Best Oil Heater In India 2023: Top 4 Oil-Filled Room Heaters

Best Oil Heater In India: Top 4 Oil Filled Room Heaters

Searching for the best oil heater in India can be time consuming. So, I’ve made a list below to help you easily select one for yourself. I have also included a complete buyer’s guide and common FAQs about oil room heater. Let’s dive in!

We do keep emphasizing the need for an air-conditioner during the scorching summer months. Similarly, there is a need for a room heater for you when the temperature goes dramatically down in the winter months.

Winters can be scary as it does bring in multiple health problems, one of them being viral fever. This is where I would recommend that you should certainly get an oil-filled room heater rather than keeping your furnace going on to provide you with heat.

Additionally, oil heater is also termed as oil-filled heater, Oil Filled Radiator (OFR heater) or oil based room heater. It is bit costlier than the normal electric room heater, but provides excellent value for money in long-term.

Let’s first learn the benefits of an oil-filled heater and why you should get one.

What is an oil-filled room heater and why should you buy one?

Oil-filled room heaters look a lot like the old-school radiators but are compact in terms of size. It may sound like it is heavily focused on oil but that is not the case it is heated electrically and it does not include burning on any oil fuel. Moreover, the oil acts as a heat reservoir.

The benefits –

  • Getting an OFR heater has many advantages and one of them being that it won’t reduce the humidity or burn oxygen. From a health point of view, this won’t cause any rashes to the skin, or dry eyes, as is the case with other heaters.
  • If you’re on the lookout for a room heater with power-saving capabilities, an OFR room heater is a must since it does save a lot of power and these oil room heaters consume a lesser amount of electricity as compared to others.
  • An oil-filled radiator can continue to release heat for a longer duration even when you’ve switched off the oil heater. This magic happens once the oil gets warm; it tends to throw out heat for numerous hours. The same can’t be said for a fan-assisted radiator.
  • Safety is a priority while you buy things for your house. Similarly, an oil-filled room heater won’t burn your fingers when you accidentally touch it as the surface may heat up but not enough to burn your skin. You won’t be able to touch the heating element in the radiator which is the oil, placed within the OFR. Needless to say, you’re safe from accidental burns on your finger or skin.

4 best oil heaters in India

To help you purchase the best oil-filled room heater in India, I have reviewed only the highly-rated models. Select one for yourself from list below –

1. Havells OFR – 9 FIN 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells Oil Heater (9 FIN)

Being an oil filled radiator from Havells already gives you a sense of assurance that this OFR room heater has something about it. Apart from its stunning looks and design, it has a lot to offer for you.

What caught my eye was the caster wheels located on the base to easily traverse from part of the house to the other, which throws out any issue of mobility.

Another imperative feature is that it won’t overheat as it is built in such a way that the appliance won’t be damaged. Moreover, the fan equipped in the heater plays a big role in efficiently dispersing the heat. The unique thing about this Havells oil-filled room heater is that there are three different power settings and each one of them uses a different wattage.

Wait, there is more to come with Havells OFR – 9 FIN as it also boasts thermostatic heat control. This feature lets you have a comfortable temperature within your room and keeps the oil room heater in check with its heat.

I would highly suggest that you go for this Havells oil heater as it ticks almost everything in the box.

(Havells do have a similar model with 11 and 13 fins as well.)

2. Morphy Richards OFR 11F Oil Filled Radiator

Morphy Richards OFR11
Photo by Ben Singh

Another stunning oil room heater or OFR heater from Morphy Richards gets into the list with its amazing capabilities. This oil-filled radiator comprises 11 fins that make the heat possible to evenly reach all corners of your room without any hassles.

Having an adjustable thermostat to keep a check on the room temperature and castor wheels placed on the base for swift mobility within the house makes it an amazing purchase in case you are searching for the best oil heater.

The fascinating thing about this oil-filled room heater is that it does not result in skin dryness just for the sake of warming your room. Without drying the air much, it provides you with comfortable warmness which is required during tough winters.

As the model name suggests as the oil heater has a 2500 wattage power, it can easily warm a room of about 250 sq. ft of area. That is a pretty good number for an oil heater and it weighs about 14 kilograms.

(Available with different fins too – 9 and13)

3. Usha 3809 F 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

Usha Oil Heater (9 FIN)

Usha is a well-renowned brand that has been serving its customers for a long time. This oil-filled heater weighs approximately 13.2 Kg and along with its sharp looks, it also has a 500w fan that can heat your room faster.

