6 Best Hair Clippers In India 2023 (For Men | Hair Cutting)

Best Hair Clipper In India: Top 6 Hair Trimmers For Men

Going to a salon is not safe anymore since pandemic and everyone prefers to do the grooming at home. So, many of you might be searching for the best hair clipper in India, right?

Getting my own hair trimmer is one of the smartest things I did recently and you should buy it too. It is absolutely worth the money. Also, visiting salons in near future is very unlikely.

I know you are slightly confused about which one to get – a beard trimmer or a hair trimmer (aka hair clipper)? Well, the only difference between these two is the length of the blade and size. Most hair clippers come with attachments or combs to adjust according to the length of your hair. A beard trimmer, on the other hand has a short and thin blade, and mostly have no attachments.

You should opt for a hair trimmer for men which should serve both the purposes. It can give you a short hair cut and a close shave as well. Professional hair clippers are even better if you are looking for a precise head hair trimming.

When you choose the best hair cutting machine in India, you should look for a few key essentials, such as rechargeable feature, battery run time, length settings, motor power, blade quality, guide combs.

Considering all the above parameters, I have hand-picked 6 best hair trimmers for men in India, where two of them I use regularly.

6 best hair clippers in India

1. VGR V-055 – Professional Rechargeable Hair Clipper

VGR Rechargeable Hair Clipper Machine Review

The first in my list of the best hair cutting trimmer in India is this budget gadget from VOYAGER (VGR), which I recently bought for myself. It’s cheap and I have never heard of the brand earlier. But, the performance totally blew my mind.

The first thing that impressed me is its compact size and design. It perfectly fits on my hand. It can be operated easily with the two buttons provided. One is for switching ON/OFF and the other one for adjusting the blade length (1mm, 2mm, and 3mm extension).

When it comes to cutting my hair, it does the job pretty smoothly without hurting the skin. I hate long hairs and usually go for buzz or bald cut, and the blades give me a very close trimming.

Next is its powerful motor of 3000 RPM. It makes less noise and the vibration is too low when compared to other expensive professional hair clippers.

What more? Yeah, the rechargeable feature and battery life. It uses 1000 mAh Lithium-ion battery. I have used this machine three times and I have not even touched the USB cord yet. The company says it has a run time of 120 minutes and takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

Wondering whether V-055 can trim your funny moustache or goatee? Yes, it can even do that. But, don’t expect clean razor shaving type. You can even use it for manscaping.

Indeed, it’s one of the best hair clippers under 1000 INR. It definitely beats other budget hair trimmers from popular brands like Panasonic and Syska.

Cheaper than your one year salon expensesQuantity of the blade oil included could be more
Works both corded & cordless
Smooth on scalp – no hurting
Long battery life, has blade length settings
Has self-sharpening stainless steel blades

2. Wahl Professional Super Taper Corded Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper Corded Clipper Review

If you haven’t heard about the company, Wahl is an American brand known for its premium grooming products. Coming to the product, Wahl Super Taper Professional hair clipper is powerful, heavy, and designed for hairdressers or barbers for daily uses.

Actually, this is the first hair cutting machine which I got it for my whole family members. As it designed for continuous uses, the machine is strongly built and ensures high durability. It comes with 6000 RPM Motor and chrome plated blades. So, it’s quite heavy when you hold it in your hand. The vibration is so strong and you may feel a bit uncomfortable when using for the first time. Don’t worry, you will get used to it.

The blade lever makes the machine easy to operate while cutting your hair. You can adjust the blade and comb lengths according to the closeness of the cut you want, by simply using your thumb.

The versatile corded clipper comes with all the accessories you need for effortless and comfortable trimming experience, such as cleaning brush, combs of different sizes, blade guard, and oil.

Arguably, this is the best head hair trimmer in India for professionals. However, I don’t recommend it for home use as it is super pricey.

Easy to adjust the hair length settings using the thumb leverExpensive
Sturdy and durableBit heavy
Works for both wet and dry cuts
Designed for heavy uses; can even handle thick hair
Powerful electromagnetic motor
Smooth on skin while trimming

I have reviewed and compared both the above gadgets on my YouTube Channel. Here is the video if you are interested:

3. Wahl 9243-4724 HomeCut Hair Clipper

Wahl HomeCut

The next in the list is again from Wahl. The brand has good reputation when it comes to best hair clippers and this particular model makes it a great choice because of its price. If the above model doesn’t fit in your budget and if you are reluctant to go for other brands too, then grab this right away.

The first feature that caught my eyes was its heavy-duty electromagnetic motor with 6000 RPM, which guarantees fast and precise cutting. It gives a blade speed of above 14,000 strokes per minute. Crazy? So, people with thick hair or beard can experience smooth trimming without hassles.

The Tap Lever makes the hair cutting machine easy to operate. You can adjust and customize the shortness of hair conveniently. What more? This complete grooming gadget provides a trimming range starting from 0.5 mm to 22 mm. It comes with 10 attachments/combs of different lengths. Yes, 10 in number. You will hardly find a hair clipper in the market with 22 mm comb.

