Omron 7120 Vs 7124: Which BP Machine Is Better? (Honest Review)

Omron BP Monitor: Best Blood Pressure Machine In India? - Review

Most people who need to regularly check their blood pressure keep a BP monitor at home. However, getting a good and reliable blood pressure machine, which gives an accurate result is very important. And like you, I was really confused which one to choose- Omron HEM 7120 vs 7124.

Last year, my father had some hypertension symptoms. He went to doctor and it turned out that his BP was very high. That’s when I thought to buy a BP machine for my dad so that he can check his health regularly at home. After hours of research and getting approval from my family doctor, I decided to get a digital BP monitor for my dad.

Among all the models available in the market, I picked Omron HEM-7120 BP Monitor because of many reasons. The first reason is that it has positive reviews. The second reason is that it’s reasonably priced. The third reason is that my family doctor personally used this one earlier. So, I went ahead without any doubt.

For those who haven’t heard, Omron is a reputable Japanese company, which produces electronic products including medical equipment.

Now, after using this device numerous times for months, I decided to write review about this product. But, before we move ahead, let’s first find out what you are really looking for- Omron HEM 7124 vs 7120.

Omron HEM 7120 Vs 7124 – comparison

Measurement MethodAutomaticAutomatic
TypeUpper ArmUpper Arm
BatteryRequires four AA batteriesRequires four AA batteries
Irregular Heartbeat DetectionYESNO
Pulse Rate IndicatorYESYES
Hypertension IndicatorYESYES
Body Movement DetectionYESYES
Maximum Pressure Measurement299 mmHg299 mmHg
Minimum Pressure Measurement Range0 mmHg0 mmHg
Maximum Pulse Measurement Range180 beats/min180 beats/min
Minimum Pulse Measurement Range40 beats/min40 beats/min
Arm Cuff Size22 – 32 cm22 – 32 cm
Memory ReadingsYESYES
Alternate Power SourceYES (has to be purchased separately)NO
Warranty5 years (on the day I bought)3 years
PriceMore expensive (SEE LATEST PRICE)Less expensive

Are there any differences?

Yes! From the above table you can see that there are not many major differences between the two models. HEM-7120 comes with irregular heartbeat indicator which gives a warning when your pulse rate differs more than 25% of the average HR (heart rate). Also, it has a power adaptor slot and can be powered using a DC 6V. HEM 7124 on the other hand, doesn’t have these two important features.

Both the devices receive amazing reviews and are trusted by many. If you can spend a few bucks more, get HEM-7120. And, I also did the same. It offers good warranty too and is probably more user-friendly.

Let’s get into the detailed review of 7120 now!

Omron HEM-7120 BP Monitor review (after using it for 20 months)

Omron HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Machine

In the box, you get a BP monitor, Cuff, user manual, and 4 batteries. The packing is nicely and securely done.

At first, I was little hesitant. How could you measure a blood pressure automatically with this portable device?

But then, when I put on the cuff and hit the start button, it did start working smoothly. You could feel the cuff getting inflated and tighter on your arm automatically (it’s called oscillometric method in medical term).

The readings are calculated and shown on the LCD screen. After 30-40 seconds, you get the final results. The systolic and diastolic pressure, and heart rate, are displayed simultaneously.

Seriously? My blood pressure turned out to be on the lower side. (I forgot the exact measurement. May be around 91/58mmHg)

I was doubtful about the accuracy. Thus, I measured it again after 10 minutes. Well, it gave me almost similar readings, with slight variations though.

Then, I did test on my mother and hers turned out pretty normal.

Just to clear all my doubts about the machine, the next day, I went to the Emergency Room located at a mall nearby and checked my BP. The nurse used Aneroid sphygmomanometers, which is commonly used by doctors.

And yes, my BP was actually bit low. Now, I am safe and sound after improving my diet and lifestyle.

Regarding the device, it is compact and portable. You can carry it anywhere you want. It’s easy to use and built-quality is up to the mark.

Some people complain of the size of the cuff (22-32Cm), but there should not be any problem until an unless you have an arm like Hulk. However, I suggest you to measure the size of your arm first before purchasing.

Is Omron HEM-7120 BP Monitor accurate in readings?

Omron HEM-7120 BP Monitor Review

To be honest, I won’t say a single reading can give you 100% accurate results, and this applies to all the digital home blood pressure monitors available out there.

Most of the Oscillometric Devices are not validated and that’s why you won’t see doctors using this type of automatic BP machine in hospitals or clinics.

However, you can rely on this device for regularly monitoring your blood pressure at home.

After multiple measures and usages over months, I can say this Omron BP apparatus gives sufficiently accurate readings but for that you need to take the measurement over time, calculate the approximate readings, and decide on the real numbers by yourself.

It can be noted that getting a consistent result is equally important. It means you need to take the readings over time, observe the changes in your blood pressure, and obtain the consistent readings. This is more important than getting a precise reading each time you take the test.

So, should I get it one for myself or my family?

Yes, I definitely recommend. If you have a member in your family who has problems of hypertension or high or low blood pressure or you want to add it in your first aid kit, you should get it right away.

