7 Best Gear Cycles Under 15000/20000 In India 2023 (Updated)

7 Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 & 20000 In India

Selecting a cycle under 15000 or 20000 in India can be little tricky because of the price range and product varieties. However, with this article, you will be very clear regarding which bicycle you should buy – gear or gearless, Hero or Hercules, aluminium or steel frame. Let’s find out!

With the ability to adjust your gear as per different terrains, the geared cycles have better flexibility and features than the gearless ones. Cycles with gears are versatile, faster, and offer smoother acceleration. Being able to adjust the speed according to the trail makes your travel easy and you can cover more distance.

So, if you are an adventurous person, just like me, or living in uneven terrain, the gear cycle is the right one for you.

Alright, I won’t waste your time further. Let’s go straight to the list and let me help you pick the best cycle under 15000 or 20000 INR.

Note: the details including the prices of the cycles mentioned below were taken at the time of updating this article. (Jan 05, 2023)

Best cycle under 15000 and 20000 in India – 7 options

1. Hercules Roadeo Hank 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

Hercules Roadeo Hank

Hercules is a trusted brand and has been designing bicycles for the last many decades. It’s one brand that has good reputation among the pro riders in India. The Hercules Roadeo Hank 26 T hardtail bike is equipped with a lot of features that are not only elegant but also reflect class.

With the front suspension and the steeled frame, it’s an ideal choice for people who are into adventurous stuff. It comes with dual disc brake system, which again makes it perfect for off-road cycling or riding on uneven terrains. When it comes to gear system, it has Shimano derailleurs with 21 speed shifters. Awesome, right?

With the black and blue graphic design along with sleek saddle and great performance, it is one of the options under 20000.

Perfect for usage in the rough terrain and adventuresLacks training wheels, so you have to be a pro at cycling
Dual-disc brake system for active and fast brakingSteeled frame, so heavier in weight
Easy shifting of the gear with 21 speed changers
Comfortable and adjustable seat
Highly durable (depends on usage & maintenance though)

2. Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle (for kids)

Hero Sprint - gear cycle for boys

This kid’s gear bicycle should be a perfect birthday gift for your child. With high-strength steel frame, it might be a bit heavier, but it is durable when it comes to performance. With caliper brakes for both front and rear, it promises to be safe and sound for your child. Moreover, the bottle holder on the bicycle and the colour graphics make it cool.

Hero Cycles is leading the market in terms of producing long lasting and comfortable bicycles at reasonable price in India and this junior cycle will surely impress your kid. This 6 speed bike with Revo Shifters also delivers smooth off-road riding experience, and thanks to its adjustable comfy saddle, 20″ tyres, and integrated suspension.

Overall, a cheap and decent bicycle for kids of 6 to 9 years of age. Perhaps, it’s the best kid’s gear cycle under 10000.

The Hero Sprint Elite series come in variety of models and colours at different price. Pick as per your budget.

Added training wheels for learning purposeThe suspension is not flexible.
Pedals are anti-skid and have better gripAssembly is around 85%, may need professional help
The seat is adjustable as per the needs, so comfortable for the kid.Bit small
Has a mudguard with firm-grip handle

3. STURDY BIKES – Mountain Fat Bike

Sturdy Mountain Bike

This is one of the safest yet the coolest mountain bikes for adults out there. With 7 X 3-speed changes (21 gears) and sturdy carbon steel frame, it delivers a fast ride with good strength and durability. The huge 26″ X 4″ tyres are there to reduce the vibration and the pressure of the bike, thus giving you a comfortable experience even on the rocky surface, sand, or snow.

This fat bike also has a front suspension, which makes it great for pedaling over rough and bumpy trails. It is engineered with dual disc brakes and upgraded shifters for fast braking and smooth switching of one gear to another. What more? You can quickly adjust the seat height too, depending upon your height. It is an ideal choice for people above 5 feet.

Possibly, it’s one of the coolest fat bikes out there.

An attractive exterior of the bike gives a funky lookIssues of rusting of the gear have been reported
Carbon and steel framework gives the same strength but lighter in weightMore suitable for small journeys, not for longer ones
Has wide tires to sustain variation in pressure during cycling
Easy to assemble and also comes with useful accessories

4. Cosmic KC0049 Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Bicycle

Cosmic Gear Cycle (KC0049)

If you have been looking for an MTB that goes well with heights, then this is the right choice for you. It’s a bit old model but still relevant with awesome features. This Cosmic gear cycle offers 21 speed with Shimano EF-51 gear shifters at quite a cheap price.

With the wide wheels that can take the pressure easily comes the alloyed wheels that hardly rust. This makes this bike the best of its kind. Moreover, the removable disc brakes and gears make this bike a must-have for cycling enthusiasts.

You can expect high durability and strength because of its steel hardtail frame and KOSEI steel crankset. This hardtail MTB is great for fast ride on smooth trails and you can even climb hills. The front suspension is there to absorb any moderate bumps.

