5 Best Geysers For Hard Water In India 2023: Venus Or V-Guard?

5 Best Geysers For Hard Water In India

If you have hard water supply at your place, it is important to choose a water heater that works effectively with hard water. Choosing the best geyser for hard water can be a tedious task, considering so many models and options are available in the market today. However, this article will help you make the perfect deal.

Water heaters or geysers are one of the most common home appliances that prove to be extremely useful, especially during winter. From taking a hot water bath to washing utensils in chilled weather, installing a geyser at your home can make your life super convenient.

To make your job easier, I bring you a list of geyser for hard water that will make your life super convenient. You can rely on our reviews and buying guide to find the best water heater for yourself.

How hard water damages the geyser and why you should get a good one?

Hard water can be dangerous to your geyser simply because it contains a lot of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. Over a period of time, these minerals start scaling on the heating element and the water container of your geyser, causing serious damage.

It can also lead to the rusting of the pipes carrying hot water. This not only reduces the conductivity but also the lifespan of the geyser.

It is important to choose a geyser that works well with hard water so that it can prevent the accumulation of the minerals and maintain the heating efficiency. It also increases the life of the geyser.

The below geysers are chosen based on their special protection against corrosion and hard water.

Which is the best geyser for hard water in India? – top 5 reviews

1. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litres Electric Water Heater

AO Smith Water Heater (15 L)

AO Smith manufactures stylish and innovative geysers. This geyser is designed to save energy. It is equipped with Blue Diamond Glass technology which doesn’t only make the inner tank stronger but also prevents it from corrosion. The anode of the geyser has stainless steel core which works effectively with hard water and makes the water tank last longer.

The heating element of the geyser is glass coated and well-fitted which makes it well suited for hard water. It also prevents the scaling of the minerals, ensuring high efficiency and a great supply of warm water. The geyser comes with a control knob that allows you to adjust the temperature.

The auto thermal cut-off feature proves to be highly useful as it automatically cuts the power supply whenever the water exceeds the pre-set temperature. Apart from this, the geyser also comes with a safety valve that checks the water pressure.

The maintenance cost of the geyser is extremely low as it is rust-proof. The warm water can be stored for up to 12 hours. It is easy to install.

Energy efficient and silent operationBit noisy while heating water (negligible though)
Anti-corrosion technologyInlet & outlet pipes could have been included
High protection from hard water because of glass coating
Auto thermal cut-off and safety valve
Blue diamond glass line technology
Low maintenance
Temperature adjustment

2. Venus Magma Plus

Venus Geyser for hard water

Venus is one of the well-reputed brands known for great quality and performance. This geyser makes use of the Scale Guard Technology to prevent the scaling and reduce the stress on the heating element. The water tank is glass-lined with porcelain enamel and is designed to work well with hard water. It is anti-corrosive and highly durable.

The geyser comes with two shock–proof and water-proof glass-lined double ceramic heating elements which prove to be highly effective in increasing the shelf life of the geyser by preventing the scaling of the minerals.

The geyser also comes with an analog thermometer which allows you to display the temperature as well as a capillary thermostat which lets you set the temperature as per your requirements. To ensure your safety, it has features like capillary thermal cutout and disc cutout. The geyser is available in a wide range of sizes/liters.

What more? This geyser stands out because of its double ceramic heating elements. In case one fails, the remaining one will continue to function. Again, the 8 Bar Pressure makes it a great choice for people living in high-storey buildings.

Energy efficientBulky design; looks old-fashioned
Scale guard technology
Temperature display and adjustment
Thermal cut off
Anti-corrosive tank
2 heating elements
Equipped with extra thick PUF Insulation

3. Crompton Amica ASWH (available in different capacities)

Crompton Amica

Crompton manufactures some of the best geysers for hard water in India. This Crompton Amica water heater is an ideal choice if you want great performance along with durability. It makes use of Nano Poly Bond Technology which prevents corrosion and oxidation.

It is equipped with a strong copper heating material which heats up the water quicker. The whole metallic body of the geyser is power coated to prevent corrosion, ensuring longer lifespan. The inner tank has heavy-duty anode rod which has a stainless steel core. It prevents the scaling or any other deposit and works great with hard water.

The best thing about the geyser is that it can easily handle pressure up to 8 bar pressure. If you live in tall building, you should definitely get this geyser. You can easily set the temperature as per your needs with the help of the adjustable knob.

