while watching your favorite TV series sitting on your bed.

Easy to assembleNo rubber layer below the metal rod
Height and angle adjustment
Smooth edges
Lightweight and portable
Cup holder. Rust-proof legs

4. Amaze Shoppee Multipurpose Foldable Bed Table (best for bed)

Foldable Bed Table

Made of high quality wood, this is 100% wooden foldable table which is designed to give you an ergonomic experience. The table has fairly good height. The best part about this table is that it has split top. It means that the half surface of the table can be tilted which makes it perfect for working on the laptop.

It comes with different angel adjustments so you can easily tilt the table top as per your requirement. There’s a stopper on the table top which prevents the laptop or books from falling when it is tilted. It also has three grooves to keeping the laptop in place.

There is ample space below the table which allows you to slide your legs under the table and sit comfortably. It also has a little drawer where you can keep your pens, pencils, mouse and other essentials. The large table top serves multiple purposes like working on the laptop, writing, studying, and having breakfast.

Easy to assemble and storeComplaints regarding the loosening of the screws (but it can be tighten easily)
Can hold heavy weight
Completely wooden table
Tilt adjustment
Has a drawer
Highly durable

5. Supreme Scissors Height-Adjustable Plastic Table

Height-Adjustable Plastic Table

This luxury adjustable folding table is everything you need to get your life sorted. Made of high grade polymer and power-coated steel material, it is best for working, studying, camping, dining, ironing and so many other activities. It can be your all-in-one companion.

The smooth and big table top allows better working. It has strong legs through which the height of the table can be adjusted. The height of the table is so good that you can even use it in your drawing room as coffee or tea table.

The best thing about this table is that it is termite proof, water proof, dust proof and even corrosion proof. There is hardly any maintenance required. It will last you for a really long period of time. The scissor folding ensures the easy storage of the table. You can easily carry it anywhere.

Easy to carry and storeSharp legs so you need to be very careful while folding and unfolding the table
Strong criss-cross legsA bit pricey
Height adjustment
Smooth and big table top
Low-maintenance; highly durable
Scissor folding

6. Decostyle Multipurpose Table – with mobile stand

Foldable Study  Table with mobile stand

If you are looking for a decent looking table that you can place on your bed and couch to work comfortably then this is the right product for you. This sturdy and elegant foldable table is made of high quality engineered wood and power coated steel legs.

This lap desk has curved design and big top which makes it perfect for working or studying long hours. The good leg space allows you to easily slide your legs under the table and sit comfortably. But, there is one drawback though. The legs are little weak. The table may topple if you put slightly heavy weight on one side.

It also has a mobile holder where you can put your mobile phone and work efficiently. It folds easily and can be carried anywhere.

Sturdy and elegant lookThin and delicate legs
Curved designThe mobile holder can’t hold big phones or phones with thick covers.
Has a mobile holder
Portable & easy to store

7. Kurtzy Adjustable Laptop Study Table

When it comes to comfort and styles, nothing can beat this adjustable desk. Made of top quality wood and strong steel tubes, it provides better resistance to weight. It has lockable castor wheels which truly makes it stand out from the other tables in the list. You can move this table from one room anywhere without any hassle.

It has a height adjustment screw to adjust the height as per your convenience. It serves the purpose of both traditional as well foldable tables. Apart from studying and working, it can be best used as a bed-side table. If there’s any bed ridden patient, then this table is best to serve them.

You can even tilt the table top to work efficiently. When tilted, the stopper at the edge prevents the laptop or books from falling. This table is perfect for your kids. It’s easy to assemble and store.

Lockable castor wheelsCan’t hold too much weight
Smooth surfaceThe table top isn’t very big
Height and tilt adjustment
Portable & easy to assemble
Sturdy and elegant look

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How to choose the best foldable study table

Buying a folding study table can be a challenging task, considering so many options are available in the market. However, having a clear idea about your needs can help you pick up the right one for yourself, be it for using on bed, for students, for working on a laptop, or for your kids. I considered the following factors while choosing the best portable study table, and you should do it too:


It is important to have a clear budget. I set medium budget for buying the portable study table and went through all the options available in that price range. I suggest you to keep medium budget for getting affordable quality product. Low budget won’t fetch you good quality and high budget can burden your pockets.

