Best Electric Beater For Cakes In India 2023 (For Whipping/Baking)

Best Electric Beater For Cakes In India: Top 7 Hand Mixers

An electric hand mixer or a beater is an essential tool if you want to bake your favourite vanilla cake or pizza at home with fast and ease. With the help of the best electric beater for cakes, you can create a smooth dough, mix batter properly, cream butter, or beat eggs as per desired consistency.

But, not all hand mixers available in the market are suitable for baking tasks, such as mixing, making fluffy cream, whipping cream, or kneading dough for bread. A perfect hand mixer comes with dough hooks, beaters, whisk, and other accessories. A perfect hand mixer should be light, safe, powerful, easy to clean, reachable to every part of the bowl, should have adjustable speeds, and many more.

While there are many cheap cake beaters available both online and offline, it is not advisable to pick up any. To make your baking experience fun and enjoyable, I have picked some of the top best hand mixers for cakes in India that are worth investing. From Philips beater to a budget one from KENT, the list comprises many models that should fit every occasional and professional baker.

Let’s dive into the reviews and the complete buying guide!

7 best beaters for cakes/whipping cream

1. Philips Daily Collection HR3705/10 Hand Mixer

Philips beater for cakes

This Philips beater for cakes is ideal for those who believe in baking to perfection. It comes with cone-shaped beaters, dough hooks, five mixing speed-settings, and tight grip for safe handling. Basically, it has all the features to tackle your baking tasks.

What’s really cool about this product is the ‘eject button’. You can simply remove the hooks and strip beaters by pressing the huge button located on top. Also, this makes it super easy to clean.

I personally don’t like heavy electric beater as it exhausts my arm while using. This Philips hand mixer is surprisingly light and provides a comfortable hold while handling. Thanks to its smart and ergonomic design with non-slip grip.

Most hand mixers offer 150 W – 250 W motor but this one is equipped with 300 W motor, which is powerful enough to handle heavy doughs and tough mixtures without much heating issue. Although, the machine vibrates a bit when it operates at maximum speed, which I think is totally fine.

As it is a Philips product, this handheld mixer is reliable and also incredibly durable, including the attachments. Whether you are butter icing or whipping cream, the soft speed settings with the turbo function give you a lot of control over your mixtures.

Arguably, Philips HR3705/10 is the best electric beater for cakes in India right now. Whisking, beating, blending – it should work perfectly as it is meant for.

2. Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Beater

Bajaj electric beater for cakes

Bajaj kitchen appliances are well known for their durability and this hand mixer is no exception. If you are really serious about baking, this is a great deal. It will definitely enhance your cake recipes and help you achieve the right textured spongy cake.

Every baking recipe requires thorough mixing for a tasty and final product, and with this Bajaj beater, you can effortlessly get a smooth batter. It packs a powerful punch with 250 W motor and delivers fast blending. The cake beater has only three speed settings, but each performs exceptionally well on variety of ingredients. But beware – the ‘lowest speed’ setting may sometimes work too fast on some ingredients.

The chrome plated beater attachments and dough hooks are ready to handle different types of blending, whisking, and kneading tasks without flour mess in your kitchen. At at a weight of 1.1 kg, I find the mixer light, well-balanced, and easy to manoeuvre. You can hold for several minutes without sweating.

When it comes to changing or removing the attachments for keeping clean, you can tirelessly do so by pressing the eject button at the bottom.

Overall, this Bajaj electric beater means quality, from stylish looks, noise levels to precision mixing. It’s a perfect tool for your baking session.

3. KENT 16050 Hand Mixer – 150 W

KENT 16050 Hand Mixer

The next on the list of the best hand mixers for cake in India is this budget beast from KENT. It’s ideal for amateur bakers who don’t want to go for anything expensive. It’s cheap yet loaded with impressive features, such as five different speeds, copper motor, stand, and overheat protection.

Yes, the 150W motor is not powerful as the above two, but the extra features with stand definitely make up for it. Again, the motor is made of pure copper which offers long lasting experience.

With five variable speeds plus an overheat protection, you can set the speed according to the ingredients and mix it as long as you want with no worries. The removable kneading hooks and beaters are built for perfecting cookie dough, cake batters, and butter cream.