On a negative note, this corded clipper is a bit noisy and vibrates while functioning but I won’t complain as it can handle different types of hair at faster speed. Most corded clippers make some sound because of the motor power.

Rugged clipper; works on thick hair and beardHeats up a little after non-stop uses
Comes with different trimming lengths; as high as 22 mm
Skin-friendly; no discomfort
Equipped with self-sharpening precision blades
Reliable and provides quick trim

4. Kemei KM – 809 A – Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper

Kemei Rechargeable Trimmer For Men

A close competitor of VGR V-055, Kemei KM-809 A is loaded with some extra features, like the LED Battery Indicator Display and taper lever. This grooming beast will meet all your requirements at a very affordable price.

This Kemei hair clipper beats all its competitors from premium brands when in comes to battery life. It offers 120 minute cordless trimming time, which is 3-4 times higher than other hair trimmers around. So, the machine will never run out of battery when used. The LED battery life indicator is again a bonus.

The machine is equipped with stainless steel blades, which deliver smooth and efficient cut. It also comes with four combs to help you achieve the hair lengths you want. You can set the trimming range from 0.5 to 12 mm. Now, if you want to get a zero cut look of 0.5 mm, you can simply use it without the combs. Cool, right?

The power-packed battery makes KM-809 A one of the best rechargeable hair trimmers for men in India. Also, the cheap price makes it a great buy.

Cuts with precision; both on hair and beardCan heat up a bit (no worries though)
Runs both on battery and power
No skin irritation or bumps
Awesome battery back-up with indicator
Highly affordable

5. Philips MG7715 Hair Clipper – Multigroom series 7000

Philips MG7715 Hair Clipper

You will call me an idiot if I miss out to include Philips MG7715 among the best hair clippers in India. Philips is one of the most sought after brands when it comes to premium grooming gadgets for men.

This all-in-one grooming kit is strong, durable, versatile, and equipped with all the best features. The DualCut technology makes you achieve the ultimate precision. You can comfortably trim your beard, hair, and body hair to any minimum length you want.

It comes with 13 tools including nose and ear trimmer. It’s fully packed with all the required accessories or attachments for a customisable trim session. You can effortlessly get a detailed styling and fine outlines in every cut. What more you need?

The advanced lithium-ion battery with DuraPower technology delivers two hours run time and can be quickly recharged. Plus, it has LED battery indicator. So, you will never have to worry about low battery during your manscaping or grooming task.

Simply put, this is the best hair clipper in India in premium category. If you are someone who does grooming at least once or twice a week, this is your best bet. Get it right away!

Detachable head and can be easily cleaned under tap waterFreaking expensive
All-in-one grooming gadget – comes with nose and ear trimmer
Can trim contours and edges with sharp lines
Robust and ensures high durability
Comes with multiple attachments for all types of hair cutting
Excellent battery backup with fast charging

6. Hatteker Hair Trimmer

Hatteker Hair All-In-One Trimmer Machine

As far as the best hair trimmer in India goes, this badass cordless hair trimmer by Hatteker totally deserves to be ranked among the top 10. It is equipped with two rechargeable batteries and offers 2.5 hours of usage with single 90 minutes charge. Surprised?

I really like its sophisticated length settings button, which is rotatable and can be conveniently set from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm. This will give you a smooth and effortless trimming experience. It’s all-in one trimmer, which means you can use it to cut your head hair and trim your beard, sideburns, and body hair. It even does the detail trimming with ease and precision.

The self-sharpening ceramic titanium blades have the ability to stay sharp for longer periods and can even cut all types of hair. And with the attachments provided, you can get variety of hair styles and beards of different lengths.

Now, here is what makes it stand out from its competitors. The machine makes less noise and vibration when compared with other premium hair clippers. Plus, it’s completely waterproof and you can easily clean the blades.

For men with giant hands, the device might be little small but it provides firm grip and it’s highly manoeuvrable in hands while trimming.

Summing up, it is one of the best hair cutting trimmers you can get in India.

Equipped with two batteries; runs for 2.5 hoursFound none
Powerful patented motor; less noise and heating
Self-sharpening blades; excellent cutting precision
Perfect for detailed shaving, touching up sideburns, and trimming body hair
Waterproof – can simply rinse under water for hygienic cleaning

Hair clipper buying guide


There are many types of trimmers around, such as body groomer, bikini trimmer, beard trimmer, and hair trimmer/clipper. And the main differences among these are the thickness of the blades and availability of the adjustable blades and attachments.

For a man like me who hardly shaves or manscapes, a hair trimmer suits better. Plus, a good multi purpose trimmer can give you a close shave or hair cut as per your grooming needs. It serves both the purposes. Most hair trimmers give a minimum range of 0.3m – 0.5mm, which is short enough. In case I need a clean shave with no stubble or facial hair, I simply use the razor.

