9 Amazing Indian Ice Cream Flavours You Need To Try

9 Best Indian Ice Cream Flavours You Need To Try

It is that time of the year when the sun is scorching hot, and all you do is, order an ice cream tub online or get one from the nearby ice cream stall. Just like me, I’m sure that even you had childhood memories of going bonkers for ice cream. We all do scream for Ice cream, isn’t it?

However, I’m going to specifically talk about Indian ice cream flavours that have captivated many people all over the country with their unique identity and taste. Some of them can be over the line in terms of taste, but they are worth a try.

Let’s have a look at the best ice cream flavours in India – the ultimate Indian ice cream names list.

9 best Indian ice cream flavours

1. Malai Kulfi

Malai Kulfi Indian Ice Cream Flavour
via YummiKulfi

Malai Kulfi is hands down one of my favourite Indian ice cream flavours by a mile. It is one of the most popular choices among Indians when they have to choose a desi variant of ice cream.

Made up of milk, nuts, and cardamom, I have fond memories of waiting for the roadside kulfi stalls to show up in summer. It is creamier and dense when you compare it to regular ice cream, and that is what makes it one of the best ice cream flavours in India.

2. Kesar Pista Ice Cream

Kesar Pista
Tiny Town Dessert

Another Indian Ice cream flavour that has driven a lot of people crazy is kesar pista. I’m not talking about the kulfi variant of kesar pista, but the Ice creams that you get in the local ice cream stalls and supermarket.

To quench the heat, the luscious saffron and pistachio flavour of Kesar Pista work like a charm to provide you with the utmost satisfaction as ice cream. Similar to malai kulfi, this is an ice cream flavour that makes us go back in time.

If you’re a fan of Indian ice cream flavours, give this one a try.

3. Masala Chai Ice Cream

Masala Chai Ice Cream

Did your mind just blow up after hearing about masala chai being an Indian Ice cream flavour? Well, it might not be the most popular option, but this flavour does have a large fan base.

It is a mix of two worlds as you’ll find it sweet in taste and a bit spicy as well with ginger, cardamom seeds, sugar, and cloves making way for the ice cream flavour. I would recommend the masala chai flavour for those wanting to try a unique ice cream experience.

4. Pani Puri Ice Cream

Pani Puri Ice Cream
Apasara Ice Cream Parlour, Mumbai

When you live in India, you’ll find spice in everything. It might sound truly bizarre; however, there is something called pani puri ice cream. Frozen gol gappa/pani puri might scare away some people, but it comes out as a surprise with a tangy and sweet taste.

The rock salt, coriander, and sweetened milk bring out a plethora of tastes that one can experience. As an ice cream lover, I found the Pani Puri Ice cream to be a refreshing change from the other Indian Ice cream flavours.

5. Paan Ice Cream

Paan Ice Cream
Teaspoons And Tablespoons

Paan (betel leaves) is known to be very popular in India. However, did you try out paan ice cream? If not, this Indian ice cream flavour has everything to tantalize your taste buds.

With a combination of condensed milk, betel leaves, and fennel seeds, it provides you with the exact taste of having a paan. The ice cream does consist of a strong taste that can keep you refreshed throughout the summer days.

6. Anjeer Badam Ice Cream

Anjeer Badam

Anjeer (Fig) with a wholesome combination of dry fruits in an Ice cream is the Indian answer to the rest of the world. You can feel the crispiness of salty almonds that brings a luscious surprise to the taste buds.

It has been known to be one of the best ice cream flavours in India for a long time now. As compared to other new innovative Indian flavours, anjeer badam ice cream has a deep connection with the masses of the country.

If you’ve never tried the flavour, I can vouch that you won’t be disappointed.

7. Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Flavour

A coconut flavour is certainly the quintessential example of a mammoth amount of Indian Ice cream flavours that you’ll find across the country. Since coconut is consumed on a larger scale, it is bound to happen that we also have coconut Ice cream on our ever-growing list.

Coconut milk, vanilla extract, salt, and sweeteners are some of the main ingredients that make it possible to have coconut ice cream come to reality. If you’re someone who wants another unique experience, try “Team Coconut Ice Cream”.

8. Tamarind Ice Cream

Tamarind Ice Cream

Citrus-based Ice creams are a major hit in India, and one of them is the tamarind flavour. Even though it isn’t that popular as compared to its other counterparts, it still hits hard.

I recently tried out the tamarind ice cream around my place and it did blow me off. The tangy tamarind pulp and the sweetness of the cream offer a magical combination for people licking their lips for a unique flavour.

If you can keep a hold of spice, you can sprinkle some chilli flakes on top of the cream. This is only for those who can tolerate a subtle spice. Overall, it is recommended from my side.

9. Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream
Cooking Sushma

I don’t think that I’ll have to mention the amount of love Mango flavoured Ice cream receives in India. It is a no-brainer as it is a pretty popular flavour among people, and you would find it everywhere during the summer months.

Consisting of mangoes, lots of creams, flavourings, milk, and more, the Mango ice cream flavour packs a punch. Since it is an easy option to make at home, you will only require a blender and mixer, in case you decide to make mango ice cream all by yourself.


Several Indian Ice cream flavours have a deep-rooted connection with Ice cream fanatics. For those who are unaware, you’ll find a lot of ice cream flavours for the first time and it can be a good idea to try them out.

From my perspective, the ones listed above are the most popular ice cream flavours in India. Each flavour has its own identity and taste I would be sure to give it a shot.

To end it here, “You & I scream for Ice Cream.”

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