8 Best Induction Stoves (Cooktops) In India 2023

Best Induction Stove (Cooktop) In India: Top 8 Reviews

Among the innumerable options, it is tricky to get hold of the best induction stove in India. Thus, after much research and based on personal experience, I have tried to put forth a list of well-to-do products that will help you choose the best induction cooktop according to your needs.

Induction stoves, popularly known as induction cooktops or induction ovens become a boon especially when you need to shift often or you want to replace your old gas stove to minimise cost.

I personally live in a rented apartment and my job location keeps on changing often. Under such circumstances, induction stoves are the best choices. Getting a gas connection in every new place that I shift to, is a bit problematic and most importantly time consuming. Since cooking cannot be paused, inductions are a great choice.

Similar to all other electronic products, induction cooktops also hail from various brands and hence choosing the correct product is tricky.

The key concerns while choosing the best induction stove in India for me were:

  1. The variety of features to suit the various needs of cooking in an Indian kitchen
  2. The budget
  3. Power consumption
  4. Size & design

Without further delay, let’s bring on the best models available on the market starting with the one that personally use.

Best induction stoves (cooktops) in India

1. Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 20 - induction stove

I had chosen the Prestige PIC 20 1200-watt for my kitchen, which is arguably the best induction stove in the list. The induction cooktop is black in colour with a classy look and appropriate dimensions. It supports only induction-based utensils and normal kitchen ware cannot be used with this cooktop.

The control panel comprises multiple push buttons which allow me to control various aspects of cooking. The cooktop surface is anti-magnetic in nature. The center of the cooktop gets heated every time you switch it on leaving the surfaces cool. So, you will never get burnt.

It is a highly energy efficient induction cooktop (as of now).

The temperature and power are adjusted according to the cooking and vessel, completely minimizing the unnecessary wastage of power. It also possesses the auto switch off mode to save energy as well as prevent burning of the food.

It has pre programmed cooking modes for various Indian menus like south Indian delicacies, rotis, curries, and so on. This feature makes my life easier.

To improve the effectivity of the induction cooktop, it is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator. This does not let the fluctuating voltages affect the working of the induction as well as ensures the proper health of the induction cooktop.

I don’t do it often but it’s easy to clean. There is no rocket science involved in the cleaning of this induction cooktop. I simply switch off after use and let cool completely, then follow simple cleaning techniques to keep the induction cooktop clean for a longer time.

The touch buttons are easy to operate and ensure device safety. It needs 1200 watts and 230 volts for operation.

2. Philips HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop

Philips Induction Cooktop (HD4928/01)

This is one of the best induction stoves which is exclusively set for Indian cooking. This induction cooktop is quite easy to handle. There is preset program for Indian cooking. It has a set timer of 0-3 hrs.

The auto-off program will prevent your food from burning. It consumes power at the rate of 2100 watts. You will not burn yourself on touching the surface owing to the cool to touch technology that is awesome.

Those who are novice in the field of cooking can cook without any worries with the flame-free technology of this induction cooktop.

The buttons for controlling the gadget are easy to operate.

The electromagnetic induction employed in this induction cooktop makes cooking easier and faster. Fast cooking ensures nutrient and mineral locking in the food which is highly beneficial for health.

3. Prestige PIC 16.0+

Prestige PIC 16.0+ cooktop

This may not be the best induction stove of all but it is definitely among the top 5 best induction cooktops in India. It requires 1900 watts power and 230 voltage for easy operation. It also has a super-efficient power saver technology that will not elevate your electricity bills.

Among the various unique features, the one which is the most attractive is the consistent high heating efficiency.

The induction cooktop looks smart and sleek. It adds to the décor of your kitchen.

There are various Indian menus preset in the induction cooktop. All you have to do is add ingredients. Rest assured that you will enjoy some great delicacies. Sizzling hot food is always at your plate by virtue of the keep warm option.

It has an automatic voltage regulator which will protect the device against voltage fluctuations.

Overheating is prevented with the aerodynamic cooling technology. The control panel is completely automated and is soft touch in nature. It is very easy to operate and any novice can also handle it without any difficulty.

4. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Cruise Induction Stove

Pigeon is a well to do brand when it comes to kitchen essentials. The best part is that Pigeon mostly produces budget product without compromising with the quality or features.

It consumes power at the rate of 1800 watts and 220 voltage power input is needed for operation. It has a timer and auto switch off mechanism. This way you will not burn your food. The LED display is equally good.

You need to control the temperature manually. The material of the stove top is ceramic. The control panel is constituted of push buttons that are tactile sensitive and soft in nature.

No cases of electrical hazards regarding the product is known. Only induction base utensils can be used. It is highly energy efficient. The auto shut off feature diminishes the unnecessary usage of power. You can pressure cook, deep fry, or perform multiple other cooking modes.

Considering the price, quality, and the functionality it offers, it is probably the best induction cooktop in India in the budget section.

5. Usha Cook Joy Induction Cooktop (3616)

USHA Cooktop (3616) Review

The two best features in this induction stove are the intelligent power saver technology and the pan sensor technology. Pan sensor technology is an extremely useful feature as it reduces the risk of the oven getting started without any vessel.

