6 Popular Epigamia Yogurt Flavours I Tasted. Here’s My Favourite!

6 Popular Epigamia Yogurt Flavours I Tasted. Here's My Favourite!

As a brand, Epigamia believes in being 100% natural and eco-friendly with a lot to offer to its customers. Recently, I got myself a list of Greek yogurt from Epigamia to try out instead of my preferred desserts. To be honest, I was blown away by the luscious and mouth-watering flavours. They tend to be thicker and consist of high protein as compared to normal yogurt.

Apart from a fine list of Greek yogurts, they offer protein milkshakes, smoothies, cheese, Mishti Doi, curd, fruit yogurt, and many more.

What makes Epigamia unique is that they provide healthier snacking options without the addition of adulterated ingredients or preservatives. Founded in the year 2008, they have come a long way and are currently a game-changer in the Indian market.

Everything aside, let’s talk about the Epigamia Greek yogurt flavours that I tried.

6 popular Epigamia Greek yogurt flavours I tasted

1. Epigamia Greek Yogurt – Alphonso Mango

Epigamia Greek Yogurt - Alphonso Mango Flavour

Who wouldn’t love to have alphonso mangoes in these summer months? Similarly, what If I told you that the combinations of Greek yogurt with alphonso mangoes can double your joy in terms of luscious taste? Yes, you heard that right!

The creamy and thick Greek yogurt packs a punch as it consists of 25g of protein with the magic of mangoes. I experimented by adding a portion of it to my cheesecake, and the results were “Voila”.
Having no preservatives and artificial flavours puts a cherry on the yogurt. Being fond of alphonso mangoes, this yogurt gets thumbs up!

Nutri Label

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal103
Total Fat g1.7
Saturated Fat g1.2
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg4.6
Total Carbohydrate g15.6
Natural sugar g4.1
Added sugar g7.7
Sodium mg42
Protein g6.4
Calcium mg134.7

Ingredients –

Greek yogurt contents; processed alphonso mango pulp comprising of sugar and alphonso mango puree.

Flavour –


2. Epigamia Greek Yogurt – Strawberry

2. Epigamia Strawberry Yogurt Flavour

The second on this list is the strawberry flavour. Most of us must have tried scooping strawberries with a bowl filled with cream; similarly tasting the strawberry flavour from Epigamia gave me the same joy and fulfilment.

The thickness of the yogurt stacked up with the punch of strawberry does make you teleport to a hill station. I found the strawberry flavour a bit light on the mouth which makes it different from the alphonso mango flavour.

Nutri Label –

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal98
Total Fat g1.8
Saturated Fat g1.3
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg4.9
Total Carbohydrate g13.7
Natural sugar g2.8
Added sugar g8.2
Sodium mg45.3
Protein g6.6
Calcium mg145.7

Ingredients –

Yogurt content comprising of milk solids, permitted starter cultures, pasteurized double-toned milk, processed strawberry pulp, and lemon juice.

Flavour –


3. Epigamia Greek Yogurt – Blueberry

Blueberry Greek Yogurt

When it comes to being a standout among fruits, blueberry does own it. Epigamia’s blueberry flavour is known to be a big hit among the masses, and it wasn’t a surprise why when I gave it a try.

Apart from not having any preservatives, you can try them out at any time of the day. Whether you want to add it to your brown bread, mix it with oats or scoop it up all by yourself, it is versatile.

Nutri Label

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal99.6
Total Fat g1.9
Saturated Fat g1.4
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg5.1
Total Carbohydrate g13.9
Natural sugar g2.7
Added sugar g8.4
Sodium mg46.8
Protein g6.8
Calcium mg149.5

Ingredients –

Greek yogurt contents, processed blueberry pulp, natural flavouring, and lemon juice.

Flavour –


4. Wild Raspberry

Wild Raspberry

Similar to its name, the raspberry flavour spikes up your taste buds with the evergreen Greek yogurt. It does taste a bit similar to blueberry; however, it has its own identity.

As an excellent source of protein, Epigamia’s Greek yogurt’s are easy to digest, as it is low in carbohydrates and lactose. Whether you want to mix the yogurt with cereals or bread, the choice is all yours.

Nutri Label –

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal110.4
Total Fat g1.8
Saturated Fat g1.3
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg4.8
Total Carbohydrate g17
Natural sugar g3.6
Added sugar g9.8
Sodium mg44
Protein g6.7
Calcium mg140.4

Ingredients –

Greek yogurt added contents, raspberry pulp processed, natural colouring substance, stabilizer & thickener.

Flavour –


5. Epigamia Greek Yogurt – Natural

 Epigamia Greek Yogurt - Natural

There’s always a KING among the flavours, and that has to be the natural Greek yogurt. The smooth texture melts in a jiffy while tasting it and also it offers more protein as compared to other yogurts.

It can be a top-tier option after lunch or dinner to cool you off or even to mix with cereals. Personally, this is a flavour that I genuinely like for being raw Greek yogurt.

Nutri Label –

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal77.6
Total Fat g2.2
Saturated Fat g1.6
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg6
Total Carbohydrate g6.2
Natural sugar g2.9
Added sugar g0
Sodium mg55.0
Protein g8
Calcium mg175.5

Ingredients –

Pasteurized double – toned milk, milk solids, and permitted starter cultures.

Flavour –


6. Epigamia Greek Yogurt – Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean Flavour

Here comes the final yogurt flavour! A tinge of vanilla beans with wholesome Greek yogurt does sound exquisite, isn’t it? A yogurt with a combination of high protein and natural ingredients is the perfect fit for tarts, cheesecake, muesli, and even spreading on your bread as a snack.

If you want something minimal in terms of taste, the vanilla bean flavour is for you.

Nutri Label –

Nutrition FactsPer 100g
Energy kcal99
Total Fat g1.9
Saturated Fat g1.4
Trans Fat gNil
Cholesterol mg5.3
Total Carbohydrate g13.4
Natural sugar g2.6
Added sugar g7.9
Sodium mg66.4
Protein g7
Calcium mg154.5

Ingredients –

Greek yogurt added contents, vanilla bean, sugar, water, lemon juice concentrate.

Flavour –


Verdict – my favourite

Ah! It isn’t easy to pick one from a list of 6 Greek yogurt flavours. However, I would not beat around the bush to keep you waiting. My pick is certainly the strawberry flavour as it seems refreshing and tastes somehow lighter.

Moreover, it acts like a strawberry jam on your bread and it does feel different from the rest of the flavours. Greek yogurt is a blessing for sure in case you like snacking around. That is just my opinion, what is your favourite Greek Yogurt flavour from Epigamia?

Happy snacking!

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