Epilator Vs Trimmer Vs Shaver: What’s The Difference & Which Is Better?

Epilator Vs Trimmer Vs Shaver: What's The Difference & Which Is Better?

Getting a clean look or keeping yourself well-groomed is the need of the hour for every individual. It is important in today’s era to look cool and keep a check on your body/facial hair. If you haven’t been living under the rock, you would know that there are various hair removal devices to make you look good and boost your confidence.

The three popular electric hair removal devices I would be talking about are in the form of an epilator, trimmer, and shaver. There has always been the epilator vs trimmer vs shaver debate about which is the ideal option and how different are they from each other.

To keep you away from confusion, I would explain all the three electric devices in detail with the differences. Rest assured by the end of the article, you’ll know which one would be the best for you.

Let’s begin!


What is an epilator?

It is an electric hair removal device that is specifically made for a woman. Instead of usually cutting the hair, it takes out the hair from the root. The role of an epilator is quite different when you compare it to a trimmer or even a shaver. An epilator boasts of tiny tweezers that uproot your hair and give you a hair-free experience.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is a certain amount of pain as it directly uproots the hair. It would be great for you to use a lotion to ease the pain out, and after a certain amount of use, you’ll be accustomed to it.

It is a useful corded/battery-operated hair removal device and it certainly makes life easy for you.

Portable – Major plus point as you can carry it anywhere.Painful – Unlike a trimmer or shaver, the experience can be painful.
Smoother skin – The after experience leaves you with smoother skin and no rash.Costly – It is on the expensive side.
Easy cleaning – There’s no mess in cleaning the epilator.Takes its own sweet time – The experience of plucking out hair from the root can be a bit time-consuming.


Trimmer pros and cons

The name makes it obvious as it is meant for trimming your hair. It is a faster mode of reducing the amount of hair in a particular area of your body. There are different types of hair trimmers and it won’t be a good idea to use your facial hair trimmer for your ear or nose.

The purpose of a trimmer is to cut the hair at skin level and give you a better look, but the hair grows back at a faster rate since it isn’t a complete procedure of removing your body hair. Most of the new advanced trimmers are hand-held battery operated; the twin blades rub against each other to cut a portion of your body hair and give you that sophisticated look. It is affordable and can save you time in case you’re running late.

No pain – There’s hardly any pain in using a trimmer for removing body hair.Faster hair growth – One of the major cons is that your hair grows back at a faster rate.
Very portable – You can take it anywhere with you.Trimmer blade can get rusty – If there is direct contact with water at frequent intervals, the blades might get rusted.
Easy usage – It is not at all complicated to use a hair trimmer. Anyone can use it with ease.Short life span – A trimmer needs to be replaced in a few months of usage.

Note: hair trimmers are also known as hair clippers. Do check out my reviews here – best hair clippers in India.


What is an electric shaver?

Electric shavers are very useful in removing hair from your face. They completely get rid of the facial hair and provide you with a clean look, very different from the look provided by your hair trimmer.

Electric shavers consist of spinning blades that provide an ultra-clean look. They usually are of two types, rotary, and foil shavers. Rotary shavers comprise three spinning heads in a triangle shape, while foil shavers have metallic blades with a thinner design.

When it comes to females, foil shavers are the ones for them. These electric shavers can also be classified as dry and wet shavers as one of them can be used with foam, while the dry shavers have to be used without any kind of cream. The difference between epilator and trimmer and shaver is something that you should know already by now.

Quite fast – Unlike regular shaving with razors, having an electric shaver saves you time.Irritation of skin – It can lead to skin irritation, mostly when the blades aren’t replaced for a long time.
Easy to use – You don’t have to wait for a long time to master using an electric shaver. Keep a good grip on the electric shaver and there you go.Only for the face – Electric shavers might not give the ideal results when using them on other parts of the body.
Longer life span – As compared to a razor, an electric shaver can last for a longer time. This can save you money as well.Navigation issues – Electric shavers are not able to properly shave certain areas of the face as repeated shave will be required due to the way they are built.

Epilator vs trimmer vs shaver: differences in table

What exactly it is?It is an electronic razor that plucks out hair directly from the root of the skin. It is mostly for a woman.It is an electronic hair removal device and trims off body hair at skin level.Termed as an electronic shaver or razor, it provides you with a completely clean look. Rotary and foil shavers are the two types of shavers.
Time takenTakes a lot of time in removing hair.It is instant, and you don’t have to wait for a long time.The hair removal process is instant.
PriceAn epilator can be costlier when compared to a trimmer, shaver.It is quite affordable.It can be expensive.
Hair removal procedureTakes out the hair directly from the root and provides a smooth skin experience.Removes body hair partially; hair grows back at a faster rate.Shavers tend to give you a clean shave look at a rapid pace.
PainIt is painful using an epilator.Does not result in any kind of pain.No pain involved.

Final say

Voila! If you’ve made it here, congratulations to you as you do know about the difference between an epilator, trimmer, and shaver. All three electric hair removal devices have their way of going about things and are somewhat different from each other.

If you’re a woman, an epilator seems the perfect option as it does not leave skin pokey or rough your skin. It might be time-consuming, but it takes out unwanted hair from the roots. An epilator is your best bet in case you’re a woman.

Coming to the other two, a trimmer can be of great help when you are quite late to an event or party. It will certainly give you a sharp look with slight stubble. If you’re looking for a clean shave, a trimmer might not be the one for you.

If I had to choose, it would be a shaver as it gives you a completely clean look. Electric shavers are fast and also reliable in providing a scintillating cleaner appearance for you. Personal preference does come into play as some might choose the other two, but electric shavers seem to do most of the things perfectly.

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