23 Fancy Dress Competition Ideas For Girls/Boys

Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls And Boys

Are you worried about your kid’s fancy-dress competition that is around the corner? Read on this article to get excellent fancy dress ideas that are perfect for your child’s dress competitions.

Every now and then, kids participate in fancy dress competitions held at schools, events, clubs, and so on. As parents, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the correct dress option for your kid.

Go as you like is actually the old version of fancy-dress competitions. The dressing ideas and trends have changed drastically and therefore the ideas for modern fancy dresses should also change.

Whenever you face difficulty to figure out the out of the box ideas for your kid’s competition, you can just have a look at this list.

23 fancy dress ideas for girl child/boy

1. Apple – for kids who don’t like fruits

Fruit Fancy Dress Idea

Today’s kids are more inclined towards consuming junk food and all unhealthy stuff. Under such circumstances, it is highly important that the importance of healthy food consumption is made clear to them.

This can be a positive step towards inculcating the habit of eating fresh nutritious fruits like apple within the kids.

If your kid has a fancy-dress competition just knocking at the door, then get ready to prepare a lovely red apple costume for your kid.

  • You just need to get hold of a large size marble paper or any such handmade paper, and smaller sized papers of a few other colors.
  • Now take the proper measurements of your kid’s body size.
  • One paper will cover the front part and the other will cover the back side. Draw apple on both the sides of the paper.
  • The diameter should be such that the apple covers the body right from shoulders to the knees
  • You can add a small twig or a leaf as decoration by carving them out from brown and green colored papers, respectively.
  • Staple the paper apple and branch with your kid’s dress.

2. Mother Teresa – a perfect fancy dress idea for a girl child

Mother Teresa costume for girl

She is one of the most renowned persons on the entire globe. All the kids have read about her in their text books.

We all know how mother Teresa was a living legend for innumerable and showed the world a new path based on love, affection, and humanity.

It would be a great idea to dress your daughter like Mother Teresa. The best part is that this dressing idea needs the least of accessories as it is very simple just like mother herself.

  • Take a white saree with navy blue borders. If the length of the saree is big, then pin it up at multiple points to get it fixed.
  • The blouse must be white colored, full sleeved with the same navy blue borders. If you have plenty of time, you can easily get one stitched for your daughter. Otherwise just buy a full sleeved blouse of pure white color and attach the borders.
  • A similar pattern head scarf with the same pure white color and navy-blue borders.
  • You can easily get hold of a picture of Mother Teresa to completely recreate the look.

3. Treebest fancy dress idea for ‘save environment’ theme

Fancy Dress Idea for 'save environment' theme
Image: Renu’s Craft World

In this era of global warming, nothing can be better than actually dressing up your kid like a tree. It is going to be an extremely environment friendly idea for fancy dress competition.

At the same time, the kids will also realize the worth of trees in their lives. You can also have some strong environment friendly messages written at the bark portion of the tree to spread awareness through the costume.

  • Measure the height of your kid. Cut a cardboard in the shape of the bark of the tree and cover it with brown marble paper. This will be in the height of your kid. You can write small little eco-friendly quotes on the paper.
  • The canopy of the tree will be like a head gear on the head of your kid. You simply need to cut the cardboard in the tree pattern and cover it with green marble paper.
  • The diameter of the canopy should be such that it will fit the head size of your kid.

4. Unicorn themed fancy-dress costume

Unicorn themed fancy-dress costume

This is one of the most traditional fancy-dress costumes for young ladies. It is a unicorn themed fancy-dress costume that is pretty and colorful both.

The myriad colors make the dress look fascinating. It is a one piece that is easy to wear and carry. The shimmering and glittery effects are awesome.

The sequence work adds an extra edge to the dress. The long flares give a decent width to the dress. It is light and flimsy. The rainbow colors present in the dress draws attention.

The dress comes with a unicorn headband that is cute and beautiful. The fit is going to be fine. This dress is a dream for any little girl. The poofy nature of the dress makes it ideal for any party occasion.

If your kid wants to try something new and fantastic for the fancy dress competition, then this is the one.

5. Princess – why not make your girl wear this on Children’s Day?

Princess Fancy Dress Idea

Which little princess does not want to look like an actual princess? For every kid, a fairy is that dream character which they want to live as at least once in their lifetime.

The pink colored princess dress is a perfect option for kid’s fancy-dress competition. This one is actually a set of the pink dress along with crown and other lovely accessories.

The dress is a flared one and gives lovely coverage. The pink color with polka dot stands out as it is extremely bright.

There is no additional glitter, so there is no itchiness or discomfort. The upper portion of the dress is body hugging and the bottom portion is flary and layered. The designs are embedded with sequence work that brings about the actual feel of the fairy look.

The crown looks like stone studded, like the typical princess crown.

You can definitely make one for your little girl.

