10 Best Water Purifiers For Home In India 2023

10 Best Water Purifiers For Home In India

If there is any essential product in the kitchen, I will attribute the position to water purifiers, that is something we cannot do without. But, it is very normal to be bewildered in the great maze of water purifier brands in India with one fundamental question in mind – which is the best water purifier for home in India?

As there are literally hundreds of water purifiers available with different purifying methods, such as RO, UV, or UF, it is confusing to pick the right one for your kitchen.

And to recommend only the highly-rated water purifiers for home use, I chose to carry out an intensive research both virtually and in real life. After plenty of hours of relentless research, I concluded with the below products being the best to invest in.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick –


Things to consider while buying a water purifier for home

Following factors are the most essential when it comes to choosing a water purifier for yourself:

  1. The capacity of the storage tank should be according to your family size.
  2. The size and design of the purifier should be compatible with your kitchen.
  3. Try and choose the ones which employ multiple techniques to purify water.
  4. Purifiers which use multistage purification processes are the best.
  5. Have a look at the budget.
  6. Go for the ones which cause minimalistic water wastage.

And most importantly, look for quicker installation and after-sale services. You will be replacing the filter twice or thrice a year at least, so check out if the brand is providing the services at your doorstep.

Are they charging you extra for installation? How much will they charge for replacing the filter? How many years of warranty are they giving? All these matter too.

Here is a list of top water purifiers of respectable quality that are available in India.

10 best water purifiers for home in India

As you already know, there are tons of water purifiers in the market you can choose from. But, you need to look at various things before purchasing it. This is where I’ll help you easily choose the best water purifier for home use.

Let’s get started:

1. KENT Supreme Lite RO+UF Water Purifier

KENT Supreme Lite RO+UF Water Purifier
Inputs & Photo by Abhijit G

KENT Supreme Lite water purifier comes in white colour and the look is extremely classy. The body is well finished. It has a combination of RO, UF, and TDS control system. The tank is of capacity 8 liters and is constructed out of superior plastic that has food grade certification. The TDS control system works perfectly well.

You can adjust the TDS precisely to improve the taste of any kind of water. It uses multi-tier water purification system to supply absolutely clean and hygienic drinking water. The mineral control system restores all the essential mineral in the water making it healthy for drinking.

The best part is the 8 liters storage tank. You can always have a large reserve of purified water available. This is a great benefit for working people. The waste water that is generated while water purification can be used for other purpose as well which minimizes water wastage.

The water level indicator helps to have a fair idea about the availability of water every time. The Kent Supreme Lite is excellent for purifying literally any type of water. It also renders the water free of all probable pathogens.

It is a value for money indeed. The 20L/hour purification capacity is of great convenience. Kent Supreme is available in multiple series with different purification methods and prices.

Big storage tank at reasonable priceOnly available in white colour
Has water level indicatorMay need pre-filter if your TDS level is above 300
Multi stage water purification system
Wastage of water is low
Effective TDS control
Strong and durable body

2. Kent MAXX (11013) 7-Liter

Kent Maxx
Inputs & Photo by Buran Shah

Another quality product from the house of Kent. Kent MAXX involves two tier water purification. First stage is through UV purification followed by the second stage of UF filtration to remove the pathogens from the water.

The computer control system directly associated with filter change and UV change alarm makes it absolutely convenient to use. It has a 7 liters storage tank, so you can practically have availability of pure drinking water always even if the electricity goes off.

The tank is detachable. So, you can regularly deep clean the tank inside out by detaching it to get purer water. The storage tank is constructed of food grade plastic that poses no threat to health.

With perfect blend of looks and functionality, this is indeed one of the top water purifiers under 10000 INR.

The UV and Filter change alarmOn rare occasion, the filter may get blocked
Double stage purification
High storage capacity tank
Detachable tank

3. Kinsco Genuine Aqua Laser

Kinsco Purifier
Via Malik Services

Kinsco is a not a well known brand but this particular product receives amazing positive reviews. You can appropriately label this as a budget product. It has decent features and more or less long shelf life. The water purifier employs both RO and UV purification systems to purify the water and it comes with a TDS adjuster.