A wide selection of speed, thus making speed shifting smoother.Seating material is little uncomfortable
Shock absorption of the suspension is of very good qualityThe weight of the cycle is on the heavier side
Attractive colour and external features that make it worth the price
Shimano EF-51 brake levers – delivers fast braking

5. Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle

Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle

This is another excellent Roadeo model from Hercules. The Roadeo A 300 is suitable for professional cycling and for people who want to be MTB riders. With the perfect features that include disc brakes, v-brakes, and wider tires, this mountain cycle will make your off-road riding simpler.

The cycle is really lightweight at around 16.4 kg, which makes it great for mountain biking. Plus, it is a full suspension bike with SHIMANO speed shifters, so it can comfortably handle difficult terrains, absorb more shocks, and take more pressure.

A bit more! The reflectors are present in both the front and the rear wheels for good visibility and safety at night. All these features make Roadeo A 300 stand out from its competitors.

Suitable for people with 5 ft or aboveQuality of the tire can be improved
3 x 7- speed gears that allow you for shifting of speed through 21 dialsThe rear brake has posed some hurdles in functioning
Robust yet light, thus making it the perfect bike for distance travels
Performance is above expectation
Cool design with dual suspension and easy thumb shifters

6. Hero Ranger DTB 26T 6 Speed Mountain Bike

Hero RangerDTB 26T Gear Cycle

With 6 speeds of gear and dual caliper brakes, this is definitely among the budget MTB options. Available in multiple colours, this is probably most suitable for kids older than 13 years. It has twin fork suspension and steel frame material, thus providing more comfortable and safe ride on rough and bad quality roads.

Rolling on 26″ wheels and large tyres, it surely provides smoother and faster ride on wide range of terrain. And unlike the rest of the models, this Hero Ranger bicycle comes with pannier rack for carrying your belongings.

Most cheap bikes lack gear system but this MTB is equipped with Shimano shifters and derailleurs. So, if you are looking for a budget gear bicycle, then this is a great deal.

Comes with Shimano shifters and derailleursMay require a mechanic to assemble the cycle
Shimano gears improve the lifetime of the chains and are more accurate and preciseThe rear brake has posed some hurdles in functioning (negligible)
Performs well across any terrain, since it is an off-terrain bicycleNot really fit for people weighing more than 80 kgs
Suitable for people who are less than 6ft in height and school or college going students

7. Montra Madrock Cycle (26T)

Montra Madrock Cycle

Montra is known for its variety of entry-level mountain bikes and affordable hybrid cycles, and this Madrock 26T won’t disappoint you. First, let’s talk about its low weight. Montra uses aluminium alloy frame and rims to make this bicycle lightweight, which gives the rider more control and confidence while climbing and riding off-road.

The bike employs dual discs in the front and rear wheels for high braking efficiency. It also features 26-inch wheels with saddle made of high density foam, providing more comfort and stability while learning. It’s more suitable for riders over 5ft 6 inch in height.

With a lot of gears, Shimano integrated brake levers, adjustable seat, and the funky look, this is another budget gear cycle you can consider. If you are particularly looking for an aluminium bicycle, then don’t hesitate to get this Montra bike.

Adjustable speed with 21-speed gearsNeeds improvement in the performance of the suspension
The wide size of the wheels ensures that the weight is well distributed.The thin gear system is said to reduce the performance.
Easy fire Shimano shifters ensure easy shifting of gears for speed changing
Durable aluminium frame; lightweight

My research on selecting the right cycle

Front suspension & disc brakes

As I decided to purchase a gear cycle, I considered the location I travel frequently and the ease of maintenance. The gear cycles are fit for rough terrain, so, I researched the front suspension and the disc brakes. I made sure to select the ones that can tolerate wear and tear.

Disc brakes decide if you should travel within the city or travel the long mile. If you decide to travel within the city, the disc brakes are very well the essentials. Yet, the trip to longer aisles might need you to do away with them.

Frame material

Even though I am not interested in selecting the frames, yet if you want a complete package in terms of safety, frames should be your priority. The perfect frames take up the entire pressure of your body and not just your hands. There are a variety of frames to choose from.

If you are looking for the old-schooled frames, go with the steel frames. The lighter frames will obviously be the aluminium ones. Being used frequently, they are sure the better ones, though a bigger hit to the pocket.

Brand & pricing

My next step was finalizing on the brand and price. I always prefer to buy a branded bicycle. With brand comes the great servicing, so, I decided to zero down on those brands which have near by service centers and good reviews about themselves.

When it comes to price, it should be within my budget. Obviously, the expensive ones do come with stand-out features and provide years of performance. But, the best cycle under 15000 and 20000 should equally perform.


As I made my final selection, I ensured that the warranty period of the geared cycle is as per the industry standards. It gave me a fair idea about the durability of the product too.

How to choose a bicycle for yourself

Usage – Selecting a cycle for yourself can be tricky especially if you are not clear with the purpose of buying. Thus, the clarity with respect to the purpose of the cycle is necessary. Whether you are looking for it as a regular commute or for adventures or is it for the cycling practices early in the morning.

Budget – The next step comes in budget selection. You would not want to spend equivalent to a 4 wheeler while purchasing a cycle. Would you?