6. Spanish flamingo dress

Spanish fancy dress idea

This Spanish flamingo dress is lovely. A completely innovative and stylish dress for your kid’s fancy-dress competition. It is actually a one-piece dress. The upper portion is black in color and stretchable in nature. The bottom part is flared skirt style. The red color with black polka dots is indeed beautiful to look at. The sleeves are of red velvet and flared. It creates a ruffle sleeve look.

The neckline is adorned with red velvet fringes. The overall look created is unique and awesome. It will make the kid look exactly like a Spanish senorita. Once coupled with proper Spanish shoes, it looks awesome.

The fit of the dress is slim and body hugging. It completely complements the contours of the body.

For making the dress more attractive, get a red colored shoes which is of the same red color with black polka dots.

7. Butterfly themed fancy dress – can be easily made at home

Butterfly themed fancy dress
Image: Malini Creation

It is a butterfly themed dress. This is actually a set of dress which consists of wings, leggings, and a skirt. Coming to the dress, the color hues are lovely. This multicolor dress is a treat to the kids.

The wings and tiara add to the essence of the dress. The dress has two parts. The upper portion of the frock is black in color. It is shimmery in nature and that makes the dress look gorgeous and glittery.

The bottom part is pink in color with beautiful work. The flares of the dress increase the coverage of the dress and make it look indeed far prettier.

The leggings are really helpful if the kid wears the dress during winters. The leggings are equally pretty.

The wings will give the actual feeling of a butterfly to the lovely kids who wear this. It is one of a kind and unique idea as a fancy dress. Dressing up as one of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on the planet earth, that is, the butterfly is really awesome.

This dress is an authentic Disney one. Let your kid shine like a free flying butterfly.

See how it’s done here in this video –

8. Mermaid fancy dress

Mermaid costume

This is indeed an awesome mermaid dress. Mermaids are mythical characters that have always been subject to fantasy. A beautiful mermaid dress is an appropriate dress for any fancy-dress competition.

The dress is a long free flowing one. The attire makes you completely attain the mermaid look with additional mermaid fins. All these make a wonderful look for your kid.

The bottom part of the dress comes in slim fit to replicate the mermaid’s tail. The sequence and motive works all across the dress is extremely pretty.

The dress can be made to look far more expanding if the fins are opened completely. There is a lot of sequence work but that does not make the dress uncomfortable to wear or itchy. It is extremely skin friendly.

9. Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Costume

For every little girl, red riding hood is their dream character. All the kids have read the story of red riding hood and the seven dwarfs and want their lives to be equally adventurous and magical.

This costume is going to give them a first hand experience of being their favorite character. The red colored hood actually adds to the charm.

The dress has black stain ribbon patterns which really make it look more gorgeous.

This dress is going to make the kid a center of attraction. This is an appropriate dress for parties and occasions because the theme is something to which all kids can relate. The skirt portion of the dress is extremely flary and beautiful.

Rock the fancy-dress competition with this awesome Red Riding Hood dress.

You can design some baskets and accessories like a pretty red hanky by yourself as DIY accessories to spice up the dress.

10. Hippie fancy dress

Hippie fancy dress

The hippie dress is another unique fancy dress competition idea. This is a bit unique and off-track dress idea. This is indeed going to grab all the attention for your kids.

The dress is a perfect hippie recreation in a mini version. The dress reflects the kind of hippie costumes that were worn during the 60s. it is completely junk and boho in look. Full of colors and asymmetrical floral pattern gives the look of careless beauty and rustic gorgeousness.

The sleeves are of retro trumpet design. The vest shrug has the fringed cut design which will exactly create the hippie look in all ways. These small creative detailing makes the dress much more appealing. The dress also has a peace symbol embroidery design for better creative effects.

The headgear with the dress gives the overall rustic look.

As DIY accessories, you can create some hippie boho style handcrafted jewellery or bags.

Just get hold of some typical boho designs and paint them in small cardboard piece in shape of bags or necklaces or small bangles and give the dress a new twist.

11. Texan cowgirl

Cowgirl costume
Image: smiffys

The Texan cowgirl costume is a kind of breakthrough from the usual party dresses. It gives a very professional yet cool appearance to the kids. The dress is exactly a miniature version of the original authentic cowgirl costume.

This is an excellent option for any fancy-dress competition. This amazing cowgirl dress is surely going to rock the fancy dress competition of your kid.

12. The Pirate

Pirate fancy dress

Pirate theme is very much in trend and this fashion never really gets too old. If your girl wants to try out something innovative and daring for the fancy-dress competition, then this one is indeed the right choice.

The pirate themed dress is surely an excellent idea to spice up any fancy-dress competition.