For those who don’t want to invest much on water purifier, this is a good choice. The product has multiple purification cartridges to ensure the supply of cent percent hygienic drinking water.

The water gets filtered through six purification stages – a pre filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, Post carbon filter, and UV filter to emphasize on all aspects of rendering the water pure. The storage tank is of 15 liters capacity.

Kinsco Genuine Aqua Laser is arguably the best water purifier in India under 5000 INR.

Arguably the best budget water purifierHourly and daily filtration capacity can be improved
Multi stage purification
Well integrated electromechanical functioning
High capacity
Decent TDS controlling mechanism

4. Livepure Glo RO+UV+Mineraliser

Livepure Glo RO

This sleek designed Livepure Glo water purifier is capable of treating water with TDS up to 1500 ppm. It has an extremely stylish and elegant design. It has a storage tank of 7 liters capacity. The purifier can purify up to 75 liters of water per day.

The water gets purified in multiple stages. The water passes through Sediment filter, pre activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, post carbon filter, and mineralizer. At the end, what you get is treated water with zero traces of impurities or germs in it.

What I really love is the chic digital panel that displays all the aspects of current purification functioning.

Sleek design with strong built qualityPer hour and per day water purification capacity is bit low
Multi stage water purification
Digital panel
Excellent TDS controller
Restores the essential minerals in the drinking water

5. Aquasure Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS (7-Liter)


There is no need to reintroduce Eureka Forbes as a brand. It is already the best in the world of water purifiers. This one is a relatively budget friendly product from Eureka Forbes.

It comes with a TDS regulator and with MTDS level up to 2000 ppm. The design of this water purifier is extremely elegant and sleek. The storage tank is of capacity 7 liters. It operates in an extremely energy efficient way.

The indicators and digital display panels are practically awesome. Eureka Forbes uses effective cartridges that work phenomenally well in purifying water. The water undergoes multi stage purification through this water purifier, before it is delivered to you.

Another cool feature is that it can be wall mounted or kept on the counter top.

Compact design and elegant lookFound none
Brand value of Eureka Forbes
Effective cartridge
Works for TDS level upto 2000 PPM
About six multistage purification
Reasonably priced with all required features

6. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV (7L)

Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water Purifer

Off late, Pureit from the house of Hindustan Unilever has gained much popularity in the market of water purifiers. Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV is quality product to invest in. It is an upper version of Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP (which I’m currently using) and has a TDS controller that can handle any type of water with MTDS level upto 2000 ppm.

It employs 6 stage water purification procedure for better purification. The product is small and compact, which is appropriate for small families. The tank has a capacity of 7 liters and is made of food grade plastic that keeps the water toxin free.

The machine has a power saver mode which will save your electricity bills. This product comes with an inherent voltage fluctuation guard that increases the longevity of the product.

I personally find the tap lever really smooth. With no hesitation, this should be an ideal choice for anybody.

Energy efficient – has power saver modeBit noisy at night
Effectively purifies hard water/municipal water
Quick installation + after-sale service (from my experience)
4+/5 ratings as of now
Smooth functioning & fast purification

7. Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier 8-Liter

Kent Pearl

Kent Pearl (8L) is bit costlier but it comes with Zero Water Wastage Technology. It is versatile in terms of instalment, that means you can either use it as a wall mount purifier or you can also place it on the countertop. The product employs RO+UV+UF to purify water. It also comprises an efficient TDS system.

The storage tank is of 8 liters capacity. It can purify up to 20 liters of water per hour, which I think is the best out there. The tank is composed of superior quality food grade plastic that poses zero threat to your health. Also, this purifier helps to retain the essential minerals helpful for the body.

What more? Like all other Kent purifiers, this one is also capable of treating various kinds of water right from brackish sources to regular tap water.

