Pureit vs Aquaguard vs Kent: Which Water Purifier Brand Is Better?

Best Water Purifier Brands In India: Aquaguard vs Kent vs Pureit

A water purifier is one of the most essential requirements at home. The water to be consumed needs filtration, else it could lead to several water borne diseases. It becomes important to select the best water purifier brands in India if you are looking to have a seamless experience.

There is a growing concern about which is the best water purifier for your home as nobody wants to compromise on purity of water consumed. The growing debate of Aquaguard vs Kent vs Pureit has been one of the most enthralling ones for the buyers.

This war of brands has resulted in affecting the purchase behavior.

This article aims to list down the best water purifier brands for you to select from. Moreover, the biggest debate on the best brand is also addressed in this article.

Understanding the water purifier market of India

Water purifier market in India

The water purifier market has been growing at an accelerated pace and will hit nearly 20% CAGR in 2020 and even more in coming years. The major reason could be the growing awareness about the pros of clean drinking water.

The market share is taken by brands like Eureka Forbes, Kent, and Pureit, which have made themselves market leaders.

Understanding that Indian demographic is more price-sensitive, the brands that can deliver value at an affordable rate are ruling the market.

One of the major growth opportunities for the water purifier industry in India is the demand-supply gap for clean water.

Aquaguard vs Kent vs Pureit – which one to choose?

Aquaguard vs Kent vs Pureit
Comparison using five important parameters

If you look at the above table, Kent tops the overall score by a few margin, such as the score in product diversity and purification technology. Kent, with its multi-stage purity and the inherent filters can handle hard water. The hard water is generally rough and Kent has the appropriate filters to handle both municipal and groundwater. The double purification system and the in-built TDS meter of Kent water purifiers help in maintaining the right levels of water purity.

There are numerous models of Kent which are available. If you are looking forward to stay at a place for a longer time, it is preferable to go for a higher priced model. Moreover, the wall mount models of Kent might give an excellent finishing to the wall.

HUL Pureit is a good brand if you are looking for an economic product. Also, they have a wide range of products. When it comes to storage capacity, Pureit beats the other two.

Pureit has been gaining a lot of attention due to its new technological innovation in terms of water purification. Moreover, the removal of the bacteria from the water in Pureit makes it a better choice too.

When it comes to design, Aquaguard comes second to Kent. Kent has won the battle for design, whereas the wallet-friendly product is Pureit.

My choice: Honestly, if you ask my opinion, I would go with Aquaguard if I am looking to purchase for a longer duration. Aquaguard is a bigger brand compared to the rest. Moreover, since I am on a transferable job, the servicing of the Aquaguard is in my favour.

7 best water purifier brands in India

Let us find out the top 7 best water purifier brands in India that can give you a clean drinking water in your household.

1. Eureka Forbes (Aquaguard)

One of the toughest competitors to Kent, Eureka Forbes has a wide range of perfect purifiers for home. Lying across a wide price range, the triple stage water purification model of Aquaguard water purifiers enhances the quality of drinking water. The UV rays kill the germs in the water making them fit for drinking purposes. The heat generated by the UV rays is close to boiling the water for 20 degrees celsius.

Aquaguard purifiers are available across numerous storage capacities, ranging from 6 liters to as high as 15 liters. With the ergonomic design and the strong build, the purifier is perfect for your home.

After-sale services are top-notch with the friendly technicians looking forward to addressing the problem at the earliest. Moreover, the durability of the product is very good, which is why I personally recommend this brand.

The price range of Aquaguard water purifiers can vary depending on the technology used in the products. With the credit financing facilities being provided by the brand, you can easily buy a good water purifier for the safest drinking water in your home

2. Kent

Kent comes second when we talk about the Indian market share. The brand uses RO, UV, UF, TDS controller, and other purification technologies to remove the contaminants from water, thus making it fit for drinking. Kent’s RO works on the principle of reverse osmosis, wherein the pressure difference is important to filter the water. Passing the water through 5 different stages, every step has its own functionality.

The heavy particles of sand and stones are removed in the first stage of the filtration. It is followed by the RO process where the semi-permeable membrane stops the synthetic plastic, chlorine, and even bacteria from making its way.

The water is then passed through the UV lamp, where the high temperature destroys the bacteria. The step of UF is the final filtration process followed by passing it over activated carbon filter. This is how the pure water reaches the filter through numerous purification process.

Kent has multiple product lines that are available based on the size of the water purifier. Ultra Storage model has a capacity of 8 liters whereas Elite comes along with an additional storage tank of 20 liters.

With the competitive products in the value chain, there is a competitive pricing model followed by Kent. Wall mountable water purifiers are available at a lower range, whereas the ones with maximum capacity might cost more than Rs. 12,000.