Gears, suspensions, & frame material – You must look into specific gears and suspensions, as they save you from any physical damage or injury. If you are looking for a lightweight cycle, going with dual disc brakes and carbon-steel material of the cycle are often preferred.

Adjustable seat – Ensure that the seating adjustments are well equipped. The main reason is that there are many cases when the seat is not comfortable for longer rides and it results in back pain. Thus, select a cycle with an adjustable seat as per your height if you are in the growing stage.

Height & frame size- Also, make sure that your selected cycle is easier to reach and you don’t need to stretch too much. The right saddle position and the frame size are also crucial.

Wheels size – The size of the wheels is very important as they absorb the pressure and weight of your body. From 12 inches to 28 inches, the size of the wheels varies from children to adults, so choose the right cycle size.

Test drive – If possible, have a test drive of the cycle before you make the final purchase. As you test ride, check the corners as you cycle through them. See if the corners are smooth along with the gears and suspensions in the cycle.

Types of cycles available

Though there are various types of bikes available, I would like to share four types of cycles in which you must have a look.

1. Comfort bikes

These are the most common type of cycles that ensure a comfortable journey as they offer more space. With a wide area, the cycle also offers a better grip and better designing of the pedals. With proper aerodynamics, the cycle can be pushed seamlessly, thus it is perfect for daily use in the city.

2. Mountain bikes

These cycles are preferred for off-terrain activities. With a robust structure, efficient suspension, and sharp durability, they are the perfect ones for an adventurous person. The wide diameter of the tires helps in gaining stability in rough terrain which makes them very reliable too.

3. Road bikes

Some of the best features of the road bike are light-weight and narrow tires. These bikes cannot be used to travel longer distances, and if you are slim, it might just be well for you. The road bikes lack rear or front suspension and are available across a wide range of shapes and sizes. Use of the disc brakes and smooth decrease of resistance make them better to be used in road trips.

4. Fitness bikes

If you are into exercising, then you must buy this one. It can be used in gyms to reduce weight, lower blood pressure, and increase the metabolism of body. The toning of the muscles, fat burning, and cardio fitness are the reasons why you must buy fitness bikes. Also, the chances of getting injured using fitness bikes are very less.

What are the different types of gears in a bicycle?

Gears in a cycle help in smooth cycling, immaterial of the terrain. Big gears help in making the slide very comfortable while descending from heights. Your cycle can have either a fixed gear ratio or multiple gears, depending on the type of cycle.

Various types of gears available include:

  • Fixed Gear
  • Hub gear
  • Derailleur

The gears can be used independently or in combination with one another. The fixed and the derailleur gears are used in combination to improve the performance of the cycle. Both efficiency and output are improved.

In bikes with unequal teeth, the grip is improved as the friction prevents the chains from slipping. It results in the improved performance of the bike.

With a huge product differentiation, there is a wide range of gears that are available. As per their usage, surveys show improved performance in terms of the gear performance. Regular gears are perfect for regular use cycles.

On the other hand, if cycling is your passion, you might look for better performing gears. Gears which help in the ascending of the steep slopes should be given a preference as compared to those on flat surfaces.

Gear or without gear – which is better?

Selection might be difficult if you are not very clear about your needs. A geared cycle suits an adventurous person with a feisty mindset. On the other hand, an ungeared cycle is preferred if you are looking to drive it in the city for work. Though both the cycles have their own advantages, yet I recommend you to select one as per your needs.

Gearless and gear cycles have the following advantages:

Gearless CyclesGear Cycles
Ease of use as changing of gears is not required. Simple to use and even relaxed usage since the focus is not on shifting the gears.Ability to alter the gears as per the surface and requirement
Less expensive compared to its counterpartQuick acceleration compared to the non-accelerated cycles
Fixing a gearless cycle is simpler compared to fixing a geared one. The maintenance cost is even simpler.Long distance travels are possible with the geared cycles due to their durability and perseverance

Geared cycles let you have more control over the speed of the cycle. As per the terrain, you can maneuver the speed of the cycle, which makes it a better bet than a non-geared cycle. The change of the gear ratios as per the terrain makes cycling much simpler. The ability to maintain the cadence between 60 – 90 RPM makes geared cycles better.

Best gear cycle brands in India

There are more than 20 cycle brands in India that manufacture low-budget to high-end bicycles. While every brand claims to be the best, it’s hard to tell which brand is the best. But there are a few which dominate the market and have good reputation.

Here are top 5 cycle brands in India

  • Hercules
  • Atlas
  • Montra
  • Avon
  • Hero

Final say

The bike selection should be made as per your terrain and your usage. If you want to whiz past the traffic on your way to the office, you must go for a non-geared cycle.

If you are an adventurous person like me, who is bitten by the travel-bug, look no further than geared cycles. Not only is it comfortable, but it will give you enough thrill in life to cycle daily and stay fit.

The above reviewed ones are some of the top gear cycles in India under 15000 and 20000 which I have handpicked after hours of research considering both good and bad reviews. Pick anyone that suits your purpose and style.

Ride a bicycle and live a healthy life!

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