The purification capacity is quite impressiveCostly/expensive parts
Efficient TDS
You can use it either as a wall mount purifier or counter top water purifier
Detachable tank & no water wastage

8. Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+UF+MP+MTDS (6-Liter)

Aquaguard Smart Plus
Photo by S Chandak

This is another elite product from the house of Aquaguard. I was taken aback by the elegant look of the water purifier. It is pitch black with digital display panel that looks super stylish. The purifier comes with RO+UV+MTDS technology to treat water and render it purified.

What’s more impressive is that it can adjust the taste of the water from any source. Also, the Membrane Protector extends the life of the RO, which is beneficial for homes with water TDS level above 1000 ppm. Cool, right?

The Aquaguard Smart Plus has auto switch-off mode and inherent voltage regulators to ensure uninterrupted and safe working. I find the water level LED indicators bit dim, but serve the purpose.

The water is purified in eight subsequent stages: through I-Filter, the chemical blocker, membrane protector, taste enhancer, membrane life enhancer, RO, and UV disinfection. The RO cartridges are good enough to soften the hard water and remove unwanted chemicals.

Black look – stylishStorage capacity seems to be too less for such an expensive filter
Can adjust the water tasteWater level indicators need improvement
Eight multistage purification
Durable cartridges with high functionality
Switches off automatically when the tank is full

9. HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF (8-Liter)

Pureit Copper
Photo by Budal Kesh

Indeed, Pureit Copper+RO is one of the superior products available in the world of water purifiers. In addition to being purified, your water also gets infused with the goodness of copper. Awesome, right?

Basically, every drop of water that you get from this purifier comes with correct amount of copper for your good immunity. But, this product comes with a downside. It is costly and also expensive to maintain.

The Pureit Copper+ follows dual strata of water purification; one is RO purification and the other is charging the RO purified water with copper. It purifies water by 7 stages of water purification involving RO+ UV + MF. It has a storage capacity of 8 liters, which I think is enough for even large families.

No doubt, HUL produces top-notch water purifiers and you won’t regret owning one.

Infusion of goodness of copper in the waterExcessive wastage of water
Alert system – lets you know when you need to change the filterHigh maintenance cost
7 stages water purification
Effective TDS controller capable of treating up to 2000 ppm
Auto copper cleaning

10. V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB Water Purifier

V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier

V-Guard is not a very familiar face in the world of water purifiers. But, this product holds generously good quality, which is specifically designed for Indian homes. V-Guard Zenora comes with RO and UF membranes with seven stage purification. So, you can expect pure, odourless water with zero impurities.

V-Guard specially manufactured this device to last longer with sturdy filters and body. This results in less maintenance too. And unlike many other purifiers, Zenora makes less noise.

This purifier comes with smart indicators to aid you in monitoring the functioning of the device. The design makes it absolutely effective to be mounted on the wall or kept on the table top.

When it comes to tank capacity, it can hold 7 L. With awesome ratings, this is definitely one of the best water purifiers for home. Go grab it right away!

(Available in two colours – black and white)

Silent operationFound none
Sturdy built with LED indicators
Made in India, for Indian water types
Durable filters, less maintenance
Ph controller with effective filtration

Why you need a water purifier for Indian homes

In a country like India, pollution levels are sky-high and these dust particles and gases tend to affect the water you’re drinking.

India faces the problem of water-borne disease every year due to a lack of access to safe drinking water for a large number of people. Around 40 million people were affected by the disease in the year 2014 as per the WHO.

Moreover, India stands at a distant 120th out of the 122 countries in terms of the quality of water consumed. It is embarrassing in a way and also dangerous for all of us. This is why you should have a water purifier installed in your house to keep you and your family safe from any kind of health issues.

Let me put down some of the benefits of having a water purifier in Indian homes. They are as follows:

1. Throwing out contaminants

In India, around 30% of people rely on groundwater for drinking, and 70% of them rely on tap water. The water accumulated from these sources has a knack for putting your health at risk with contaminants like Bacteria, Fungus, numerous viruses, and parasites.

