Best Geyser For Kitchen 2023: Top 4 Instant Water Heaters In India

How To Select Best Geyser For Kitchen In India (Instant Water Heater Guide)

Getting to select the best geyser for kitchen or for your house can be quite a task. There are plenty of options, but it can confuse you with many of them offering similar features.

Instant water heater for kitchen is known to be pretty compact and small in size. They’ll just occupy a small portion of the kitchen for the mounting to be done, and it wouldn’t require any kind of rocket science! In other words, it is a small geyser for kitchen and people call it with different names. They are also known as instant geyser for kitchen.

I think, I’ve already mentioned quite a handful of names for an instant water heater.

Basically, If you are particularly looking for a geyser for washing utensils in kitchen, get an instant water geyser with capacity of 1 – 3 litres. It can be even used in your bathroom and has bigger advantages over storage water geyser.

How instant kitchen geyser works

How instant geyser for kitchen works

Before we get into the depth of how an instant geyser works, let me add some basic information. Instant geyser has a small storage capacity of about 1-3 litres and they have a high level of heating rate with low storage volume, which results in providing hot water quickly. An instant geyser looks compact and can easily fit in your kitchen and comes with a thermostat as well as a heating element.

So, how does it work? Well, the water in an instant geyser flows about a heating element, and the water gets heated at a fast pace. Due to this, you wouldn’t need to break a sweat or wait for a longer duration for cleaning up utensils and other things in the kitchen.

Additionally, you would require reducing the water flow to increase the temperature of the water or even push up the power of the heating coil rating.

Lastly, the minimum requirement is a heating rate of 4.5 KW/hr to deliver a medium flow of water in the instant geyser.

Storage or instant geyser for kitchen – which is better?

There’s no doubt about an instant geyser having a big edge over storage water heaters in numerous ways. To prove this, I’m listing the advantages that it has as compared to storage water heaters. Let’s get this started:

Advantages of instant water heater for kitchen –

Here are some of the advantages that an instant geyser has over a storage water heater.

  • Takes less space – Yes! You heard that right. An instant geyser due to its compact size would hardly take any space to mount in your beloved kitchen. The same can’t be said about storage water heaters needs a larger wall mounting space.
  • Hot water provided in a jiffy – You don’t have to wait for many minutes but rather in a flash you’ll instantly receive hot water in an instant geyser. It does work like a charm!
  • Cheaper Installation – Thanks to its size, you won’t be emptying your pocket for the installation procedure of an instant geyser. Additionally, an instant geyser has a low operating cost as compared to that of a storage water heater. It is a win situation for you, and it is highly recommended.
  • Piping work is limited – Installing an instant geyser hardly requires much work with piping. It not only takes limited space but also fewer hassles of pipe-work and gives you a clean look in the kitchen.
Storage vs instant geyser for kitchen

Tip: both the water heaters have their own benefits. Storage geysers have higher capacity and can store hot water for longer duration. For bathing needs of large families, a storage geyser definitely wins.

4 best geysers for kitchen

1. Havells Instanio 3-Litre 3KW Instant Water Heater

Havells Instanio 3 Litre Instant Water Heater for kitchen

Instant water heaters are a must for every household. Havells is a brand known to have a wide range of electrical supplies with spectacular features. Similarly, Havells Instanio Instant Water Heater is a top-notch water heater having a capacity of approximately 3 litres.

The multi-function valve does not let the pressure go above the .65 Mpa bar, which is a perfect fit for buildings at a high rise. Apart from being an ideal water heater, it has a bunch of imperative features that stands apart from other geysers.

Havells Instanio water heater as a whole provides high-quality performance and has a stainless steel inner tank which lets you have a longer life of the water heater. Since it is one of the top kitchen water heaters that you can go for, there will be some pros and cons.

Let me show you the pros and cons of this instant water heater.