Also, Kent brand provides excellent service quality. With the periodical checking of the product and the quick turn-around time, Kent is undoubtedly making its consumers happy.

3. Pureit

The water purifier that comes along with the purity indicator is the Pureit brand by HUL. Latest Pureit water purifiers come along in three unique product lines namely Ultima, Marvella, and Classic G2. Pureit uses the combination of RO + Copper, RO + UV, and RO + MF filter technologies in most of its water purifiers.

The RO + Copper technique lays importance to not only improving the quality of water but also boosting the immunity of the body. Understanding that copper as a macro-nutrient is beneficial in growing the immunity power.

Puriet covers a wide service network giving a recommendable after-sale service. Also, with a broad range of products across different sizes, the price range varies as per the technology and the product line.

The smaller purifiers are lesser in price as compared to the larger ones. Moreover, products with more sophisticated purification like Pureit Ultima Nxt cost as high as Rs. 17,000. Design of the product is on the sleeker side with more focus on the contrasting color combination that makes it unique amongst other brands.

4. Blue Star

Blue Star Water Purifiers come along with a wide range of product portfolio. The product line has products like alkaline purifiers, UV purifiers, RO++, and Mineral Water Purifiers.

With the aim of providing clean and healthy drinking water, Blue Star has become a very friendly name in the household. Moreover, the 6 steps purification process of Blue Star makes it one of the most trusted brands in India.

Products have filters which are so fine that the filtration process can be highly efficient. Moreover, the tiny dust is also removed from the water, thus making them clean and hygienic for drinking.

A newly added feature in the Blue Star purifiers are the Aqua Taste Boosters which enhance the taste of the water.

The design of the water purifier is a coming of age, sleek model, with the best modern technologies involved. Though there are multiple capacities available, the optimal one is an 8-liter water purifier.

An inbuilt feature of checking the TDS automatically and regulating it ensuring the limits makes this the perfect filter for your home.

Servicing and after-sale services of Blue Star is regarded as the best in the market. Calling the executive to getting the product back to normal operation, the turn around time is moderate, which makes it a good choice of water purifiers.

5. A.O. Smith

Being the household name when it comes to water purifiers, A.O. Smith is one the most trusted and premium water purifier brands. With the high-end purification process of A.O. Smith, the filtration and purification of water are highly efficient.

The brand uses technologies like RO, UV, and UF filtration. The main aim of the purification process is not only the removal of the dust but also the elimination of biological pollutants in water.

The method used for killing the bacteria is by exposing it to UV rays. With the UV technology, the chances of contamination are very less due to the heating effect of UV rays.

A.O. Smith water purifiers are little expensive comparing to its competitors. With the prices starting from Rs. 9,500 to going to a modest Rs. 29,000, it caters all needs for the users.

Sleek design and the fancy exterior of the water purifier makes it one of the most liked brands. With the lowest customer servicing time, it is undoubtedly the brand you can rely on.

6. Havells

In the era of digitization, sleek design, and extremely colorful dynamics of consumer behavior, Havells is way ahead with their products. The high range of the products and their amalgamation with technology make Havells a brand to watch out too.

The purification technique used is a combination of RO & UV, and it passes through an 8 stages purification before clean water is available. Making it a highly efficient water purifier with the perfect customer service, this is an uprising brand in India.

A uniquely designed water purifier with a dual-tone exterior makes Havells an attractive purifier to purchase. Moreover, the product is also smaller in size, so if you are relocating places, this could be the right one for you.

Price is a bit on the higher range, but the assured service is excellent and worth the price.

7. LivPure

Another brand which is going ahead and digitally transforming the water purifier industry is LivPure. Relatively new brand but with brand loyalty from a specific interest group, LivPure has garnered a good reputation over time and it is definitely among the best water purifier brands in India.

The Platina and copper water purification technology ensures that the water you drink is high on minerals. It not only focuses on filtering the water, but also adds the needed healthy macro-nutrients. UF technique is used at the end to remove larger particles of dust through ultra-filtration.

LivPure with its digital interface might cost you a bit more than the other products in the market. However, as it is a relatively new brand, be rest assured about customer satisfaction and product quality.

Moreover, the design of the product along with the mix of technology makes your experience simpler with this water purifier.

A good brand to trust!

Bottom line

As easy as it may sound, it is often difficult to make the right choice when there are too many options. We have aimed to narrow down the options for you. We have also listed out the best features in every brand and answered the most important question about brand choice.

It is important to focus on the durability of the products and the warranty that comes along with the product while purchasing them.

Moreover, with my experience of purchasing the purifier, I have ensured that all the important points are covered. It is important that you are aware of your requirements while purchasing the purifier.

All in all, purchasing a water purifier means making the right choice for the next 5 years. So, pick the one with the best brand value and service centers.

Do let us know about the brand you have bought and your experience with it.

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