Additionally, with the PTC heating technology, the oil-filled heater provides an ample amount of power-saving and also long-lasting heating experience. What impressed me is the inbuilt tip-over switch, and you know what it does? This feature protects the device from a malfunction when the oil-filled radiator is tipped over by accident.

In case you feel the temperature of the oil heater isn’t ideal, the adjustable thermostat balances it and helps you provide a comfortable experience in your room when the outside temperature drops.

I would say that this OFR room heater does a pretty good job in terms of performance in sealed rooms and for an average size of the room.

Is rest assured that the operation of the device is soundless, which is a major yes when you intend on buying an oil room heater. Along with its smart and elegant design, the thermostat makes sure that power is cut when the ideal amount of heat is reached in your room.

4. Bajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus

Bajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus
Photo by Ben Singh/LazyDadReviews

If you want to turn up the heat in the winter months, give a shot at the Bajaj Majesty RH 11F Plus. You know, why? Keep reading.

Everyone desires that their oil-filled radiator room heater should be powerful enough to heat a bigger room, and this heater does pack a punch with 11 fins in its armoury. Apart from this, it is purely noiseless and also comes with a customized heating setting of 1000-1500-2500W to suit your needs with the adjustable thermostat.

In a regular heater, there is always this fear in your mind regarding overheating but the RH 11F Plus has an auto thermal shutoff feature to stop the device from overheating and letting you be in peace. What is the point of buying a heater in which you are stressed out? You don’t need that.

It is made up of CRCA material, which guards it against oxidation and also adds toughness to the heater. So, it is not just about its good looks but also internally it is sturdy and premium in terms of feel. Coming to other aspects, heating efficiency in most oil-filled radiators tends to be rock solid, and the same can be said about the RH 11F Plus. Having a 400 watt PTC ceramic fan gives a commendable performance and also provides a top-notch heating efficiency.

I have listed out the top best oil heaters that you should be chasing in case you are searching for one. All four of them are unique in their way and you can simply choose what tick marks your requirements for the winter months.

Oil heater buying guide

Oil-filled radiators or OFR are your best bet when you’re in a dilemma of which kind of room heater you would go ahead with. When you’re about to choose an oil-filled radiator, you can’t just blindly go ahead and purchase one without doing some research about it. There are many key factors that you need to consider while buying an oil-filled heater.

I did a lot of research on what are the things that I have to look forward to while purchasing an OFR and it did help me get the best oil-filled room heater for myself. Don’t worry; I’m going to make it easier for you by sharing some of the things you need to keep in mind while getting an OFR for yourself.

They are as follows:

1. Adjustable thermostat

Most of the oil-filled radiators have a thermostat and it is an imperative feature. What it does is that it lets you control the temperature of the room according to your choice and get the most out of it. The temperature knob of the thermostat helps you in keeping the warm level at a check, which is very essential. This is one of the reasons why an oil-filled room heater scores better as compared to other room heaters.

2. Safety

More than any other thing, safety is something that you should look for while getting a room heater. When I got an oil-filled room heater, I asked multiple things and checked it out by myself that does the OFR has a tip-over protection switch that will stop automatically If it is tipped over for some reason, or a cool touch to prevent yourself from any kind of burns.

Things like ISI (Indian Standards Institution) certification, automatic shut-off during overheating; surface heat and length of the wire are some of the things I did look into before purchasing an oil-filled room heater. So, be tactful before you go in for the purchase.


Fins are an essential part of a room heater. They play a crucial part in warming the room to every corner through dispersing heat. You should go for an OFR that has more Fins; around 9 fins would be a pretty amazing option as it will certainly heat a 200 sq ft room or even a bigger room.

More fins are not the only factor that can result in better and even distribution of heat but also the wattage of the heater and how cold is the air temperature. But yea, having 9 or more fins does give you an edge in terms of warming up your room at a good pace.

4. Additional PTC heater & fan

Before we go any further, what does PTC stand for? Well, it is termed as Positive Temperature Coefficient in its full form and it is one of the major components of a room heater. This fan heater helps in keeping a stable temperature in the room for a long period.

Popular brands like Singer, Usha, and others have a PTC fan equipped with its oil-filled room heater for a faster and even distribution of heat within your room. If your OFR has a PTC fan heater, you are good to go.

5. Caster wheels for easy mobility

Keep in mind that you would need a room heater which would require less effort while shifting to another room and this is where an oil-filled room heater with caster wheels is such a plus for you. Not everyone is an energetic young person who owns an OFR, and in case they need to shift the room heater to another room, it might take a toll on them since oil-filled room heaters can be slightly on the heavier side.