A water purifier will filter out the pollutants and contaminants present in the water to give you a healthy and pleasant experience of drinking water.

2. Removal of heavy metals

Water Purifiers in the form of Reverse Osmosis play a crucial part in filtering out contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and nitrates. These contaminants are said to be present far beyond permitted levels in tap water/river water from which we consume water for drinking.

3. Provides a sweet taste

When there are impurities present in the water, you’ll notice the taste of it and it will be on the saltier side. This is because, a higher concentration of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are present in your water in the form of, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others.

A water purifier works like a charm when the TDS level is above 220 ppm, as it reduces the amount of the dissolved solids present in the water and making it sweet in terms of taste and retaining pure water.

How to select the best water purifier for home use

There are certain things to keep in mind before you go on to get a water purifier. A little bit of homework and finding out the right information about the water around you is essential. Let me show you some of the points that you need to note down and keep a tab of it while purchasing a water purifier.

1. Water source – municipality, borewell, river, etc.

Checking out the source of your water, along with its quality and TDS level is important. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) play a crucial role in knowing If the water you’re drinking is healthy or not.

Anything around 500 ppm or less is considered safe to drink, but exceeding that limit is a total red flag and is considered to be unhealthy.

Knowing the source of your drinking water is the first step to knowing what kind of water purifier will help you out in the long run.

2. TDS Level

Total Dissolved Solids levels (TDS) are used to determine the quality of water in terms of ppm (parts per million).

Whether the water you’re getting is of the municipality, borewell, river water, they all are different according to their TDS levels. Having sound knowledge about the TDS level of the source of water you’re getting can surely influence your decision of what kind of water purifier you’ll be on the hunt for.

  • Municipality water comprises an average TDS of almost 200 ppm.
  • Borewell water TDS is slightly more than 500 ppm in most cases.
  • River water can have a TDS of 200-500 ppm.

3. Purification method

There are a couple of options when you are on the lookout for a water purifier. If the water you’re drinking in your home has a TDS level of less than 200 ppm, you can opt for a UV (Ultra-violet) technology water purifier which takes out all the impurities but retains all the important minerals in your drinking water.

If the TDS level is more than 500 ppm, then the best choice would be to go for a RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier. It is considered to be the best for many and it offers a lot of things. It removes all the contaminants that are present in your drinking water and other things like, heavy metals, nitrates, etc.

Moreover, you get a rather sweet taste of water. Ultra filtration (UF) is also a good option but it does not take out salts of TDS present in the water. It is safe to say that Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-violet water purifiers are your best bet.

4. Water storage capacity

Having a fair enough idea of knowing how much water you would be requiring in a day to meet the requirements of your family is crucial. It is always better to have a water purifier with high storage but it all boils down to the size of your family.

Tip – If your place faces frequent power cuts, having a water purifier with higher water storage shall do.

I would recommend some of the following:

  • Water storage capacity of 5-8 liters for a family of 2-4 members shall do.
  • Water storage capacity of 8-10 liters for 8-10 members.
  • A family with more than 6 members should opt for a storage capacity of 10 liters.

5. Water wastage

The Reverse Osmosis water purification method and Ultra-violet technology are the two most popular options when it comes to getting a water purifier for your house.

There is a contrast between the two as a RO water purifier naturally does a good job of removing the impurities of any size from your drinking water and enhances the taste but it does waste a lot of water.

To take an instance, purifying 1 glass of water leads to a wastage of 2 and a half glasses of water.

On the other side, the UV (Ultra-violet) water filtration process is somewhat different.

The UV filter technology does not require an extra amount of water and there is no chance of wastage. Both the water purification methods are equally good enough and it depends upon your interest.

6. Installation & after-sales service

Installing a water purifier by yourself isn’t a hard thing, in case you got one for yourself. Though, it is recommended that you let the experts do the installation process at your home.

