Gas Tandoor vs Electric Tandoor For Home (Complete Guide)

Gas Tandoor vs Electric Tandoor For Home (Complete Guide)

Everyone more often than not is somehow attracted to tandoori dishes. There comes a point after eating at a restaurant and you often wonder, “How can I make such tandoori delicacies at home?” This is where a gas tandoor or electric tandoor oven comes in handy as you’ll be able to make a handful of things like kebabs, tandoori chicken, tandoor naan, pizza, and much more.

If you’re someone who’s into fitness and want a healthy stable diet, a gas stove tandoor, or electric oven is highly recommended for you as you’re not just limited to making tandoori chicken but other food items as well at the comfort of your home.

But, between the two, which one is better – a gas tandoor or electric tandoor? Let’s find ou!

Gas tandoor vs electric tandoor: differences

PriceIs affordable and comes at a cheap price.Expensive. Costlier than a regular gas tandoor.
UsesGrilled food, baking, barbeque, defrosting, tandoor delicacies.Does almost the same as a gas tandoor by letting you make tandoor food, baking, grilling, etc.
RunsA gas tandoor requires fire to start functioning. There is no need for electricity.An electric tandoor runs with the help of electricity. As the name suggests, it won’t run without electricity.
Aroma/FlavourIt is able to keep the flavours of the food intact as it releases hot air and keeps the taste of the food natural.Due to the heat waves produced while cooking in an electric tandoor, the flavours are lost and you don’t get the expected taste that you were looking for.
Time takenIt takes quite a long time for tandoor delicacies to be prepared in a gas tandoor.Electric tandoor is faster in cooking food and you don’t have to wait for long.
BenefitsProvides you a natural flavour of the food, cost-efficient, you’re consuming low-calorie food, easy to use.Relatively light in weight and convenient to take it with you, healthy food intake, can do multiple things apart from making tandoor delicacies.
Heat distributionEven distribution of heat to cook food.Uneven distribution of heat in an electric tandoor as the heat is provided from above.
CleaningYou can clean it via detergent and scrub.A mixture of baking soda and white vinegar is required. Also, scrubbing the tray requires a non-scratch scouring pad.

Verdict: gas tandoor vs electric tandoor

A gas tandoor is surely the winner. There’s a noticeable difference when you’re cooking food in an electric oven or stove as they can’t hold the original flavour of the food. Whereas, a gas tandoor lets you keep the aroma of the food intact without changing it completely.

The most useful thing about having a gas tandoor oven is the fact that it requires hot air to cook food. This makes it evident that it does not produce any type of harmful unnatural waves from it. Having a gas tandoor won’t restrict you to just making tandoori dishes but also allows you to make roti, naan, kulcha, bread, kebabs, and others.

How to use gas tandoor

A gas tandoor is a modern way of making delicious tandoori delicacies with minimum effort. Let’s look at some of the tips that you need to consider to use a gas tandoor.


  • Steel Gas Stove instead of Glass Gas Stove – It is not recommended to use your gas oven tandoor on a glass gas stove as the stove may shatter due to the heat produced in the tandoor oven. These glass gas stoves may look cool but they don’t match with a gas tandoor in most cases. An insulating medium can be used between the tandoor oven and glass stove. But, it is better to go for a steel gas stove for using a gas tandoor.
  • Remove burner plates of steel gas stove – Always make sure to remove the burner plates from your steel gas stove as they may burn in no time. After that, place the gas tandoor on the gas stove. You’re ready and done!
  • Keep the moisture low of tandoori chicken – When you’re making a Tandoori Chicken, keep in mind to keep the moisture low as the juice of the chicken would be dropping on the burner.
  • Cooking needs to be on low/medium flame – Whether you’re making a tandoori delicacy or any other dish, try keeping it at low or about medium flame or the gas stove can get burnt.

People also ask

1. Can I use a gas tandoor on a glass-top stove?

In most cases, the heat produced by the gas tandoor would shatter the glass-top stove as it won’t be able to handle it. If the glass top is somehow removable, you’re fine. In case it is non-removable, you will need an attachment with the gas tandoor that will blend perfectly on the glass top.

Usually, glass-top gas stoves tend to have a top that can be temporarily removed. To be on the safer side, I would recommend using a steel gas stove and having a comfortable experience.

2. Can I make roti, naan, and bake cake in a gas tandoor?

The answer is an affirmative YES! Apart from being a champ in making tandoori chicken, tandoori delicacies, it is capable of making a wide range of food items to savour your taste buds.

Not only you can make tandoori roti, naan, cakes, but even a kulcha or pizza can be made without much of an effort. A gas tandoor is an all-rounder, and you don’t need to scratch your head whether you’ll be able to make these on a gas oven tandoor.

3. Can you grill fish, chicken, vegetables, and paneer?

As mentioned above, a gas tandoor has the capability of doing many things and that includes grilled dishes and making paneer too.

Most of the gas tandoor you would find in the market lets you cook a wide range of food items, and they are not just limited to a blazing hot tandoori chicken or a tandoori roti. You can easily grill a fish, make tandoori vegetables, and make the most out of that paneer.

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