This is why I recommend that you get a room heater which has caster wheels on it for you to easily navigate and place it in whichever room you want with hardly any effort.

6. Silent operation

Having no kind of unwanted noise and sheer silence is what you desire while you have a good sleep. Similarly, you would want a room heater that doesn’t test your patience level with a buzzing noise that can end up annoying you.

An oil-filled room heater would always be above a ceramic heater because it does not produce noise, thanks to its unique method of generating heat.

Oil heater vs electric heater

Compared to electric heaters, an oil filled room heater is more costlier upfront but it saves your electricity bills. It is more efficient and delivers long lasting warmth in your room even after it’s switched off. Electric heaters on the other hand are much cheaper and easily available in wide range of models from low-end to high-end ones. They are light, easy to carry around, and can heat up the room in a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of both the heaters-

Oil-Filled HeaterElectric Heater
More efficient and consumes less electricityLess efficient and consumes more power
Takes time to warm up the roomQuick to heat
Provides long lasting heatLoses heat quickly
Expensive to buy but saves you money in longer runCheaper to buy but expensive in longer run
Silent operationMakes noise (the one with fan)
Heavy and bigger in sizeLightweight and portable
SaferLess safe

Just like room heater, a water heater is another home appliance you’ll surely be needing in winter. If you are planning to get one, please do check out this buying guide – How To Select Best Geyser For Kitchen.


1. Does oil-filled room heater use a lot of electricity?

Technically speaking; oil-filled room heaters use about 1500W of power. This can depend on certain factors like; at what temperature it has been set and so on. Oil-filled room heaters generate heat via a resistive element and they tend to be economical for the fact that the energy they generate goes directly to the oil instead of being radiated and lost.

Oil-filled heaters are smart enough in picking the ideal temperature settings and having control of the level of warmness in the room, while other heaters produce way more heat and lead up to increasing your electricity bills.

So, the answer to the question is that oil-filled heaters do not use a lot of electricity and they consume the least amount of electricity as compared to other heaters.

2. Is it safe to leave the oil heater ON overnight?

The answer is a “Yes” to the question. Oil heaters are made in a way that is safe and also they would hardly cause you any kind of problems in case you keep it “ON” overnight. Hang in there, I haven’t finished yet. It might be safe but it is always recommended to choose an OFR that has a tilt switch or thermostat that can stop it from overheating while sleeping.

For your safety, make sure that you don’t keep anything flammable near it or on top of the heater. In most cases with better technology, it is safe to keep the oil room heater ON while you’re asleep.

3. Are oil heaters risky or unhealthy?

Oil heaters don’t reduce humidity and also don’t burn oxygen, while the timer options and tweaking of the level of warmness is a suitable option for infants. Additionally, they don’t cause dry eyes or bring rashes to your skin.

Oil heaters are by far the safest when it comes to your health. It is safe as the heating level is customized with the thermostat, which does not go overboard with heating like other heaters and results in rashes or making your eyes feel drier. But, this does not mean that caution shouldn’t be taken as some of the oil room heaters can cause problems in case their thermal fuse fails to shut off. Coming to the point, oil heaters mostly do not cause any risk element and do not pose any kind of health issues.

4. How long does oil heater last?

Oil heaters tend to have a long lifespan and provide you with a comfortable experience without much of a problem. If the oil heater is used efficiently and not overused, your heater may well last more than 20 years. The temperature of the coil has to be between 750-1000F for most of its time and this would result in the heater lasting more than you would expect.

One more thing that depends on longevity is the amount of care taken and not manhandled. Preventing it from damages like corrosion will surely help in improving the lifespan of the oil heater.

5. Do I need to refill or change the oil?

The answer to this question is, ‘NO’. There is no need to refill or change the oil as the oil heater is powered via electricity. The classy thing about an oil-filled radiator or oil room heater is that the heat spreads evenly to every corner of your room and lasts for a longer duration even with low consumption of electricity.

The diathermic oil is the main component of the heat, and it does not evaporate within the radiator. The oil present in the OFR is there to stay till the product completes its life cycle, and you do not need to change or replace it.

Wrap up

If you’ve always been confused about which is the best oil-filled room heater, your dilemma of finding the right one ends here. Oil-filled heaters are your best option to keep you warm and cosy in the winter months and do not pose any health issues.

For me, an oil-filled heater would always be above other heaters due to its efficiency and multiple benefits. But, searching for the best oil heater in India can be tricky and this is where I listed out the top 4 options that you can buy.

They are all unique with their features. Go ahead and get the one that suits you.

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