Watch this DIY on how to make a Pirate Costume:

13. Crocodilecool ‘animal theme’ fancy dress idea

'animal theme'  fancy dress idea
Image: instagram/lamasamonalisa

This crocodile themed animal dress is an excellent option for kid’s fancy-dress competitions. The vibrant green color with animal face motives is surely an excellent idea for your kid’s fancy-dress competition.

Animal identification and knowing their importance is an important part of kid’s curriculum. Hence, this is a very nice theme for children. The animals are important for biodiversity and hence the kids will realize their importance towards environment. Such eco-friendly costume ideas are really fascinating for any fancy dress competition.

14. The Mummy – fun and scary

Mummy costume
Image: instagram/cayleyngeorge

This Egyptian mummy dress is indeed a unique idea for boy’s fancy dress costumes. The costume is not only innovative but it should be equally comfortable.

Mummies have long been the point of interest for various subjects. Mummies are associated with the ancient Egyptian culture, mysteries, and unknowns.

This is an excellent theme for fancy dress competition. Not only is it unique but also eye catching. If you want your kid to shine out in the fancy-dress competition, definitely try out this costume.

15. Snowman

Snowman costume

A fluffy cute snowman is indeed adorable. If you want your kid to dress like a snowman, then this is the ideal costume for the purpose. Snowman is a well-known character by almost all the kids.

Any child would love to be in the attire of a snowman. Coming to the dress, it exactly creates the authentic snowman look. It even comes with the carrot nose and hat to replicate the look of an actual snowman.

Snowman is the best ever winter character. So, it is appropriate fancy dress for the winters.

16. Elf

Elf costume

Elf is a favorite imaginary character of kids. The elf dress is exactly filled with goodness just as the character of the elf. Grab this unique dress idea for the fancy-dress competition of your kid and gift your child a whole load of happiness.

The bright color combination of red and green is awestrucking. It is enchanting and creates a happy joyous vibe. The dress includes top, pant, and hat. The top is bright red in color with green fringe design. The bottom pant is green in color with white and red velvet borders.

This soft and comfortable dress is awesome for kid’s fancy-dress competition. The beautiful green hat is an additional treat.

17. Spidermangreat for a boy who likes superheroes

Spiderman costume idea

Spiderman is the age-old fantasy character for all young boys. Therefore, a 3D spiderman costume is probably the best choice that one can have for a kid’s fancy-dress competition.

The spiderman themed dress is extensively popular among youngsters. Pair it with accessories and create an astonishing look.

18. Warriormake your boy a fighter

Warrior costume for kids
Image: io_tu_flori

This costume is of an imaginary warrior that has got biblical reference. It is a beautiful costume for fancy dress competition. The costume is a typical war phase costume that was used by warriors of ancient era. The shield and the sword complete the entire look.

The fit of the dress is extremely beautiful, it imparts that daunting bold look to the kids who wear it.

19. Aladdin

Aladdin dress

Who doesn’t like Aladdin? Every kid is a fan of Aladdin. If you are planning for some out of the box ideas for your kid’s fancy-dress competition, then get him this costume.

The costume includes the top, pants, shoes, scarf, and the hat. The top is white in color, pure, and ethnic just as the dress of a Aladdin should be. The pants are of the typical muddle eastern type. The shoes also give the Aladdin look and feel.

If possible, get him an Aladdin magic lamp too.

20. Squirrel costume

Squirrel Costume for kids
Image: Jaya Sawant

The jungle animal themed squirrel costume is great for little kids who love the jungle themes. The base color of this costume can be brown, black, or any color of your choice.

A separate headgear and tail will make the look stand out and the kid looks exactly like a mini squirrel.

This can be easily sewed and made at home if you are not lazy. Get a material with fur if possible. For tail, a separate fabric can be used. And don’t forget the whiskers part. You can draw it.

21. Iron Man

Iron Man Costume for kids

Iron Man is also another beloved character of all kids in recent times. If they get a chance to exactly role play their favorite character, then there can actually be nothing better.

The authentic red colored Tony Shark costume is indeed cherished by all the kids and the look is awesome. It is a great fancy dress idea. Your kid will get the exact feel of his favorite super hero by wearing this dress.

22. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi costume for kids

Known as father of the nation in India, Mahatma Gandhi is an idol to many people around the world. Teach your child about peace and non-violence with his symbolic attire.

For this, all you need is a white dhoti, a long white shawl or scarf, a stick, and glasses. That’s it.

23. Radha

Radha Fancy Dress Ideas

Radha costume is an interesting idea for any Hinduism related festival like Krishna Janmashtami. Dress up your daughter like a Hindu goddess and make her stand out from the crowd.

You will need some extra accessories like lehenga-choli, dupatta, necklaces, and bangles. It can easily be done at home.

To add more spice, use flower necklace and armlets. Also, give your girl a make-up.

Spice up the fancy-dress competition of your kid by dressing them up with any of the above mentioned costume ideas.