The dough hooks are strong, but I advise you not to knead large amount of dough to avoid pressuring the motor.

Anyway, this is a sturdy electric beater for cakes that delivers well in all baking tasks, making it a good buy for its low price.

4. Prestige Hand Mixer PHM 2.0

Prestige Hand Mixer for cakes

PHM 2.0 is a good looking, versatile machine from the house of Prestige. The brand is best known for its pressure cookers and other cookware, but this whisk has the build quality to last longer. It is ideal for heavy use and highly suitable for professional and every day bakers.

The 300W motor is powerful enough to go through heavy doughs and thick batter without any struggle. Whether you are creaming sugar, whipping up desserts, or kneading bread loaf, the stainless steel attachments are ready to do the jobs efficiently.

The Prestige electric beater comes with only three speed variables, but never mind – it is equipped with turbo function as well. Each speed can quickly power up while whisking, mixing, and handling other cake preparation tasks.

The electric beater is user-friendly and can be conveniently moved with no mess and fuss around your kitchen counter. When it comes to cleaning, the accessories can be removed and cleaned without much effort.

At 1.2 kg, the mixer might be a bit weighty for some but the smartly designed and firm-grip handle makes it easy to hold. Considering its motor power and build quality, this is an ideal choice for serious bakers. It offers incredible value for money.

5. Borosil Smartmix BHM30PBB11

Borosil Smartmix BHM30PBB11

Borosil is popular for its super quality microwavable bowls and lunchboxes, and it has done justice to this hand mixer too. If you are particularly looking for the best electric beater that not only whips cream, mixes ingredients, or performs any cake baking task, but also comes with a storage case, then this model will not disappoint you.

With 300 Watts of power, Borosil Smartmix BHM30PBB11 is one of the most powerful models on the list. It is powerful enough to mix thick and sticky home-made bread doughs, batters, attas, and more.

You can select any of the five speed options according to the ingredients. The turbo button (function) helps you instantly achieve the extra boost of power you need while blending and whisking. What more? The rust resistant, chrome finished attachments are built to last for years and can be cleaned up with less effort. The mixer also has a ejector button to easily swap out the beaters and hooks.

This Borosil mixer stands out from the crowd because of one thing – it comes with a storage case to store the attachments. You can collect all of them together in this storage case after use, thus occupying lesser space in your kitchen cabinet. Also, you do not need to search for the components when you actually need them.

The electric weighs just 1.1 kg and you can tirelessly hold it in your arm for long use. Overall, I will say it’s a nice and compact cake blender for everyday use.

6. Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer/Beater

Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer for cakes

Inalsa makes affordable top quality home appliances and this hand mixer is an example. If you are looking for a model with multiple functions on a budget, then this is the right deal. It boasts of seven speeds, offering versatile control over your mixing tasks at your fingertips.

But wait, there is a drawback. The 200 W Inalsa electric beater is less powerful than most of the competing models I reviewed here. For professional bakers or chefs, it may lack some performance while dealing with dense and large amount of doughs and batters. However, others specially occasional may find no issues in terms of motor performance. (note: the same model also comes with higher watt/different colour as well. Choose according to your needs.)

At just 0.61 kg, this mighty mixer is the lightest model on the list. Also, the compact design with the soft grip handle makes it comfortable on your hand during continuous operation. The rust-free, stainless steel beaters and dough hooks are sturdy enough to tackle all kinds of whisking, mixing, and kneading tasks. You can again easily change or remove the attachments and thanks to the smartly designed knob.

Summing up, I will confidently say this is the best electric beater for whipping cream or cake making in budget category. It’s sure to satisfy all the home bakers out there.

How to choose the best electric beater for cakes/whipping cream

There are certain cake recipes that require a hand mixer where you have to beat egg whites to stiff peaks or mixing up thick batter and cream. In this case, a manual whisk can’t do the job efficiently, may take more time and it can be tiresome. So, what makes an electric beater perfect for baking tasks? Well, you have to look out for these features while choosing:

1. Light and easy to hold:

You don’t want to exhaust your arms and wrists while holding the mixer, right? At times you may need to run the machine continuously until you get the right and fine consistency of the mixture. In this case, a light model definitely wins. But note one thing, a really light one can be hard to control while operating at high speeds.

