Faber Vs Elica Vs Kaff Chimney Review: Which Is Better?

Faber Vs Elica Vs Kaff Chimney Review: Who Is The Winner?

Indian food has a plethora of options with numerous kinds of items that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether it is about the spicy masala’s, oil in a big volume, frying, fascinating ingredients applied in your food, they can be extremely exciting to look at it but can cause a terrible impression on the ceilings and surroundings of your kitchen.

Ventilation is required in your kitchen to take out hot smoke and gases, and this is where a chimney does it better than other old ventilation methods.

The topic is about which kitchen chimney is the best? “Faber vs Elica vs Kaff Chimney?”

It can be tricky with a lot of brands offering their unique features and that can confuse a lot of people as to which kitchen chimney they should go for. Do not worry; I’ve got you sorted on this.

Let us check out what each has to offer via a table.

Faber vs Elica vs Kaff Chimney: comparison in table

About the brand

Faber as a brand has its origins in Italy. It is a well-known brand in the home appliance industry and offers a list of top-class Kitchen Chimneys.Is an Italian Brand, and it has been producing kitchen appliances since 1970.KAFF is an Indian kitchen appliance firm based in Gurugram.

Market size/popularity

Claims to have a monopoly of above 50 % in the chimney market. This does prove the popularity of the brand.Elica is a popular brand for chimneys and it easily comprises about 35-40% market size.The strongest Indian player in the chimney market. It does have a decent amount of market size due to being affordable.


Offers numerous designs like, Traditional Series, Decorative Isola Chimney, Sunzi Series, Decorative Series Faber Chimney, etc.Island Kitchen Chimney, Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney, and Integrated Kitchen Chimney are some of those on offer.Auto clean chimney with a stylish black glass hood, wall mounted chimneys, filter-less chimney are some of the different types of chimneys with sleek designs equipped on them.

Suction power

1500 cubic meters per hour is the highest suction capacity that is offered.Provides 1425 cubic meters per hour in terms of maximum suction power as per its models.KAFF Chimney models provide a maximum of 1180 cubic meters per hour. This is way too low when compared with the likes of Faber, and Elica.


Chimneys by Faber are known to be silent but they fall behind Elica in terms of the level of noise.Considered the best as per being the silent chimneys. They don’t create noise and are a perfect fit.Will be last in the race as most of its models create unwanted noise.


The Warranty period lasts for 5 years on the motor and a year for the product.Similar to Faber with a warranty stretching to about 5 years on motor and a solitary year for the product.Most likely has a longer duration of warranty of about 7 years on motor. For the product, it is a year or two.


Most of the chimneys are equipped with baffle filter as it is suitable for Indian household cooking.Different designs have filters equipped accordingly in the form of 3D Filter, Grease filter, and baffle filter.Aluminium cassette filter and Heavy-duty baffle filter are the most common ones here.

Popular model (must check out)



Expensive. Some of the models can sky-rocket with their price.Moderate pricing from 10K and above for a good enough chimney. Affordable than Faber in most cases.An average price of 7-8,000 for a chimney. There are expensive models as well but it is affordable than Elica and Faber.


Chimney can be installed via extraction mode ( Ducting) or Re-circulating mode (Ductless/Recycling)During installation, the duct length needs to be 12 feet max with two bends.The installation procedure is easy but certain tools like, marker pen, scissors, hammer, and pliers would be required.

Auto clean technology

The majority of the Faber models of Kitchen Chimneys have an Auto Clean Technology enabled.Elica Kitchen Chimneys also have Auto Clean Technology in most of their chimneys.There is a considerable difference as only one or more models of KAFF have an Auto Clean Technology.

After-sale services

After-sales service is of pretty moderate level. It is not that much of a smooth experience.Lack lustre after-sales services. Most probably you would need a highly skilled technician or a local engineer.Best after-sales services provided by them. They make sure that the minute complaints are taken care of.

Verdict: Kaff or Faber or Elica?

Getting a kitchen chimney for your house can be quite an effort for you as you need to consider various aspects before pushing yourself to bring that chimney home. It does require thorough research and proper planning as per your budget to get a chimney that can help you in the long run without breaking your head.

I’ve pointed the major differences in the table above regarding the comparison of three well-known kitchen chimney brands in India. These three in the form of, Faber, Elica, and Kaff offer distinctive features in their kitchen chimneys that can suit your needs. But, which one is the winner?

The answer for me will be Faber by a long way. The reason for choosing Faber over the other two is that you should go for quality and features that make it stand out from the rest.

Sure, it is on the expensive side but it is better to have a premium quality that can last for a longer duration with a touch of class and something that would service you for long. This is what my opinion is about Faber vs Elica vs Kaff chimney, but you can still go for the other two brands as well in case it suits your needs as per budget.

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