6 Wildest Lays Flavours In India – Crispy & Spiciest!

6 Unique Lay’s Chips Flavours In India I Tasted

If a potato chips brand had to pass the vibe check, it would hands-down be ‘Lay’s. Do you know, why? Look at the ridiculous amount of flavours it offers, and also that are way different from each other as per taste.

You’ll find a heck lot of options around the world, however; I’m talking about the Lay’s chips flavours in India I tasted. Look, there might be personal favourites, but I will be giving my verdict about which one took my heart at the end of the article.

Shall we get started? Here we go!

6 Lays flavours in India I tasted

  • Sizzlin’ Hot
  • Maxx Sizzling Barbeque
  • India’s Magic Masala
  • Chile Limon
  • American Style Cream & Onion
  • Classic Salted

1. Lay’s Sizzlin’ Hot

Lay’s Sizzlin’ Hot flavour

The newest addition to the Lay’s family is the Sizzlin’ Hot flavour. If you’re into having a bit of spice in your snacks, this flavour is all for you. Heavily inspired by the ‘Flamin’ Hot flavour that is available abroad; the sizzling hot flavour packs a punch and comes out as a refreshing new entrant.

It can be quite spicy, so do watch out If you aren’t much into burning your tongue.

Cost – the 50g pack costs Rs. 20

Nutri Label – offers 6.6g protein, 538 kcal energy, 53.9g carbohydrate, and is to be used within 4 months.

Ingredients – edible vegetable oil, potato, spices & condiments, seasoning, natural flavouring substance, flavour enhancers, and buttermilk powder.

Taste/Flavour – as the name suggests, it is sizzling hot with chilli being the main flavour. As Indians, we are inclined towards a spicy palette and this flavour does justice.

2. Lay’s Maxx Sizzling Barbeque

Lay’s Maxx Sizzling Barbeque flavour

This particular barbeque flavour has been an attraction not only for its taste but the packing as well. Unlike its other counterparts, it is easy on the taste buds. It isn’t that spicy, and comes out as a pretty good choice for having it with a beverage or just munching along.

Cost – Rs. 20 for a 39g packet.

Nutri Label – it offers 546 kcal energy, 6.8g protein, 53.1g of carbohydrate, and 34g total fat. Best before to be used 5 months from the manufacturing date.

Ingredients – potato, edible vegetable oil, turmeric powder, mango powder, onion powder, and spices & condiments.

Taste/Flavour – the barbeque flavour hits the right spot on your taste buds by being exquisite. It can be slightly spicy, however; it is manageable and seems an ideal pick. The chips are sprinkled with salt and seasoning, which brings out the barbeque feel when you’re having it.

3. Lay’s India’s Magic Masala

3. Lay’s India’s Magic Masala

If you’re reading this, you already know that the Magic Masala flavour has been an ultimate choice for most of us. Whether it be a teenager to an elderly, the captivating taste has us all got bowled over. It is one of the oldest flavours from Lay’s, and it still seems to rule my heart.

Cost – Rs. 30 for a 73g packet.

Nutri Label – provides 555 kcal energy, 7.2g Protein, 35.7g Total fat, and is best to use within 5 months of manufacturing date.

Ingredients – spices & condiments, potato, edible vegetable oil, chilli powder, mango powder, black pepper powder, sugar, black salt, coriander powder, etc.

Taste/Flavour – it is indeed on the spicy side with a mix of masala added to give you the perfect Indian taste. The Magic Masala can be an easy alternative, but the dried mango powder and other spices in it can be tough to handle for those not much into masala.

4. Lay’s Chile Limon

4. Lay’s Chile Limon

Another flavour that blows your mind is the Chile Limon. With a tinge of lemon and chilli coming together to tantalize your taste buds, it seems to be the perfect blend. One of the flavours that you don’t find easily in the stores, it surely is one of the top options provided by Lay’s.

Cost – Rs. 20 for a 52g packet.

Nutri Label – provides 49.4g of carbohydrates, 556 kcal energy, 7.3g protein, total fat, 36.6g. Additionally, best to be used before 3 months of the manufacturing date.

Ingredients – potato, lime juice powder, edible vegetable oil, spices & condiments, sugar, Iodized salt, etc.

Taste/Flavour – the lemon content in it overpowers the spices in a big way, making it easier for people to taste with a low spice tolerance. The taste is tangy with citrus content and brings out a unique lay’s experience.

Moreover, even without biting the chips, you can feel the mix of chilli and lemon dancing in your mouth.

5. Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion

Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion

When the cream & onion flavour came out, I would always rush to the store to get a packet of them. It keeps the right balance with a subtle bit of onion and creamy cheese to it.

For someone who loves spice, this flavour comes out as a completely different thing to me and has always impressed me.

Cost – the 52g costs Rs.20, and the 28g packet is Rs. 10.

Nutri Label – 537 kcal energy, 6.7g protein with a life of 6 months.

Ingredients – edible vegetable oil, potato, cheese powder, seasoning, flavour enhancers, spices & condiments, etc.

Taste/Flavour – one of the most addictive flavours, the blend of cheese and onion attracts everyone with its refreshing aroma. The tagline, “No one can eat just one” sits well with the cream & onion flavour, and surely the Rs. 10 packet will keep you wanting for more.

6. Lay’s Classic Salted

Classic Salted

There’s always an OG in everything, similarly, the Classic Salted flavour is the original king. It has been the very first entrant of Lay’s in the market, and by a far mile, many people prefer the classic.

As I said before, I’m more inclined towards spice; the classic salted will always be my rebound when I’m not having a masala/spicy flavour.

Cost – Rs. 20 for a 52g packet.

Nutri Label – 553 kcal energy, 6.7g protein, 52.6g carbohydrate, and best before 5 months.

Ingredients – Iodized salt, potato, edible vegetable oil.

Taste/Flavour – the salted flavour is packed with crunch and irresistible that one can’t stop munching. The thinly sliced chips compared to other flavours are a treat for people who love chips. Putting the classic salted in a bowl with a beverage brings out the best experience.

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Verdict – my favourite

Lay’s has been in the Indian market for numerous years now. Over time they have introduced different lip-smacking flavours to cater to the Indian audience. Ranging from Chile Limon, Cream & Onion, Classic salted, and Barbeque sizzling to others, one flavour that caught my attention and has a firm grip on me is India’s Magic Masala flavour.

It has been my favourite and continues to do so. As mentioned before, I like spicy flavours, and the Magic Masala keeps the taste and authenticity. It is time to go and get a packet of Lay’s India’s Masala, what’s your favourite?

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