It is also extremely safe as it provides three-level protection to keep you protected in case of voltage fluctuation or sudden power cut off. It also has standby cut off feature which makes it highly energy efficient and helps you save money on the monthly electricity bills.

Highly energy efficientComes in only three sizes/capacities
Three-level protectionOld design and looks bulky
Nano poly bond technology
Temperature adjustment
8 bar pressure
Copper heating material
Value for money

4. V-Guard Victo

V-Guard Victo Water Heater

V-Guard is yet another great brand that manufactures good quality geysers at cost-effective price. V-Guard Victo geyser comes in different capacities and it is highly durable. Its outer body is made of supreme-quality mild steel whereas the inner tank is coated with Titanium Enriched Vitreous Enamel Glassline which helps in protecting against hard water. The anti-corrosive coating on the outer body prevents it from corrosion and also ensures longer life.

Your safety is V-Guard’s first priority and that is why it comes with multi-layered safety system. The thermostat lets you regulate the temperature as per your requirements. The thermal cut off ensures secure functioning by cutting-off the power whenever necessary. The Multifunctional valve maintains optimal pressure control which makes it highly safe. It comes with a sacrificial anode that constitutes of magnesium and is anti-corrosive in nature.

The best thing about this geyser is that its front panel has a knob or dial that helps set the temperature as per your requirement. It doesn’t only help you determine the right water temperature for yourself. It is extremely energy efficient and hardly needs any maintenance once installed.

High-quality materialCan’t withstand too high pressure
Energy-efficient (BEE 5 Star Rating)
Multi-layered safety system
Comes with complete accessory installation kit
Temperature regulation
Water remains hot for long hours due to thick PUF Insulation

5. Havells Monza EC

Havells Monza Review

Havells is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular brands when it comes to electrical appliances. Monza EC geyser uses Fero-glass technology which safeguards from the affects of hard water and makes it highly durable. The heating element is Incoly glass coated that doesn’t only make this geyser efficient but also adds to its longevity by preventing corrosion. In order to retain heat for the longer period of time, the cold rolled steel tank is PUF insulated.

It comes with an exceptional mounting design which makes it a best choice for your bathroom. The unique whirl-flow technology prevents the contact between or mixing of cold and wet water flow which doesn’t only result in quick heating but also helps to save energy. It also comes with a convenient knob that helps you regulate the temperature as per your preference.

This geyser comes with flexi pipes. These pipes are highly efficient as they are built of stainless steel and act as a great carrier for both hot and water. They are strong and durable. It has a heavy-duty anode rod of magnesium which is anti-corrosive and makes your geyser last long.

Fero-glass & Whirl-flow technologyDoesn’t work well with low temperature heating
Heavy-duty anode
Anti-corrosive coating
Flexi pipes
Temperature regulation knob
Mounting design

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Effects of hard water on hair and skin

Hard water isn’t just harmful for your geyser but also for your skin and hair. It can damage your hair and skin badly. Some of the effects of hard water on your skin and hair are listed below:


  • Hard water leaves film-like residue which can deposit on skin and lead to break-outs like pimple and acne.
  • It can suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and patchy.
  • It can even lead to irritation and itching on your skin.
  • In the long run, it can lead to premature aging, making your skin look wrinkled and loose.
  • People with sensitive skin or skin problems can suffer serious damage.


  • It is hard to shampoo hair with hard water. It leaves filthy residue in your hair, making them look dirty and frizzy even after washing.
  • Hard water can give rise to a lot of hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, dull hair, hair thinning and hair breakage.
  • Hard water can make your scalp itchy and extremely dry.
  • In the long run, it can lead to premature graying of the hair.

How to test if you have hard water at home?

It is easy to test hard water at home. There are various experiments and DIYs that you do to check the harness of the water.

1. The soap experiment

It is a really simple method that works on the principle that hard water doesn’t produce lather with soap. All you need to do is rub soap with water on your hands or body. If there is good formation of lather and bubbles, it means the water is fine. However, if the soap sticks on your skin rather than forming soapy lather, it means the water is hard.

2. Hard water test kit

One of the best things that you can do to check the hardness of water is get your hands on hand water test kit. They are easily available in the market and aren’t even too expensive. To learn how to use the test kit, go through the manual or instructions thoroughly. The basic concept is that you will be required to run water over the tool and it will produce readings, telling you the concentration of hard elements in the water.

