Induction Stove Wattage: Best Watts For Indian Cooking

Induction Cooktop Wattage: Best Watts For Indian Cooking

Cooking on an induction stove can be really interesting if you are doing it for the first time. An induction works with electricity and you can adjust the power consumption by controlling the wattage. But, it might be often difficult to know the best wattage for induction cooktop.

Knowing the right wattage for cooking will help in cooking the food quicker, without leaving anything uncooked. Induction cooker wattage is an important parameter and there is a wide range for it.

The wattage range of an induction cooktop varies depending on the manufacturing company.

This article explores the induction stove wattage and the right watts to quickly prepare your food.

Induction stove wattage range, power consumption, and cost

It is important to note that there is a wide range of induction cooktop wattage, from 120W, 800W to 2100W. You can set the temperature accordingly. One of the major reasons for different wattage is that different food requires specifically different heating intensity.

The range for the wattage is generally different across the numerous product range. It is thus important to select the brand properly.

Some of the major brands, like Prestige provide a range of up to 2000W. The induction of Phillips even provides a wattage range of close to 2100W, which provides better cooking time. Basically, all brands usually mention the maximum wattage an induction cooktop can provide.

So, how does the wattage range affect your electricity bills?

Well, the below formula and calculation will give you a clear picture. Also, it will help you decide which induction stove wattage to pick.

Power Consumption of Induction Cooktop = Power Consumed Per Second x Time Taken To Cook

For our convenience, let us consider that we are cooking on a range of 2000W over the induction cooktop. Assume that the food is being cooked for 5 minutes and the electricity price is Rs. 6/unit.

Here is the calculation on how much electricity it will consume along with the cost:

Electricity Consumed = (2000 x 5)/60 = 166.67 watt-hour or 0.167 kWh (Units)

Cost = Rs. 1 (166.67 x Rs. 6/Unit)

Induction stove power consumption and cost:

The following table gives us the clear calculation for the different cost you incur for cooking at different wattage –

Induction Cooktop Wattage, Power Consumption, And Cost

Some of the major inferences from the table can be concluded as follows

  • As the wattage increases, the duration of cooking is reduced
  • The cost of cooking in 2000 Watts is lower than the price of cooking on a gas stove.
  • Lower wattage of cooking can increase the electricity bill
  • To cook in less time and to save electricity, we will suggest you to use higher wattage
  • Ensure that you use an optimal wattage while frying dishes, as it is important that you don’t burn up the dish.

What is the best wattage for induction cooktop?

The best wattage for cooking Indian dishes on an induction stove is 2000 Watts. However, it widely depends on the way you cook. Anyway, you can set the heat according to your desired way of cooking.

If you are getting a new induction cooktop, get the one with 2000W or above as they come with different wattage settings and are well suited for Indian cooking. You may need a high wattage when you are making food like dal or chicken.

While you are cooking the pancakes or potatoes, it is better to set the induction top at medium range which can give a temperature close to 270 F.

On the contrary, pasta, popcorn would require you to have a higher temperature range, close to 400F.

So, the point is that setting of wattage/temperature totally depends on the food you cook and your style of cooking.

Difference between 1200 watts and 1800 watts induction cooker

While there is a huge variety for selecting the best induction cooktop, it is important to know the difference between the lower and high wattage induction.

In case you are an amateur in cooking, this table is going to be an efficient way of selecting the better option.

Criteria1200 W1800 W
HeatThe heat generated by this induction is in the moderate rangeThe heat generated is on the higher range
EfficiencyThe efficiency in terms of cooking is lower, provided you are not frying the foodFor frying applications, the efficiency of the cooking is very good
ExpensesSince it takes more time to cook the food, the expenses are moreExpenses are less, as the food is cooked quicker
CostIt is in the lower bracket of the expenseIt is in the higher bracket, as it costs more
DurabilityThe durability in case of 1200 W induction is more since the heat generation is less, which can be tolerated by the induction cooktopThe durability is low, as higher heat leads to a lower lifetime of the product
Cooking MethodWhile cooking on the 1200W induction, it is better if you cook on a lower range, provided you are not boiling the foodIf you often fry your food, 1800W induction should be your choice.

The maintenance and cost for a 1200W cooktop induction is bit less as compared to that of an 1800W induction.

If you are a student or a bachelor living in hostel or rent who does basic cooking like making tea, noodles, or other simple food, you can go for a lower wattage induction stove as they are much cheaper.

For small to large families, you can opt for an induction cooker with high wattage.

Induction cooktop vs gas stove: energy consumption and cost

Induction stove vs gas stove

Let us clear one myth at the start:

“Induction cooktops consume more energy than the gas stove.”

This claim is completely wrong!

Research has shown that induction cooktop is more energy efficient and consumes less energy than that of any gas stove. Also, the cost is much cheaper than using a gas stove in many cases.

One of the major reasons why induction is better than the gas is the reduced time in boiling food. Boiling a barrel of water on the gas might take close to 45 minutes, whereas induction cooktop reduces the time of boiling same amount of water to 20 mins. Thus, using induction is an efficient way of cooking.

It is important to note that the efficiency of an induction is close to 80% whereas that of a gas stove is 70%.

Most of the heat produced by an induction is used directly to heat the food. Thus, if the induction works for 30 minutes, over 2000W induction top, it consumes as low as Rs. 6, which is far lesser than using a gas stove for the same duration.

Going by the way of physics, it is the electromagnetic effect in the induction cooker that improves the efficiency of cooking.

The auto-power cut feature is what adds an extra layer of electricity saving option for an induction.

How to pick an induction stove with the best watts in India

While you are purchasing the induction cooktop in India, you should look for the following features:

Range of the wattage: More the range of the induction, better will be the cooking. Higher options will be provided and a wide range of dishes can be prepared. Moreover, it also provides for flexibility when there is a time crunch to speed up the cooking. If you have the budget, get an induction stove with the maximum wattage.

User friendly: It is important to have a smart induction at home. A user-friendly induction will help you to learn the art of cooking faster and quicker. Moreover, if you are new to cooking, you must look for a user-friendly induction, as it helps in improving your cooking skills too.

Price comparison: Make sure you are paying the right price as per the feature provided. Often, you might end up paying more, if you are not very sure about the features. We suggest you to make a list of the needed features before heading to purchase.

Warranty: A warranty period for any damage is important to note. It is important to get clarity of the kinds of damage that will be covered and this helps in mitigating further confusion.


The main aim of this article is to give clarity in terms of induction cooker wattage, electricity consumption, best watts for Indian cooking, and the myth about its costs and uses. Moreover, it brings forward the important difference between the high range and medium-range induction.

The next time when you purchase an induction stove, it is important that you carry a list of features that you wish to have. Having an induction cooker reduces cooking time.

Plus, if you are afraid of fire like me, induction is the best thing to start your cooking journey with.

Also, the type of food you are cooking should be the deciding factor while you are choosing an induction stove wattage.

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