List Of 11 Indian Shoe Brands With Indian Origin

List Of 11 Indian Shoe Brands With Indian Origin

Shoes are a style statement of how you flaunt your vibe. There are numerous Indian shoe brands in the market today that cater to different customers in the form of kids, women, and men.

But, do you know that many Indian-origin shoe brands have been operating for a long time and are dominating the shoe industry in India and abroad? Well, you’ll get to know in this article about the best Indian shoes brands that you might have not known about its origin.

Whether they are formal, casual, or sports shoe, Indian footwear brands have got their game on point. This has resulted in a huge turnover and sales for numerous Indian brands for shoes.

Let me compile a list of 11 Indian shoe brands that are made in India

1. Khadim’s

Khadim’s shoes

Khadim’s started in the name of S.N. Footwear Industries Pvt. Ltd in the year 1981. Fast forward to 1993, and they emerged as a well-known footwear brand in India by providing different categories of shoes.
In a short span, they have grown to be one of the top Indian shoes company by having a strong grip in eastern India and down south as well. As per recent reports, they own more than 829 exclusive stores to their name.

  • Revenue Per Year – 700-800 Cr
  • Founder – Siddhartha Roy Burman
  • Net Sales – 166.07 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Excellent and Long lasting

2. Red Chief

Red Chief

Red Chief is purely a Desi brand as many of you might have mistaken it as a foreign shoe company. Launched in the year 1997, it has grown tremendously in a short span by offering a range of top-tier leather shoes with a list of 5 manufacturing plants to its name.

Personally, it is one of my favourite Indian-origin shoe brands that surely lives up to my expectation.

  • Revenue Per Year – 300-350 Cr
  • Founder – Manoj Gyanchandani
  • Net Sales – 75 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Great

3. Liberty

Liberty quality shoes brand

Liberty shoes have been consistently producing quality shoes since its debut in the year 1983. It has been an emotion for the older generation too as the brand started selling footwear when there was hardly any brands in the Indian market.

Apart from being one of the biggest Indian shoes company, it is among the top five leather footwear manufacturers around the globe. Liberty has a range of shoes that suits everyone’s needs and preference.

  • Revenue Per Year – 550-600 Cr
  • Founder – Dharam Gupta, Purushotam Gupta, and Rajkumar Bansal.
  • Net Sales – 126 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Very Good

4. Paragon


The company started manufacturing in Kerala from the year 1975. Since then it has taken an upward growth as in the current day the brand is well known all over the country.

It has a total of four certified factories all over India with a daily production capacity of 400,000 pairs. Ranging from flip-flops, women’s footwear, slippers, and shoes, they do offer quality footwear at an affordable price.

Just like me, I’m sure many people have purchased footwear from Paragon and continue to do so.

  • Revenue Per Year – 1000-2500 Cr
  • Founder – PV Abraham, KU Thomas, and KU Scaria.
  • Net Sales – No conclusive data
  • Shoe Quality – Good

5. Lakhani


Lakhani shoes have been a brand that is synonymous with school shoes, slippers, sports shoes, and other footwear. It began production in the year 1966, now it is a popular name in the Indian footwear industry.

Lakhani did go through a low in the middle of the 2000s as other foreign brands took control of the market. However, the company got back on track to compete with other top brands in the market, thanks to Mayank Lakhani’s approach (Second-generation entrepreneur) that paved way for a new success.

  • Revenue Per Year – 100 Cr
  • Founder – Parmeshwar Dayal Lakhani
  • Net Sales – No specific data
  • Shoe Quality – Excellent

6. HRX

HRX Fashion Brand

A lot of celebrities in the recent past have started their fashion brands, and Hrithik Roshan is one of them who own the brand HRX along with co-founder Afsar Zaidi.

HRX shoes mostly focus on an active fitness lifestyle with a range of impressive casual/sports shoes. As an Indian brand, it punches above its weight that caters mostly to the youth of the country.

  • Revenue Per Year – 300-500 Cr
  • Founder – Hrithik Roshan & Afsar Zaidi
  • Net Sales – No specific data
  • Shoe Quality – Good

7. Action

Action chappal brand

Action shoes have been a household name for a very long time, thanks to their top-quality sports shoes. At one point in time, they used to be the top players in the footwear industry as Sachin Tendulkar went on to be the brand ambassador of Action Shoes.

However, the company after tasting success in the shoe industry decided to make way for other businesses as well.

During my childhood, getting a pair of Action shoes from my parents was like a prized possession, similar to other Indian kids.

  • Revenue Per Year – 795 Cr
  • Founder – Sanchit Aggarwal
  • Net Sales – No specific data
  • Shoe Quality – Above average

8. Relaxo

Relaxo Sparx

Relaxo footwear started in 1976 after two brothers decided to carry on the legacy of their father’s shoe business, Relaxo as a brand has succeeded in captivating its customers and making a name for itself in the footwear industry.

Currently, it has a wide range of footwear for men, women, and kids too. With its headquarters located in New Delhi, Relaxo produces about 6 lakh pairs of footwear per day.

  • Revenue Per Year – 2500 Cr
  • Founder – Mukund Lal Dua Ramesh Kumar Dua
  • Net Sales – 667.15 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Very Good

9. Red Tape

Red Tape

Red Tape is another Indian brand that has been manufacturing top-tier footwear for several decades. It not only focuses on formal/casual leather shoes but also impressive sneakers that can give a run for the money to other competing sports shoe brands.

Red Tape can be easily placed in the top Indian shoes brands list due to its quality and range of shoes on offer. Based in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), many of us would surely pick up Red Tape shoes for occasions and events.

  • Revenue Per Year – 500 Cr
  • Founder – Irshad Mirza & Rashid Mirza
  • Net Sales – 120-150 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Excellent

10. Hitz


Hitz shoes have their aura of different collections of shoes. It all began in 1990 with one of the top Indian brands for shoes as they have a variety in range and unparallel style.

All the shoes are made up of high-quality materials, and that makes them stand out and also is a reason for their prolonged success.

  • Revenue Per Year – 300-400 Cr
  • Founder – Chander Poptani
  • Net Sales – 70-80 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Very Good

11. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

You might be shocked to know, that Louis Philippe is an Indian brand and powerhouse dealing with a range of segments, including footwear.

Owned by the Aditya Birla Group, Louis Philippe shoes are classy with a stunning collection of shoes that can easily be purchased from the stores or even online.

  • Revenue Per Year – 8000-10,000 Cr
  • Founder – Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (Division of Aditya Birla Group)
  • Net Sales – 2500-3000 Cr (June 2022)
  • Shoe Quality – Top-Tier

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