Chimney Size For Kitchen In Inches/Feet (Chart + Quick Guide)

Kitchen Chimney Size In Inches/Feet (Chart + Quick Guide)

Choosing the right kitchen chimney size is really important to thoroughly remove all the smoke, odour, and oily particles from your kitchen while cooking. A wrong sized chimney will fail to do this job effectively. In India, you have to either choose between two standard sizes – a 60 cm or 90 cm chimney in most cases.

So, which size you should pick? The simple rule is that for 2-4 burner stoves, a 60 cm one will work. For 3-5 burner stoves, a 90 cm one will be perfect.

Basically, the size of the chimney should be bigger than the stove or hob so that it can properly suck the greasy substance, fumes, and smoke.

Kitchen chimney size in feet, inches, and cm (chart)

A 60 cm chimney is considered to be a small-sized chimney while a 90 cm is termed as a big one. You should also consider the chimney size according to the size of your kitchen, gas stove, cooking habits, and ventilation areas. However, the basic calculation is given in the chart below:

60 cm2 feet23.6 inches1-4 burner stoveup to 200 sq.ft approx.
75 cm2.46 feet29.5 inches2-5 burner stove100 to 200 sq.ft
90 cm3 feet35.4 inches3-5 burner stove<200 sq.ft

As simple as that! Right?

Standard chimney sizes – 60 cm vs 90 cm

Standard chimney sizes - 60 cm vs 90 cm

Now, to further help you decide on which size to pick, let’s compare and find out the basic differences between 60 cm and 90 cm chimneys.

60 cm90 cm
Perfect for one to three burner hobsGreat for three or more burner stoves
CheaperMore expensive
Occupies less kitchen spaceOccupies more space
Usually has less suction power than 90 cmHigher suction power
Consumes less powerConsumes more power
Suitable for kitchen size up to 200 sq.ftSuitable for larger kitchens (more than 200 sqft)
Smaller filter surface areaLarger filter surface area
Has more demand in IndiaLesser demand than 60 cm

Steps to calculate the kitchen chimney size

The above chart and table are enough to help you decide which size you should choose. But, if you want to dig in more about how the calculation works, then let me give you an example in steps –

  • Measure the size/width of your stove
  • Let’s say the width of your stove is 45 cm, then you need a 60 cm chimney
  • What if the size of your stove is 63 cm? Then, a 90 cm chimney is your best option

Voila! That’s how you calculate the chimney size as per the size of your cooktop.

If your gas stove is bigger than your chimney, then there is a chance that the smoke and steam might escape from being suck out from the kitchen. This makes the chimney less effective. Also, you may consider the size of your kitchen. If you have a large family and larger kitchen, you may opt for the 90 cm kitchen chimney.

Bonus – below is my chimney from Glen. I chose 60 cm one according to my kitchen and gas stove size.

My 60 cm Glen kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimney size and price

Both the chimney sizes come in different price range, starting from 10,000 INR to even 100,000 INR plus. Obviously, the bigger sized chimney is more expensive than the smaller one. But, this doesn’t mean that the 90 cm wide chimney is always better.

Many factors come into play when pricing the product – technology used, material, speed settings, brand reputation, touch control, warranty, suction capacity, auto-cleaning feature, filter type, etc.

Pick any model that you can afford and that suits your requirement.

Bottom line

Choosing a chimney size for kitchen isn’t a rocket science. The main task is to look for a product that is loaded with all the features at a price you can afford. Some of the things you should take into account are – mount type, duct or ductless, suction power, auto-clean and filterless technology, low noise level, installation service, and so on. Faber, Kaff, Glen, Eurodomo, Hindware, and Elica are some of the reliable kitchen chimney brands in India.

I’ll repeat, if you don’t have much space in your kitchen and use 1-4 burners, a 60 cm sized chimney will suffice. For restaurants, bigger kitchens, and commercial use with 3-5 burner gas stoves, go with the 90 cm wide chimney.

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