Corded vs cordless

Initially, I thought wire-powered hair clippers are more powerful and can handle rough and thick hair better than wired-less hair clippers. I was wrong. Today’s cordless hair clippers use long lasting, advanced lithium-ion batteries and are on par when it comes to trimming performance.

Cordless hair trimmers are more convenient to use as they are light and can be carried anywhere. Also, most of them run on both wired-powered and cordless. Just make sure to pick the right clipper with good battery run time.

How much should you spend?

Is buying a hair clipper for home use worth it? Definitely, yes. You will not only be spending less in the long-run but also can trim your hair or shave anytime at the comfort of your home. Visiting a barber’s shop would at least cost you Rs. 50 per visit. Right? You can easily get the best hair clipper under 1000/2000 in India, which I will say is quite affordable for anybody.

A good quality hair clipper is priced as low as 600 INR and can even go upto 10000 INR. For example, top-notch models from Wahl and Philips are pretty expensive when compared to brands like VGR, Kubra, Nova, or Kemei. So, decide according to your budget.

Extra combs and accessories

Trends often change and at times you may want to change the length of your hair to achieve a specific hair style. So, a guide comb/attachment helps you get that effortlessly by fitting onto the blades. It comes in different sizes and lengths, such as 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12 mm, and so on. To get Number 1 hair cut, you can simply use the 3mm guard. Need a bit longer cut? Switch to 6mm. For longer manes, 12mm, 25mm, and 22mm are suitable.

Proper maintenance is necessary if you want your clipper to be durable and efficient. For that, you will be mainly needing a clipper oil and cleaning brush. So, look out for a clipper that comes with all these accessories. Also, avoid snagging while trimming.

Battery backup

If you have already decided to get a wireless hair trimmer, then battery-back up is one feature you have to pay attention to. Most of today’s hair clippers offer at least 2 hours of usage time with 1 – 2 hours of charging. For example, the above HATTEKER HT03 is equipped with two batteries and run for 2.5 hours.

Also, a machine with battery indicator lets you aware of the remaining power left during your DIY barbering session. This is another useful feature you should look out for.

Hair clipper maintenance

Hair Clipper Maintenance Tips

In order to keep your clipper up and running at peak performance for years or even a decade, you need to maintain it with proper care. It doesn’t require too much effort. Just follow these tips:

  1. Oil the blades before or after use – oiling the blades is important to avoid rust and wear. It maximizes the performance and increase the lifespan of the blades. Just put a drop of oil and lubricate it after and before use.
  2. Remove the remaining hairs properly – remove all those debris and tiny hairs using the brush provided after each use. Thoroughly clean it using water if it’s a wet and dry clipper.
  3. Sterilize – over time your clipper will be filled with germs, bacteria, and dead skin. So, for a hygienic hair cutting session, sterilizing once a while is necessary. Rinse under hot water or you can simply use alcohol.
  4. Dry it and keep it in a proper case – before putting in a case or a drawer, make sure it is completely moisture-free. Let it dry in open air for an hour or so.


Can I use hair clipper for my beard?

Yes, you can use hair clipper to trim your beard or moustache. It can give you 0.2mm – 0.5mm shave without the guard combs. For a clean salon-quality shave, you can do the finishing with a razor after the trimming is done. But, if you plan to use it only on your beard, then get a regular beard trimmer.

Can I use hair clipper on my dog or cat?

You are not advised to use human hair clipper on your dog or cat. The reason is simple – your hair and the pet’s fur are different. Also, the blades of a human clipper are designed and aligned differently than that of a pet clipper. Also, the sound and vibration of the clipper may scare your pet. In case you want to try your hand, be patient and super cautious. Some of the models reviewed above can be used on pets with extra care. Check out!

Can you use hair trimmer for pubic hair?

Yes, any regular hair clipper will work on your pubes. Just make sure the blades are properly cleaned, lubricated, and sanitized before using it. Also, be gentle while navigating around the pubic region and your scrotum. If you want to go extra mile in manscaping, go for a body groomer.

Which are the best hair clipper brands in India?

Surprisingly, most of the hot selling hair cutting machines in Indian market are Chinese manufactured. If you look up on the shopping sites for the ‘best hair clipper’, you’ll at least find more than thirteen brands offering varieties of trimmers, from cheap to really expensive ones. These are some of the most popular hair clipper brands in India you can rely one:

  • Wahl
  • Braun
  • VGR
  • Nova
  • Kemei
  • Philips
  • Hatteker
  • Syska

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Wrapping up…

Hair clipper aka hair trimmer is one gadget every modern man must own, especially right now when visiting a barber’s shop is not advised. Whether you are hoping to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s Under Cut+Comb Over or Ryan Reynolds’ Ivy League haircut, you can give yourself your favourite hair style at home with the best hair trimmer for men.

With different brands vying to sell you their trimmers in range of models and names, it’s confusing to choose the right one. So, I have done the needful task and handpicked six of the best clippers in India for every budget. Some are easily affordable while some are costly.

Go grab any of your choice and enjoy the DIY grooming session!

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