It avoids accidents and makes the oven energy efficient. The power consumed is 1600 watts and 230 volts. An extra long cord is provided to place the oven wherever it suits you. This cooktop is tolerant to fluctuating voltages. There are 5 pre set menu options to help in cooking the desired dishes.

The feet of the oven are prepared with special grip technology to prevent skidding. The buttons on the touch panel are highly sensitive and of great quality. Adjustable timer helps in cooking without worries.

The look of the oven is sleek and stylish. It is extremely easy to clean and does not require much maintenance. There is a special auto power saving mode which restricts over heating and makes it energy efficient.

6. Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop (HD4938/01)

Philip Viva Induction Stove

In this entire list, this is my personal favourite. Firstly, because this induction cooktop looks fantastic. This alone has the capability to make your kitchen look 10 times better. Secondly, it is a masterpiece in terms of features.

The cooktop is extremely elegant, made out of premium glass with a classy finish. For cooking special Indian recipes, there are 10 auto programmed menu options. It has a cool to touch technology, that nullifies your risk of encountering any accident.

The preset timer function is extensible till 24 hours. Only special cookware that have induction bases can be used with this oven. It requires 2100 watts and 240 volts for operation. For making the oven handy, it comes with 1.2 meters cord.

The operation panel is sensor based and the touch keys are extremely tactile sensitive. There is auto shut off program to prevent the food from burning.

It’s bit more expensive than the rest but considering the brand and the product’s durability, this model from Philips is indeed the best induction stove in India in premium category.

Enjoy safe and fast cooking with the Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop!

7. Havells Insta Cook PT

Havells Insta Cook PT

This one is a well to do induction oven. Havells is a trusted brand. the temperature control system of this induction oven is superior. It allows you to control the temperature through a wide range. The automatic shut off technology prevents over consumption of energy or the food from being burnt.

The LED display is helpful to understand and aids in easy operation of the induction cooktop. There are 6 varies cooking modes which are exclusively compatible for Indian dishes like curries, idli, dosas, deep frying, and so on.

The surface of the cooktop is made of superior quality ceramic. This is not only beautiful and classy but is also easy to clean. It comes with a convenient timer for 3 hours. So, even if you are away for some task, your food won’t get burnt. It is extremely safe to use as it has the auto pan detector technology.

8. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooker

 Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooker

There are 8 preset menus which allow you to cook the dishes of your choice. This one has a keep warm feature which will prevent the hassle of heating food every time before eating.

Auto shut off mode is extremely helpful to prevent wastage of energy and burning of food.

It needs 1900 watts for functioning. The control panel is quite impressive that offers enormous options to control every aspect of cooking. The switches are quite tactile.

Food cooks much faster than normal gas stoves. The design of this induction cooktop is quite ergonomic. It is compact and quite precise. It has a large cooking diameter which is appropriate if you want to cook in vessels with large diameter.

All sorts of normal cooking modes like stir fry, deep fry, soups, curries can be prepared with perfection with the preset modes of cooking. The control panel is easy to operate which makes it best suited for beginners.

Benefits – why you need to buy an induction stove

Induction cooktops are a great alternative to traditional gas stoves. In an induction cooktop, about 90 percent of the energy that is generated from the heating of the coil is utilized, so it is far more energy efficient.

Secondly, induction cooktops are portable and require less space for setting up so they are a great option for bachelor or people living in rented apartments. Food cooks faster in the induction ovens and you need to spend less time in the hot environment of the kitchen.

You can place it anywhere and get your cooking done. Moreover, the risk of accidents from naked flame as in the gas stoves is negligible in case of induction cooktops.

Also, be aware that induction cooking and microwave cooking are totally different. In case you are looking for an oven to heat food, bake cakes, or grill chicken, then check out our review of the best microwave oven.

What to consider while choosing the best induction stove

Here are the things I will ask you to consider before investing in any induction cooktop :-


Whether it is rimless or comes with a stiff edge border, look for a model that should make your kitchen more elegant. Most induction stoves come with either a glass or ceramic top plate, equipped with soft touch control panel at the bottom along with other functions like timer and ON/OFF button. Also, opt for a model with anti-skid feet and LED display.

Size – cooking area

You must consider the cooking area of the induction stove. If you have a large family, and you use utensils with larger diameters, then you will need the ovens which have greater surface diameter.

Cooking modes

The best induction cooktop should have preset cooking modes. The customised cooking options allow you to cook your favourite dish without adjusting the temperature manually. You can simply press on the automatic buttons provided for specific food items, such as dosa, milk, tea, idli, roti, soup, curry, and so on.

Auto switch off feature

To prevent the food from burning or the occurrence of any unnecessary accidents, you must go for the model which provides auto switch off feature. The best induction stove should detect that the utensil or pan is removed from the surface and should automatically shut off. This also helps save electricity.

Child lock technology & Cooling option

For those of you who have kids at home, it is always advised to choose a model that has a child lock technology. Some models even come with other safety features like auto-cooling and voltage protection. So, keep an eye on those for making your kitchen safe.