Safety – The water heater is a safe buy as it has a thermostat and also a thermal cut-off. For better safety, there is a multi-functioning valve.Maintenance is tough – When compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters aren’t easy to manage.
LED – It has an LED indicator, with two different colours. The colours are amber and blue, both of the colours indicate hot and red respectively.Storage Capacity issue – There is no storage capacity, and it can be a problem in case you live in a place with power cuts.
Good option for high-rise buildings – It is an ideal option for people staying in high-rise buildings.Need to restart sometimes – For having a well-maintained water temperature; you will need to restart it at regular intervals.

Havells Instanio comes in different capacities and kWs. Select as per your requirements.

2. Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Water Heater

Crompton Bliss instant water heater

Crompton as a brand has been providing quality products over the years with various electronics on offer. The Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Water Heater is a top-quality geyser that I would recommend with many interesting features.

The water heater from Crompton has a fast heating function, which makes life easier for you. It packs power with non-corrosive materials as that leads to longer life duration. With an elegant design and a 4-level safety feature, it is one of the best water heaters for kitchen that you can get.

In case of any issues regarding the geyser, there is a warranty period for the tank and product of 5 and 2 years respectively (at the time of updating this article).

Let’s check out the positives and negatives. They are as follows:

Attractive design – Looks do matter when you purchase a product, similarly the Crompton Bliss 3-L instant water heater has a sleek design and is easy to the eye.No outlet pipes available – It does lack an outlet pipe, and you will have to get it.
Isn’t hard to operate – Apart from being stylish, it is quite easy to use and it won’t take your time in knowing how to operate it.No 3 pin plug – Another con about the water heater is that it doesn’t come with a 3 pin plug, which is a let-down.
Indicators – The water heater/geyser has neon indicators equipped with it. Whenever your water turns hot, the neon indicator turns green and you’re ready.Drilling needed – Drilling is a must on the wall to mount the water heater.

Watch the unboxing video on my YouTube channel here –

3. Racold Pronto Neo (3 Litres 3Kw)

Racold Pronto Neo

Racold Pronto Neo water heater from the house of Racold is a stunning product, especially with its design. This water heater apart from its looks will blow your mind as it has a high-pressure resistant technology-enabled.

You do not need to stress as it is fast in providing you with adequate hot water in no time. There are tons to talk about its endless features and how useful it is as a water heater. Having a different level of experience in terms of water heating is what Racold Pronto Neo 3 litres aim for. With a capacity of 3 litres, you do get comfortable bathing at a pretty good speed.

Additionally, at a reasonable price, you get a commendable water heater with a Next-Gen design.

Heating is fast – The water geyser from Racold comprises a heating element with a powerful performance. This results in getting hot water at a reasonably fast pace.Build quality isn’t the strongest – Yes, it does look good with its design. That doesn’t take away the fact that the plastic build quality feels below par.
3-Level Safety – Safety is important when you’re getting a geyser for your house. The Racold Pronto water heater with features like a cut-out, safety valve, and thermostat.Pipes & screws are not provided – The disappointing part about this appliance is that basic things like 3 pin, pipes, and screws are not provided.
Great option for high-rise buildings – Another impressive feature of the water heater is that it can hold high pressure, which is an ideal quality for people staying in skyscrapers or buildings at a higher elevation.You can’t set temperature – There is no way of adjusting the water temperature while in the shower as you are not provided with the ability to set a specific temperature. The cold and hot knobs are your only friends.

Racold Pronto is available in multiple sizes and watts too.

4. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Water Heater

The Flora Instant 3 Litre vertical water heater/geyser from Bajaj has an aesthetic look to it. It does look posh with a sophisticated and clean look, which is a major plus point while purchasing a product. Other than it being attractive from the outside, it is packed with a bunch of features that make it a worthy buy.

With a holding capacity of 3 litres and a pressure of 6.5 bars, it is a quality water heater. Just like other geysers, it is a good fit for usage in high-rise buildings and also the outer body build is sturdy. With a lot to offer from Bajaj, this vertical water heater of 3 litres is a fabulous option that I would certainly recommend.

