Coconut 4g Dongle (WUD04) For All Sims: Yes/No?

Coconut 4g Dongle (WUD04) For All Sims Review & Testing

There are many options of Wi-Fi dongle available in the market, such as Reliance JioFi, Airtel Data Card, Vodafone Dongle. But, none of them supports multiple sim cards. For example, JioFi doesn’t work with other sims from different networks. This becomes a problem when you want to shift your network provider when you face issues. In such scenario, a 4G dongle that works with all sims is a preferred solution. This is why the Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle is loved by many.

4G dongle, also known as a Wi-Fi dongle for laptop, data card, or mobile router can help you connect your laptop, tablet, smart TV, and other devices using a mobile data connection. It not only gives you fast internet speed but also is more reliable and can connect eight to twenty devices at the same time with stable connectivity.

You can use your smartphone to provide mobile Wi-Fi connection using portable hotspot or internet tethering. However, it will drain your phone’s battery and will also create inconvenience while switching sim cards and sharing data.

Let’s get into the review of Coconut WUD04 now!

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle review

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle is a fantastic investment for me as my hometown doesn’t have any broadband service. I spent days deciding on which data card to buy and I chose this for two simple reasons: it is compatible with all sim cards and it is cheap.

You can surf internet at high speed with this impressive 4G dongle. Having a download speed that can go up to 150mbps, you’re assured to have a fascinating experience while you surf and an upload speed of 50mbps that can be fast.

The device provides you with the opportunity to connect it to up to 9 different devices to let others enjoy along with you the blistering speed. Made up of matte black, this 4G dongle for all sims plays a key role when you’re out of station and a real saviour during important work schedules.


  • Multi-device support – The wifi dongle lets you connect with approximately 9 different devices, ranging from laptop, tablet, and smartphone to let you enjoy super-fast internet services.
  • LED lights – can indicate the strength of the signal and the speed
  • Connect it anywhere – Thanks to its spectacular network, you can start surfing and get connected in a fraction of a second with impressive download and upload speeds (depends on your mobile network though. I used Airtel and it was quite fast at the place where I tested).
  • Affordable – Comparing to other branded wi-fi dongles Coconut WUD04 is less expensive
  • Durable – I have been using it for more than two years now and it’s still working like a charm.


  • Bit difficult to set up at first – It took me sometime to set up or connect the device with my laptop. I suggest you to read the manual carefully or you can watch my video below.
  • Heats up a little – If you’re using the dongle for PC and other devices for long hours, the 4G dongle can get heated up.
  • Jio sim not working? – Some people complain of the device not working with Jio sim cards. (I will test and update it here soon)

Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle: how to set up, speed test, and unboxing

Here’s the video of my first-hand experience of Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle –


So, is Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle worth buying?

Yes, definitely! It has a heating issue, but it’s totally worth it – mainly because its price. Like I said earlier, there are not many options from reputed brands which support multiple sim cards. You may like Huawei E8372 Wi-Fi Wingle, but it’s damn expensive and not easily available.

If you are not really impressed with the Coconut WUD04, look for other dongles from Tizum, Enter, Melbon, and Tukzer. They all are affordable and belong to the same category offering similar features.

Pro-tip – If you are working at a remote location, or always on the go, or if you are someone living at a place where there is no broadband connection, then a 4G dongle is one device that becomes handy to get online. Highly recommended from my side!

Features to look for in a 4G Dongle

Certain features need to be there when you plan to get a 4G dongle. Let us look at some of the important features that are essential and you need to look for in a Wi-Fi dongle:

1. All sim support

This is an essential feature when you plan to buy a 4G dongle. Having an all sim support assures you that you can surf the internet on your 4G dongle without worrying about will it work on your sim or not. You must check whether your dongle supports every sim.

2. Number of Wi-Fi connections

Another crucial feature to look for in a Wi-Fi dongle is the number of devices it can be connected to. Having the ability to connect to more devices will be beneficial for you as you can let your closed ones enjoy high-speed internet from your 4G dongle. Connecting to 8 devices or more seems a legit feature.

3. Does it have a battery?

Wi-Fi dongles take in power from an electric medium or from a laptop to which they are connected. They do have rechargeable batteries within them that can regain power through USB charging.

4. Speed

Speed is a necessity in today’s era of high-speed internet. Usually, most of the top-known 4G dongles from various brands offer you a blazing 150mbps speed. However, with numerous data plans, you have the option of upgrading it to 300mbps or even more.

A plan for 150mbps seems like a good enough speed to do your stuff at a quick pace. If you think that you would require a faster speed, you can then opt for a 300mbps plan or something similar.

Therefore, do make sure that the 4G dongle does have a high speed for your benefit.

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