12 Popular Breezer Flavours In India With Images 2023

12 Popular Breezer Flavours In India With Images

Whenever there’s a party around your place, there’s a high chance of people enjoying a Bacardi Breezer. If you have been living under the rock, a Breezer is an alcohol-based fruit drink with a range of flavours on offer for people to quench their thirst.

The Cuban brand (Bacardi) has captured the Indian youth market by offering a top-quality fruity alcoholic beer that can be used to make a variety of cocktails. If you want your party or even picnic to be spectacular, get a Bacardi Breezer.

This might come out as a surprise that Breezers are known to be one of the top fruit based alcoholic drinks around the globe. By reading impressive things about Breezer, you would want to taste the best Bacardi Breezer flavours in India, isn’t it?

Let’s get started:

12 best Bacardi Breezer flavours in India

1. Peach

Bacardi Peach Flavour

The peach flavour is known to be mild for your taste buds and it is refreshing. Usually, it gets a tad difficult to get hold of this flavour due to higher demand and lesser supply. It is known to be the heartbeat of parties and is ideal for making cocktails to blow up your party.

2. Breezer Cranberry Flavour

Bacardi Cranberry Breezer Flavour

Personally, this is one of my favourite flavours in terms of Bacardi Breezer. I know a lot of people that would automatically ask for the cranberry variant, given how popular it is with the Indian audience. With a hint of tangy flavour to test your taste buds, it is surely up there as one of the best Breezer flavours.

3. Pineapple

Breezer Pineaaple

If there’s a pool party on a hot afternoon, the pineapple flavour is the ideal one. Considered to be a tropical fruit, this particular flavour does not go overboard with extreme sweetness or be too tangy. There’s a comfortable balance in the pineapple Breezer, which makes it one of the top Breezer drink flavours.

4. Mango

Breezer Mango Flavor

If you are an ardent fan of mangoes, trying this flavour should be a must. It is specifically made up of juicy alphonso mangoes that keep you in check with energy with a pinch of alcohol. Usually, Breezer mango flavour price are labelled at Rs. 80 for a 275 ml bottle.

5. Lychee

Breezer Lychee Flavour

The lychee flavour is generally considered to be straightforward without any dramatic taste. It is mostly sweeter as compared to other flavours of Breezer. If you plan to have a reunion or a party with a variant that is on the sweeter side, the lychee flavour is the one to go for.

6. Blackberry

Breezer Blackberry

In the past you might have heard about the Blackberry phone, what about a blackberry fruit-based alcoholic drink? Blackberry Breezer is known to be the life of a party with an essence of berries and is quite sweet in terms of taste.

If you want something sporty with a touch of elegance, check out this evergreen flavour.

7. Orange

Orange Breezer

What If I told you that an alcoholic drink consists of vitamin C? Well, that is true with the orange variant. Unlike the lychee or blackberry flavour, it can be quite tangy and a perfect companion to spicy snacks on your table.

The orange Breezer is one hell of a drink that surely deserves a try.

8. Strawberry

Strawberry Taste

When you see a red fruit drink, there’s an automatic attraction to try it out. The strawberry Breezer is one such drink that keeps you on the edge with its light taste and is equally refreshing. People tend to confuse it with the cranberry variant, but they both are quite different from each other.

If you are planning to try a Bacardi Breezer for the first time, you can go with the strawberry flavour.

9. Breezer Jamaican Passion Flavour

Breezer Jamaican Flavour

There’s this thing about the Jamaican Passion that separates it from the rest. It could be the silky flavour that catches the imagination of people not only in India but around the world. It is said to have a perfect mix of almonds and citrus lime that makes this beautiful flavour unique.

Additionally, the Jamaican Passion is one of the oldest variants of the Bacardi Breezer.

10. Ruby Grapefruit

Ruby Grapefruit

The stunning and immaculate taste of grapefruit blows your mind. Having a juicy taste that tastes quite different from the rest and it is the perfect recipe for classy cocktails.

However, the flavour is not easily available in the market. But, it is considered a popular flavour among fans of Bacardi Breezer.

11. Lime


The lime-flavoured Breezer is considered one of the top picks in India. Having citrus in it along with a tinge of sweetness makes it a good option for those wanting a lime-flavoured drink after a heavy snack/meal.

You do get the original feel of lemon juice that can beat the heat on a hot day.

12. Blueberry


Blueberries are exotic by their looks. What If I told you that there is a Blueberry Breezer flavour too? Yes! It is a popular Breezer among Indians, thanks to its smooth taste. It does feel like you’re consuming organic blueberries with a touch of alcohol, which is true in a way.

FAQs about Breezer flavours

Is Breezer drink alcoholic or not?

It is an alcoholic fruit-based drink that comes in different flavours.

What’s the alcohol percentage in Breezer?

The alcohol content of Breezer is less than 5% in India.

  • India – 4.8%
  • Australia – 2.4%
  • Canada – 5%

Which is the strongest Breezer flavour?

Pina Colada. It is known to have an alcohol content of 5% or more. But, unfortunately it isn’t available in India.

Is Breezer stronger than beer?

Mostly, Breezers tend to have an alcohol content of less than 5%. A beer on the other hand can range from 5% to even 12% or more. Therefore, beer is stronger than a Breezer.

Is Breezer an energy drink?

It is a fruit-based alcopop with a certain percentage of alcohol. It is not exactly an energy drink by any means.


You must be wondering how many flavours in Breezer have alcohol content. It is an alcopop that has a bit of alcohol content in it with different fruit flavours. Bacardi Breezer is a popular name among partygoers, especially since its launch in India in 2002.

Many other flavours are consumed by the Indian audience; however, I have listed the top 12 Bacardi Breezer flavours that are popular in the country.

What’s yours?

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