Let’s go through the pros and cons. They are as follows:

Classy look – Glamour is an imperative aspect in anything, and what better than having a stylish water heater. This water heater from Bajaj looks very appealing to the eye and levels up the glamour quotient.Plug top and connector pipes are not provided – They are not provided within the product. You will eventually have to pay more and buy it separately (at the time of updating this article).
Impressive outer body – Having a body that does not rust nor has corrosion is an impressive quality in a water heater. The thermoplastic outer body makes sure that the Flora 3L geyser won’t be harmed by corrosion.No continuous flow of water – The brand does assure it but in many experiences, it has been mentioned by people about not having a proper continuous flow of water.
Fire Retardant Cable – Having safety features are a must. In case of fire, this retardant cable provided will be able to stop the fire from being spread largely.Not an ideal option for a bigger family – If you have a large family, this water heater won’t be able to deliver.

What to consider while choosing the best instant geyser for kitchen

There are numerous things to consider whenever you go to get your ideal instant water heater for kitchen. Things can take a turn in case you don’t have proper planning about what kind of things need to be considered while getting a mini geyser for your kitchen.

Here’s the list I’ve compiled about what to consider while choosing the best tap geyser for kitchen. They are as follows:

1. Size

Buying an instant geyser without proper planning can lead to disappointment. You should keep in mind the size of your family, and is it big enough or small? Getting an oversized instant geyser would prove to be of no use in case you have a family comprising of three members, and leading to higher electricity bills along with extra heating of water that is not necessarily required.

2. Wattage

Knowing the wattage is imperative in choosing an instant geyser. The wattage is crucial as it decides whether the geyser is fast or slow in producing hot water. For your information, a 4.5 KW/hr geyser will provide you hot water at a faster rate as compared to a geyser with 2KW but also save electricity bills.

3. Electricity consumption

Since instant geysers provide hot water rapidly, the drawing of electricity by them tends to be high. While looking for an instant geyser, you need to make sure that the KW scale should be between 3- 4.5 KW.

If you live in a warm and sunny place and would like to cut down on the electricity bills, then a solar water heater is another great option.

4. Bar pressure

Bar pressure is simple terms mean, water pressure that hits the water tank of the geyser. Therefore, water pressure in the geyser is calculated or measure by bars.

In most cases, it is highly recommended to go for an 8 bar pressure geyser, and it does not matter whether you live in a skyscraper building or a bungalow.

5. Heating element

It is imperative to know how the heating element of the instant geyser is. The heating element is a crucial component of your instant geyser/water heater. Since it is the part that heats water, it can be affected by hard and soft water and lowering its performance.

Salt deposits in hard water can reduce the heating effect and also generating more electric consumption. It is to be noted that heating element can fail for many reasons and they also can be replaced to bring in optimum performance in the instant geyser.

So, do keep a tab on it whenever you feel the heating performance isn’t up to the mark.

6. Tank material and rust proof body

Having a geyser with stainless steel or copper will lead to having longer life duration. Also, enamel glass-coated geyser water tanks are considered to be the best as of now. It is a stainless steel water tank with a finishing coat of advanced polymers, leading to the tank being corrosion resistant.

Moreover, choosing an instant geyser that doesn’t catch rust and shockproof is a must. I think, choosing a geyser with a rust-proof outer body and a tank with stainless steel should seal the deal for you.

7. LED indicators and auto shut-off

LED indicator is a must for an instant geyser. For instance, the colour of the LED light changes when the water starts heating in the geyser and later on flashes a different colour (Red to Green).

This does help to know about the state of the water needed. Similarly, the auto shut-off or cut-off feature can help you save electricity.


The remarkable thing about instant geyser for kitchen is that it provides you with ample amount of advantages over the storage water heater.

Whether it is about the compact size or saving electricity, it is beneficial and for its kitchen purpose. There have been some technical aspects that I have covered in this article for you to go deep and why buying a small geyser for kitchen is helpful in a lot of ways. This should make it clear.

Moreover, you need to go in with proper research about what all you need to consider while buying an instant water heater for kitchen.

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