IFB 25SC4 Microwave Oven Review: Should You Buy? 25SC4 vs 25BC4

IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven Review: Should You Buy? 25SC4 vs 25BC4

So you want to take your cooking skills to the next level and are looking for a microwave but not sure whether IFB 25SC4 Microwave Oven is the right one for you? Or you are confused between 25BC4 vs 25SC4 and 23SC4 vs 25SC4. Well, I faced the same situation and here is my buying experience that may help you decide to pick the right model.

IFB convection microwave oven comes in different capacities and models with different price. As a buyer, you are stuck among many varieties and you might have already read hundreds of reviews and still can’t decide which product to buy. The same happened to me as well.

What I did was – I went straight to the IFB store and physically checked all the models available and enquired about the model numbers, product features, and capacities.

Now, before I share my user review of IFB 25SC4 Microwave Oven, let me tell you the differences of all these product models.

Difference between IFB 25SC4 and 25BC4/23BC4

IFB Microwave models

Actually, both are almost same but IFB 25BC4 (BC = Black Convection) is a newer model launched around 2014 with more inbuilt standard menus and a few added features like Over Heat Protection and Power Save Mode.

Design wise, it is little different from IFB 25SC4 (SC = Silver Convection). It has a floral glass door which makes the door non-transparent, and it will not be so suitable for those who need to check the items inside every time they cook, at least the beginners. Also, the placement of the cooking buttons is little odd. However, most microwaves have same core components and should perform similarly.

With IFB 23BC4 model, there are a few added pre set buttons like Baby Milk, Popcorn, and Disinfect. It has different control styles and finishes from 25BC4.

After a thorough research on all the models, I finally decided to chose IFB 25SC4 (Silver Convection) for some reasons:

  • 25SC4 looks more classy and sturdy
  • Has more online positive reviews
  • It has transparent glass door while 23BC4 doesn’t. Sometimes, you need to see how the food is cooked inside the oven.
  • IFB 20SC2, IFB 22SC4, IFB 25SC4, and IFB 30SC4 are among the best selling convection microwave ovens in India.

IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven Review

Indian Fine Blanks (IFB) is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to microwave oven. Their SC series are priced reasonably and they beat all the competitors from Samsung to other brands. This particular model 25SC4 is easy to use with the soft touch key pad. The look is quite stylish with the silver color, is solid, perfectly sized, and the finish will match your kitchen anytime.

Honestly speaking, my first choice was the IFB 23SC4 model but it went out of stock at the time I was about to buy. My second choice was 23BC4. I went to the IFB store to pick up the 23BC4 model but when I reached the place and saw it, I wasn’t really convinced. It was a bit smaller (23 L) than I expected and the glass door was not transparent which I didn’t like. After checking out a few more other models, it turned out that IFB 25SC4 (25 L) was the right size and design I was looking for. The glass door was also transparent which was one of important factors for me while choosing.

If you love baking, love eating a lot, and expect to cook different types of cuisines in medium to large quantities, then I suggest you NOT to get an oven below 25 Liter capacity. If your kitchen space doesn’t allow you, then that’s another case. But, you can place the oven in another room if you really can’t compromise on the capacity.

IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven User Review

What I like about the product:

  • Compact size with spacious cavity
  • Enough capacity to easily fit a common sized dinner plate or pan for 4-5 people
  • Elegant design with different types of preset programmes
  • The Microwave + Grill and Microwave + Convection preset buttons make it easier to cook
  • Baking can be done with ease and convenience
  • It comes with two grill stands and pizza/tandoor pan
  • Awesome interior light
  • The door handle makes it easy to open and close
  • The rotary glass plate can be easily removed and cleaned
  • This 900-watt machine heats food quickly and effectively

Convection mode test: baking cinnamon roll and cheese cake

The top reason why I bought this convection oven is to bake. I love eating croissants, muffins, and varieties of cake. So, why not make them at home and eat it regularly also with the customized sweetness?

The first food I made using this oven was cheese cake. It turned out really well. All in first attempt. Thanks to YouTube recipes.

At 170 Degree Celsius and 30 minutes time, the cake was baked efficiently in Convection Mode.

Home made cheese cake (made using IFB Oven)
Cheese cake made in IFB 25SC4 Oven

Then, I tried cinnamon roll. Again, it came out amazingly well. I realized I should have chosen chef as a profession. :-)

Home made Cinnamon Roll
Home-made cinnamon roll

I came across some complaints online about the cake top slightly getting burnt while baking at 170 degree on IFB convection microwave ovens. I did face the same situation (see pic above) and I guess it has to do with either temperature settings or recipes and nothing to do with the machine.

Now, if you would like to get into professional baking, then OTG oven should be better. See the differences here – Microwave vs OTG vs Convection Oven.

How about this baked chicken?

Mouth watering huh? Well, it was delicious and probably it tasted much better than Gordon Ramsay’s chicken recipes. :-)

I simply used the Convection Mode at 200 Degree for 20 minutes. The chicken was cooked thoroughly without getting burnt.

Made Baked Chicken with Microwave Oven
Baked chicken

Here is the quick recipe if you want. And see how I made using the IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven.

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IFB 25SC4 vs 25BC4/IFB 23SC4 vs 23BC4: which one should you buy?

Most convection ovens use the same heating technologies and the inner parts are almost similar. Most of use prefer easy-to-use control panels with auto cooking menus and see-through glass doors. Then, size and pricing are equally important while choosing right oven.

When choosing the capacity, you should also consider your kitchen counter space and family size. What is the quantity of food you will make regularly? How many kilos of cake you want to bake? Or how many tandoori chicken leg pieces you can eat? All these matter.

Now, as per my research, online reviews, and hand-on experience, the SC series definitely win. IFB 25SC4 is a right choice for a medium sized family while IFB 30SC4 should be good for larger families. 20SC2 and 23SC4 would be fine for small families who have really tiny kitchens or who eat small plates.

If you don’t want to compromise on cooking convenience and looking for a perfect sized oven, then IFB 25SC4 convection microwave oven is definitely for you. Highly recommended!

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