3. Observe and examine

This is a simple thing that can be done to see if the water supplied to you is hard or not. Hard water generally produces crust scales due to the presence of the dissolve minerals which lead to the deposition of rock-like white scales on water buckets, faucets, pipes, and bathtubs.

A thorough examination of your bathroom and the things that the water comes in contact with can easily tell you whether the water is hard or not. Further, the effect of hard water can easily be seen in your laundry. Hard water doesn’t clean the clothes properly. Besides, it makes them look dingy.

A few things to consider while choosing a geyser for hard water

Choosing the right water heater can be a tedious task. However, there are certain things you can keep in mind in order to make the best choice.

1. Geyser size

While buying a geyser, it is important to consider your family size and water requirement so that the electricity doesn’t get wasted. If you are a single person or a small family then a smaller water tank geyser is more than sufficient for you. However, for a medium or big-sized family, consider the geyser with bigger tank with capacity like 15 to 30 liters.

2. Power consumption

Check out the BEE star rating while buying the geyser. More the stars, more energy efficient the water heater is. Energy consumption depends on a lot of factors like volume of water, weather conditions, and usage habits, which is why it is important to invest money in a geyser that is designed to save energy.

3. Price

Always be clear about your budget when you plan to buy a geyser. Geysers are available in different price range. The price of the geyser depends on various factors, ranging from capacity to brand value. Keep in mind your requirements and then compare different models that fall under your budget range. Compare the price and features and then make the right choice.

4. Anti-corrosive and protection against hard water

There is no point buying a geyser for hard water if it is not well-equipped to prevent corrosion. Always go for geysers with anti-corrosive or glass powder coating. This safeguards the geyser from hard water and ensures longevity. Stainless steel geysers are well known for their anti-corrosive coating. Don’t forget to check the material and powder coating of the heating element along with the water tank.

5. Installation, reviews, and after sale services

Always for through customer reviews before buying any product as it will give a better understanding about the product and the quality of services provided. Research and enquire about the after sale services provided by the company whose geyser you are planning to buy so that you don’t face any problem with installation and other services.

For example, some of the brands mentioned above provide free installation only in selected cities. And some charge extra amount for installation, connection pipes, knobs, and others.

If you are confused between gas and electric water heater, read this guide – Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser

How to protect your geyser from hard water damaging it?

Hard water can prove to be harmful for your geyser and can affect both its efficient and life span. However, you can still take some measures to protect your geyser.

1. Use water softener

Using water softeners is one of the most effective methods that you can apply to protect your geyser from hard water. As the name suggests, water softeners work on hard elements (like magnesium and calcium) that are usually found in hard water and convert them into softer forms. It removes the hard minerals even before the water reaches the tank. In the absence of hard minerals, no scale deposition takes place. You can find various water softeners in the market. They are easy to install and use.

2. Flush the geyser regularly

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to prevent your geyser from getting damaged. All you need to do is flush your geyser regularly. Flushing ensures the removal of the loose scales and other deposits suspended in the water. You can even leave the valve open but it is not safe to do so. Although you can perform the flushing on your own but seeking help of a professional is a much safer way.

3. Always run geyser on low temperature

It is important to note that the amount and speed of mineral build-up is directly proportion to the temperature of the water as high temperature facilitates easy separation of the minerals. Keeping this in mind, running geyser on low temperature is a great way of ensuring low deposition.

4. Use anti-corrosion water tank

One of the best things you can do is get your hands on corrosion-resistant tanks. They are specifically designed to limit the affects that hard water can cause to your geyser. Nowadays so many brands like AO Smith, Crompton, and Havells manufacture anti-corrosion water tanks that are coated with powdered glass.

My final words…

A water geyser is definitely one of the machines that can make your life super convenient. You can get hot water whenever you want without any hassle. Through this article, we made your job easier with our research and reviews. You can always rely on this buying guide to make the best deal.

AO Smith HSE-SDS and Venus Magma Plus are my top picks due to their great quality, durability, and feature. The other mentioned brands are great as well. All these water heaters are designed to work effectively with hard water. Just make sure you do a little homework and go through the product features and customer reviews so that you receive the best thing.

If you any doubts regarding anything, feel free to contact us or leave it in the comment section below.

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