Additionally, after-sales service of any product is key and the same applies to your water purifier. Before you plan on getting a Reverse Osmosis or a Ultra-violet technology water purifier, you should know the (AMC) Annual Maintenance Cost, repair cost, quality of service, service coverage, cost of filters, and the speed of after-sales services.

7. TDS controller & other features

If you are on the verge of getting an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier, you might have heard the term ‘TDS Controller’.

Okay, what on earth does it mean? A TDS controller is a device that controls the Total Dissolved Solids of water. It does not purify water and it is strictly based on the control of the TDS present in water. It is an essential part of a water purifier, and having it in your water purifier is an added boon.

Purity Indicator is a useful feature as some brands do provide this feature and you can be well informed about the purity level of water throughout the day. Also, ‘Automatic Shut Off’ is another fascinating feature you can go for in some water purifiers. This feature automatically shuts off the unit in case the filter hasn’t been replaced as it won’t let you consume impure water.

8. Filter & cartridge

Nearly all water purifying systems have a sediment filter, carbon filter, and a RO Membrane in case you are going for a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier.

The sediment filter clears out the dust particles and rust, while the carbon filter minimizes the amount of volatile organic compounds present in water. The work of the semi-permeable membrane is to remove the maximum amount of total dissolved solids.

The cartridge present in your water purifier takes out organic chemicals and contaminants to let you have a pure water drinking experience. Knowing about the workings of a filter and cartridge is important as you know what each of their motives are, and it will let you choose what type of water purifier you require for the family.


Is water purifier essential for Indian homes?

Yes, a water purifier is essential for Indian homes. It is the most effective way in which you can get rid of various physical, chemical, and biological contaminating agents from the drinking water.

You can possibly keep away from the various water borne diseases if you drink clean and purified water. Therefore, water purifiers are essential to restore the hygiene of the drinking water.

What are types of water purifiers available?

Water purifiers can be mainly divided into 5 different types on the basis of the technology that they use to purify water:

  1. Simple Sediment Filter
  2. Activated Carbon Filters
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  4. Ultra violet or UV employing filters
  5. Ultra-filtration (UF) filters

Many water purifiers also make use of a combination of these methodologies, like most of the above ones.

RO vs UV water purifier: which is better?

RO water purifiers are better than UV water purifiers. UV water purifiers can kill the pathogens present in water but the killed pathogens remain in the water.

On the other hand, RO or reverse osmosis renders the water free of these suspended pathogens. The combination of RO and UV (ultraviolet light) produces the purest and most hygienic water.

RO makes use of reverse osmosis through specialized membranes that can practically render the water free of all impurities. The best part of RO purifiers is that they can filter water of practically any type, so wherever you live, you can always go for a RO without any second thoughts.

RO treatment also keeps the water free of all sorts of chemicals and can potentially remove the traces of heavy metals if any from water.

Most of the water purifiers I listed above have a combination of RO, UV, and TDS. So, make a choice according to your budget.

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Kent vs Eureka Forbes vs Livpure: which water purifier brand is the best?

All the three are equally good. But as per my knowledge and research, Eureka Forbes stands out as a better brand because it has a plethora of water purifiers which comes in various budget and consists of the best of features.

Kent can be accredited with the second place, because some of their products are not up to the mark and have bad reviews. That being said, the Kent water purifier that I’m currently using has awesome features and I’m totally satisfied with its features and functions. I totally recommend to my dear ones.

Livpure is comparatively weaker as a brand than either Eureka Forbes or Kent because their products do not have the best features when it comes to budget ones.

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Wrap up

Water is an imperative resource for the daily functioning of our lives. You need to consume enough litre of water to stay healthy, and most importantly you should have access to clean drinking water.

This is where the need for a water purifier arises, and you need to have one installed in your house. Water purifiers play a big role in keeping your family healthy and are an essential part of any household. You would never know the water you’re drinking is completely safe or not until and unless you get one installed at your house.

All the water purifiers in my recommendation list are of top-notch qualities where positive reviews outnumbered the negatives ones. Each product has pros and cons, and I have counted both while considering the final recommendations.

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