Maintenance and energy consumption

Always go for an induction cooktop that demands less management. A hob with flat glass surface is much easier to clean. Also, have a look at the energy efficiency of the cooktop, that is the main purpose you are investing in it.


Induction cooktop comes in different watts ranging from 600W to 2100W. Pick the one according to your family size and style of cooking. The more the watt, the more efficient it is. Also, the price may vary according to the wattage.

Refer to this guide to know more about it – Induction Cooktop Wattage.

How to clean and maintain an induction stove

Induction cook tops are indeed a sophisticated machinery and requires a bit of care and maintenance for a long-lasting service.

The very first tip I would like to share with you is that, never attempt to clean an induction oven while it is still hot. Always let it cool down to the room temperature before you even touch it.

If you clean the induction oven daily after cooking gets over, then there will be no extra hassles for cleaning. You can wipe off the induction oven with a damp cloth after cooking. This will remove the stains from spices or oil spills that occur almost every day.

If there remain any tough stains that you are not able to clean by wiping simply, then you can use some vinegar to do the heavy cleaning.

Do not use any hard wipes to clean the surfaces, instead use soft microfiber cloths to do the cleaning. You can also use soft wipes or efficient paper towels to have a clean surface.

Never use any bleaching agents for cleaning the induction cooktop. This can cause damage to the cooktop. Also, avoid using dishwashing liquid for cleaning the cooktop.

Handle the induction stove with care and always remember it is fragile.

For occasional cleaning, you can use induction cooktop cleaner creams to get rid of extremely tough stains and spills.

Gas stoves vs induction cooktops: which is better?

Gas stovesInduction cooktops
When food is cooked on traditional gas stoves, around 50 percent of the heat generated is lost to the environment, whereas the vessel receives only 50 percent of the energyThe food cooked on induction gas stoves is able to receive the major share of the heat generated, hence cooks faster with better energy utilisation
Cooking on gas is more prone to risk of accident due to direct exposure to the naked flameCleaner cooking with no naked flame and hence nil chances of accidents
Cooking takes much longer due to inefficient utilization of the energyCooking is faster
Precise control of temperatureBetter temperature control with advanced user-friendly digital control panel

Basically, both have their own advantages and disadvantages but people still prefer the traditional gas stoves because of many reasons. Gas stoves heat up quickly, have supporters, and can control the temperature precisely. They come with multiple burners, can cook large amount of food, and can be used with different types and shapes of cookware.

If you are interested in getting a gas stove instead, you may find this review helpful – Best 4 Burner Gas Stove.


Are there any disadvantage of using induction stove?

There’s always a disadvantage for any product, right? Some of the negligible disadvantages of cooking on induction tops are:

1. Only special cooking vessels that are particularly suited for induction ovens can be used. For ovens which do not come with the utensils in a package, buying the utensils can incur an extra cost.

2. You will have a difficult situation when there is a power cut. If you do not have an alternative cooking source and solely rely on induction cooktops then it is going to be a mess if the electricity goes off.

3. There is often a noise associated with the working of the cooktop. When you place heavy base pans, the noise is greater. Though this one is not a significant disadvantage, yet might be considered.

4. The initial investment might be a bit too much for some.

Can I use induction stove on an inverter?

Technically, it’s possible but I advise you to not use any cooking appliance with an inverter. A high capacity invert of 2KV+ may support the induction cooktop but again you will need a high capacity battery.

Can I cook rice and chicken with induction stove?

Yes, you can cook rice and chicken both with induction cooktop. There are various modes of cooking available in multiple models. You can cook different dishes right from chicken deep fried fritters, chicken soups, and multiple other dishes.

You can normally cook the rice, just as you cook in usual gas stoves. Many models also have preset menus that offer loads of delicious chicken recipes. All you got to do is mix the ingredients and put it on the stove.

Those ovens which come with intelligent power saver technology can also adjust the power and temperature of the induction cooktop.

Which are the best induction stove brands in India?

With the rise of LPG price and living standard in most Indian cities, many people have started opting for energy-efficient kitchen appliances and an induction cooktop is one of them. Knowing this, many vendors have entered the induction stove market and come up with advanced models which are loaded with high-tech features programmed for Indian cooking.

Here are some leading brands that have high share in induction stove market in India –

  1. Prestige
  2. Bajaj
  3. Pigeon
  4. Preethi
  5. Philips
  6. Inalsa
  7. Usha
  8. Lifelong
  9. Havells

Summing up…

All induction cooktops come with similar technologies and features. It will be difficult to say which induction stove is best. Every individual has his/her own experience and satisfaction. However, I have wisely picked eight of the best models on the market that will not disappoint you.

All the products in the list were well designed, functional, and lasting. Pick any model according to your needs and budget. Philips (HD4928/01) looks elegant and it’s beautifully designed with amazing features, all within a reasonable budget.

Prestige PIC 20 has smart look and is loaded with great features. I love the aerodynamic cooling technology in this model. It is worth the price. (This is the one that I am currently using.)

Pigeon Stovecraft Cruise Induction Cooktop is a decent induction cooktop with good features and most importantly comes within the budget.

Grab any of your choice.

Happy cooking, folks!

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