Blue Star Vs Voltas Vs Hitachi AC: Which One To Choose?

Blue Star Vs Voltas Vs Hitachi AC: Which One To Choose?

You’re planning to get an air conditioner, but which one should you go with? These three AC brands are potentially top-notch in their respective ways. Read on more to check out the differences between the three air conditioning brands.

When it comes to air conditioners, there are a bunch of top players in the market with a lot on offer for you. Whether it is about Blue Star, Voltas, or Hitachi, they all have a ton of features that can put anyone in uncertainty.

However, there are major differences between them that can help you pick a choice out of the three brands. To go into the technical aspects, things like consumption of energy, how much noise they make, and other factors can be the deciding factor.

Enough of talking about them, let’s get down to business by knowing about the three air conditioning brands:

Blue Star

About Blue Star AC

Headquartered in Mumbai, Blue Star has been a leading company dealing in air conditioners. Established in the year 1943, it has more than 7000 stores for air conditioners all over the country. Additionally, they provide an impressive list of inverter, split, and wall AC for different needs.


About Voltas air conditioner

One of the most trusted brands for air conditioners in India, Voltas is a major player in the Indian market and overseas too. Known to offer a set of unique features; Voltas air conditioners provide value for money to different consumer groups. Similar to Blue Star, Voltas is an Indian company too.


About Hitachi

The Japanese brand has been one of the most loved air conditioning players in India. Apart from being versatile and stylish, the air conditioners tend to be energy efficient. Hitachi air conditioners do hold an edge over other brands with compressor control and other intriguing features.

Blue Star Vs Voltas Vs Hitachi AC – comparison

Brand ReputationBlue Star as an Indian Brand has been a top-class choice. The air conditioning company has been known for low noise levels.Awarded the National Energy Conservation Award in 2021 for the most efficient air conditioner.Ranked 95 in the Fortune Global 500, Hitachi has been a top air conditioning company in India and abroad.
PricingRs. 20-50,000 for 1-3 ton ACRs. 25-60K for 1-2 ton ACRs. 25-58,000 for 1.4-2 ton AC
DesignThey are designed to provide maximum cooling comfort to the userDesigned in a way to achieve faster coolingHitachi air conditioners are designed in a sophisticated way, making them suitable for all weather conditions.
After-Sale ServicesGoodBelow averageAverage
EffectivenessThe brand believes in the concept of energy efficiency and top-notch coolingProvides instant cooling even during scorching weather conditions and is known for its energy efficiencyTop cooling efficiency due to its high RPM
TechnologyThe air conditioners are made up of iFeel Technology to provide better comfort and coolingMade up of energy-efficient technology, termed DC Technology. With this technology, there is a reduction in power consumption by balancing a perfect temperatureComprises of iSense Technology as it detects movement of humans when you are asleep. When there is no movement, the AC temperature of the thermostat increases by a solitary centigrade per hour
WarrantyStandard warranty of one year from the time of installation. Warranty for other components can range from 4-9 yearsWarranty for 5 years for the air conditioners. (1+4 years) for other additional components1-year manufacturer warranty for Hitachi air conditioners. Warranty of 4 years for compressors
Cooling Capacity3256 – 22,267 – British Thermal Unit (BTU)/Hour for 1-3 ton AC9036 – 20,801 BTU/Hour for 0.75-2 ton AC12,000 – 26,100 BTU/Hour for 1.4 – 2 ton AC


The three giants in the air conditioning space in the form of Blue Star, Voltas, and Hitachi have been ruling the hearts of people for a long time. If I have to talk about Blue Star, they have some impressive features like, prevention of temperature fluctuation, self-diagnosis feature, or even an inbuilt sensor in the remote control. As a brand, they do offer stunning air conditioners with an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eye.

Coming to Voltas, they do offer faster cooling during the summer season and are known to be energy efficient. They do reduce the CO2 levels and help you make adjustments as per your need. Moreover, they are on the affordable side when compared to Hitachi and Blue star.

Hitachi air conditioners are known for their quality. Being a Japanese brand, they might be on the costlier side but all the ACs go through more than 40 tests. If you’re ready to spend some extra bucks with additional features, Hitachi ACs can be a valuable option.

The decision lies upon you and your requirement with an array of choices to pick. So, which air conditioning brand you’re going to buy for your house?

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