IFB Versus Bosch Washing Machine: Who’s Winning In India 2023?

IFB Versus Bosch Washing Machine: Which Is Better?

So, IFB or Bosch washing machine – which is better? Well, both the brands have good reputation in the market and are trusted by millions. In this article, I’ll dig into both the brands and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. I’ll be comparing these two giants side-by side in different parameters using reliable data.

LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool dominate the Indian washing machine market share in economic category (affordable). However, Bosch and IFB top the list in premium category. As you are here, you might be looking for a bit pricey washing machine. Right? Hang on for a while and I’ll help you decide which brand to pick.

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IFB vs Bosch washing machine: full comparison

1. Brand reputation (in washing machine segment)

Founded in 1974, Indian Fine Blanks limited used to partner with BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, the company which manufactures Bosch and Siemens’ washing machines and other home appliances.

Now, IFB occupies over 40% of the market in terms of front-load washing machines. The figure says a lot about how reputable they are among the Indian consumers.

The brand also gives a good competition to other brands in microwave oven segment.
Robert Bosch GmbH needs no introduction. Known as Bosch, the German company is popular for its premium and expensive products.

Bosch tops the category of premium washing machines (products priced between Rs. 25000-50000) by occupying 28% of the Indian market, while IFB shares stand at 23%.

In super premium category, Bosch has about four washing machines which are priced above 50000 INR.
IFB vs Bosch Washing Machine Market Share in India

2. Availability

Currently, IFB has about 32 models of washing machines with automatic front-loaders topping the sales chart.

They also do have a top-loading ones, but are more expensive than the ones from the rivals like Whirlpool and Godrej. IFB washing machines are available both online and offline with great discounts.
As far as my research, Bosch has about 44 models. Similar with IFB, Bosch’s front-loading washing machines are quite popular among the rich buyers.

BOSCH stores are rare to find outside the metropolitan cities, but you can easily get it online with fast services.

3. Features & technologies

The brand had introduced some smart front loaders in India with intelligent technologies to gently pull out stubborn dirt particles from clothes. Some of their unique features include – 3D & O2 Wash, 360° Wash, ExpressWash, Cradle Wash, Steam wash, and more.

Also, to handle the problem of hard water in India, IFB even came up with a new technology called Aqua Energie. What more? The brand also uses Crescent Moon Drums with powerful 1400 RPM motors in some of their high-end products.

Other notable features include – custom wash options, voltage control, auto restart, LED display, and so on.
Bosch washing machines are engineered with advanced technology, that too with perfection.

Some notable features include deeper drum like Vario Drum for tough stains, belt-driven motor mechanism for less noise and vibration, different wash programmes, inverter technology for less power consumption, 3D wash with inbuilt heater, active water plus tech for less water consumption, tangle-free program, I-DOS, EcoProtection, HomeConnect mobile application, and more.

4. Pricing/cost

IFB washers are also costly, but well priced comparing to Bosch. The replacement parts are affordable too. Some of their expensive models reach around 70k INR, while the lowest front loaders start from approx. 25k INR, and top loaders from 19k INR.

When it comes to energy consumption, most of their latest models have 5 Star BBE rating and consume 0.089 kWh/kg/cycle (Senator WSS STEAM 8KG).
Bosch washing machines are obviously priced higher than IFB’s. Also, the spare parts are priced on a higher side. Their premium model Series 6 starts from approx. 78k, while the Series 2 top-load costs around 24k.

Bosch washers do get 5 Star BBE rating too and consumes about 0.20 kWh at 30C/1.90 kWh at 95C wash modes (Series 8KG Front Loader).

5. Quality

Robust, durable, stainless steel drum, anti-rust body, voltage protection, long-lasting motor, compact – these are some of the qualities IFB washing machines possess.Same here. But, Bosch’s washers have quieter spinning operation, less shakeable, and look more minimalistic and contemporary, matching the European design.

6. Services & warranty

You’ll find IFB stores in all the metro, Tier-1, and Tier-2 cities. The brand gets positive reviews in customer satisfaction. Even I had a good experience with their product demo service. The best part is that, you’ll get replacement parts easily when required.

The brand offers 4 years comprehensive warranty & 10 years motor warranty. It means, their motors are built to last more than a decade.
They provide prompt service by highly experienced technicians. However, Bosch’s stores are limited in only a few cities in India. Also, replacing of parts may get delayed if you live outside metro cities.

Bosch gives 2 years warranty on product and 12 years on motor. The brand boasts of its highly durable motors.

Verdict of IFB vs Bosch washing machine

I have taken only the important factors when comparing the two brands, based on trustworthy market researches, customers’ reviews, and personal experience.

There is no absolute winner here. Both the brands win and lose in different criteria. Decide the winner yourself according to your requirements.

PriceCheaper because of Indian made tagBit expensive as it’s German based company
Noise & vibrationLess noise and vibration when compared to other competitorsPerforms better than IFB
Power consumptionGets 5 Star in most of their models. They do have inverter technology in few of their wash machines.Same here. But most high-end models use inverter technology.
Maintenance costLess than BoschBit pricey
AvailabilityAvailable in every nook and corner of the nationPopular in only metropolitan cities
Customer satisfactionAlmost similarAlmost similar
Drum/wash tub materialStainless steelStainless steel
Wash modesLesser than Bosch, but provides useful onesMore than IFB (depends on models too)
Warranty4 years warranty on product2 years on product

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