So, I advise you to get an electric hand mixer that weighs about 650 g to 1.2 kg.

2. Different speeds:

Most electric whisks offer at least 3 adjustable speeds. The more the speeds, the more versatile it is. Some ingredients require thorough mixing and fast whisking, so a machine with variable speeds give you more options and control. Also, look out for a model with turbo function for instant boosting of the speed.

3. Attachments:

An electric hand mixer usually comes with wide range of attachments for preparing variety of cake recipes, such as beaters, dough hooks, and whisks. Beaters are commonly used for mixing tasks like making cake batters or cream. They also come in different shapes that can be conic or rectangular. If you are planning to make bread, chapati, pizza, cookie, or mix tough batter, you will need dough hooks. Whisks are usually balloon-shaped to let more air into your mixture and are used for whisking egg whites or making meringue.

The best electric beater for cakes should come with these attachments. And of course, they should be made of high quality materials like stainless steel for long lasting experience.

4. Motor power:

A hand mixer for cakes typically comes with a motor power in the range of 150 – 300 Watt. The bigger the wattage, more powerful the motor is. Basically, a machine with bigger motor offers faster and smooth results when mixing large quantities of ingredients or kneading thick and heavy doughs. So, if you plan to use the hand mixer for heavy uses, get a model that comes with at least 300 W motor.

Higher wattage doesn’t always mean the best. Attachments, speed buttons, ejectors, RPM, user-friendly – all come into place. If you pick the right one, even a machine with 150 W can handle the baking jobs pretty decently.

5. Ease of storage:

A storage case or stand helps you neatly organize the attachments together after use and make them easily reachable when required. It’s a pretty useful feature for people who don’t have proper kitchen drawers/cupboards. Also, it makes the accessories rust-free and more durable. However, not all models come with a storage case and you should not compromise your choice based on this feature alone.

Hand whisk vs electric beater for cakes – which is better?

Humans have been baking for centuries without using electric hand mixers. Yes, it’s possible to prepare most of the cake by simply using a manual whisk. But, it will take more time, effort, and muscle.

Sometimes, using non-electric whisk can be satisfactory though. For example, you can mix small amount of ingredients more quickly and you have more control. It works best for beating egg whites and cream. It’s cheap, easy to clean, and occupies less space in your kitchen.

On the other hand, an electric mixer for cakes can easily handle any type of mixing jobs. Frosting, preparing muffin batter and pizza dough, frothing milk, whipping up pancakes – all can be done by simply pressing the button. It’s expensive but provides great convenience.

So, which one is better? Both have their own merits and demerits. But, an electric beater offers more benefits than a non-electric whisk. If you are a keen baker, consider having both.

FYI: don’t get confused between a hand mixer and an immersion blender. They both are different tools. Some chefs also use immersion blender for casual baking but it is meant for different purpose. If you like to check out, this may help – Best Hand Blenders In India.

Safety tips for using electric cake beater

Like any other electrical kitchen appliances, hand mixers should be handled with care to avoid injuries. Whether you own a branded, high-quality one or not, make sure you follow these basic safety precautions:

  • Before you switch ON, always ensure the speed setting is set at 0 or it’s completely OFF.
  • Do not put the electric beater into water.
  • Unplug the appliance from socket when cleaning, ejecting, or dejecting the attachments, or when not in use.
  • Keep it away from children while operating.
  • Always use it on a stable surface. Ensure that the bowl is not placed at the edge of your kitchen countertop.
  • Remove the beaters and hooks from the body before cleaning.
  • Never ever attempt to touch the beaters while operating. Also, keep away your hair and clothes from the running machine.

Wrapping up…

Regardless of how often you bake, a hand mixer is worth the investment. If you want to develop your baking skills or become the next Nigella Lawson, it is one kitchen appliance you must own. No baking is complete without the best electric beater for cakes.

And to help you pick the right one for your home, I have wisely chosen only the top rated models, based on my experience and many other factors. For hobbyist and avid bakers, you may go for the models with lower motor power which is much cheaper. For professional bakers or people who bake frequently, grab either Philips or Bajaj beater which is on the list.

Live life and love baking!

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