Shape and size

I was very particular about the shape and size of the table. Since I needed the folding table basically for working and studying purpose, I went for a table with large table top. Now I can easily place everything on the table and work efficiently even on my bed and couch. A curved shaped table is convenient when it comes to working long hours. Many tables, especially at higher price end, come with height and tilt adjustment. Such features make your work easier.

Easy to assemble and carry

If the foldable table is not easy to assemble and carry then there is no point buying it. The study table I bought is easy to fold and unfold. I can easily assemble it. It is even easier to carry and store. I can turn any place into my working or studying space.


I don’t use my foldable table to study and work only. The study table I picked up is designed to serve multiple purposes. I use it to paint, write, dine, play games, iron, have snacks etc. Buying a multipurpose table isn’t only cost-effective but it also brings convenience into your life.

Material – wooden, plastic, or engineered wood?

We often ignore the quality of material while buying a product but it plays an important role. Personally, I went for a wooden table. It is strong and can easily accommodate good amount of weight. The finish of the table is brilliant and the edges are smooth. Always check the material before buying one because if the material quality is poor, it would be less comfortable and won’t last long.


Who doesn’t want their product to last long? Everybody does. That’s why it is important to be considerate about what you are buying. Check the legs of the table before purchasing because many customers complain about weak legs, hinges and screws. I suggest you to choose textured table top over smooth one as it is more durable. It is better if the product is rust-proof and water-proof.

Customer reviews

I always go through customer reviews because it helps me learn the cons and pros from the users who have already bought the product. This helped me choose the best foldable table for myself.

Why you should get a portable study table for home

There are so many good reasons to have a folding study table at home.


The best thing about a foldable study table is that you can use it for so many activities. If you have kids in your home then you can serve them snacks on this table once they are done studying. Be it college work or office work, you no longer have to struggle to find a proper space. It can even be used for outdoor activities like gardening and camping. On holidays, you can use the foldable table to have a great coffee or tea time with your family.

Aesthetic appeal

Foldable study tables have great aesthetic appeal since they are available in so many different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. You can use foldable tables to add an aesthetic touch to your home décor.

There are so many study tables that can be used as aesthetic bed-side table, coffee table and even garden table. Short foldable tables can be used to place books or large flower vase and add a great look to your drawing room.


A mini study table is really easy to carry. You can easily move it from one room to another. The ease of portability also makes it a perfect traveling partner. You can carry your foldable table anywhere with you and have a great time camping and enjoying other activities.


Unlike a regular table, a foldable study table hardly occupies any space. Once you are done using it, all you have to do is fold it back and store it. It can easily be stored in your almirah, under your bed, or at any corner of your room.


Are these folding study tables suitable for kids?

Yes, these folding study tables are completely suitable for kids. Your kids can use these tables to study, write, paint, dine, and so many other activities. You can even play board games with your kids on this table.

However, it’s important to choose a table that is safe for kids. Many foldable tables have sharp edges and legs which can cause injury to the kids. A smooth-edged design is suggested for the safety of the kids. It is better if you choose the one that has adjustment feature so that it can easily be adjusted as per the comfort of the kid.

Should I buy a foldable, adjustable study table online?

Yes, you can definitely buy a foldable study table online. You can easily find wide range of products online starting from price as low as rupees 300. Although you won’t be able to check out everything in person and there are always slight chances of damage but reading product description and customer reviews will help you choose the right one.

While shopping for the best foldable table online, be clear about the material, your budget, and requirements. Compare different items in the same price range. After learning about the features, make the purchase.

My final words

Adjustable and portable tables are great for reading, working on a laptop, having dinner, or using on a bed or sofa. They are ideal for anybody including kids, students, or people who work from home. They are neat, compact, and you can easily fold them up after use and keep them behind the sofa or bed.

I have made your job super easy with my research and you can completely rely on this article for buying the best foldable study table. All the tables reviewed are affordable and highly durable. At lower price end, MemeHo Multipurpose Foldable Table is definitely something you should buy. If you are looking for a bit expensive option then Kurtzy Adjustable Laptop Table is for you.

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