However, caution must be taken while using. If you find any abnormal readings suddenly while using this device, then you should consult your doctor and take the blood pressure using manual method at a hospital or clinic.

Omron HEM-7120 BP Monitor testing: my father measuring his BP

No doubt. This is the best gift I have bought for my dad. He can now regularly track his BP at home without visiting his doctor.

In this video, my father tests his blood pressure using HEM-7120 BP Monitor and his results came to be – 131 systolic, 95 diastolic, and a heart pulse rate of 82 beats per minute.

FAQs about Omron BP Monitor

Let me answer some of your basic questions about Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, particularly this model HEM-7120.

How to use Omron BP monitor correctly?

Some of the users complain of getting incorrect readings and in most cases it turned out that they have used it incorrectly. Be aware that you can’t actually rely on a single reading, also, what you have just eaten or done is really important while measuring blood pressure.

Here are some tips on how to measure your blood pressure correctly using Omron automatic digital BP monitor/machine. This applies to other similar devices by different brands too.

  1. Sit quietly and take rest for a few minutes before you take the test.
  2. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor.
  3. Rest your arm on the table and lean against the back of your sofa or chair.
  4. Put on the cuff on your bare upper arm. It should be one inch below your elbow. Make sure it’s tight enough.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and then press the START button.
  6. Sit still and quiet until the measurement is done.

For a reliable measurement, I suggest you to take the test at least twice or thrice with a gap of 2 minutes each. With this, you can note down your approximate readings and then decide on the final reliable numbers.

How to charge Omron BP monitor?

The Omron HEM-7120 blood pressure machine uses AA batteries and you can’t charge. However, it comes with an option to connect to AC adapter, which you need to buy it separately.

The AA batteries last pretty long. It’s been 20 months and yet my father has not replaced the batteries that came along with the product.

Why to waste extra money on buying a separate AC adapter? Nope.

Which Omron BP monitor model is the best in India?

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor comes in different models. HEM-7120, HEM-7120, HEM-7124, HEM-8712, HEM-6161, and others.

I guess most of these are almost similar in functions. But, the HEM-7120 model stands out and has more positive reviews and feedback.

Final say

For easily tracking the trends of blood pressure or managing your health at home, there is no better alternative than getting a digital automatic BP monitor.

The manual monitor (Aneroid Sphygmomanometer) might be more accurate but we need to practice and put more effort to use it regularly at home, which I will say is not that convenient and easy.

Do we have any alternative apart from visiting the doctor daily? No, that’s not feasible.

So, for home-based blood pressure monitoring, an automatic tool like this comes to play an important role.

And this Omron HEM-7120 blood pressure monitor should be a good choice.

It will not only save your time and money over months and years, but also your life and other’s.

3 other best blood pressure machines in India you may like

For some reason, if Omron is not the best option for you or if you want to try some other brands, then the three BP monitors mentioned below are close competitors of HEM-7120 and 7124. You can decide which one to pick according to your budget and needs.

1. Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine

Dr. Trust BP Machine Review

Dr. Trust is one the reputable, leading manufactures of medical devices in the world. Their home blood pressure monitors are quite popular in India and outside. This particular model is among the best selling BP devices in India.

The features and specifications are almost similar with Omron HEM-7120 but this BP Machine by Dr. Trust has some extra features which are worth considering the price.

The device has TALKING feature. It can read out your data either in English or Hindi and this would be of great help for visually impaired people. Another bonus feature is that it can record and save upto 120 readings, which HEM-7120 doesn’t have.

Also, this compact device comes with micro-USB compatible port for charging. The cuff size is 22-42 CM, which is again bigger than that of HEM-7120.

So, if your arm size is above 32 CM, then this should be your choice because HEM 7120 has a cuff size of (22-32 CM).

2. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP-120

HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 120 Review

This is another option if you are looking for much cheaper but reliable one. HealthSense is a renowned brand when it comes to fitness and personal care products.

What I like about Heart-Mate BP 120 is that it has mini USB port and operates using any 6-volt adapter. It means you can easily use it using a normal mini USB cable or normal mobile charger.

You can operate this BP monitor by connecting your smartphone or laptop. The device works on AAA batteries too.

The arm cuff has a circumference of 22-42 CM, so it will fit bigger arms.

It works on fully automatic by Oscillometric method and pulse indicator too. The unit also has WHO indicator with all the 6 levels, starting from Optimal to Hypertension level.

It is a cheap and a reliable product without compromising the features.

3. Dr. Morepen BP One BP09

Dr. Morepen BP Monitor Review

This is another BP monitor device that is reasonably priced and has got positive reviews. Dr. Morepen brand is a close competitor of Omron and Dr. Trust.

The features and functions are almost similar with the above mentioned devices. It’s an upper-arm automatic BP monitor, which measures the systolic and diastolic pressures, and heart rate.

The arm cuff has graphic instructions in itself, which will help you in using the cuff correctly. Another function worth mentioning is its auto switch-off feature.

Dr. Morepen BP monitor also comes in different models. BP02, BP09, BP-12B One, BP-15, and others.

BP One BP15 is another model which is equally good. You can get either of them.

Final verdict

Omron HEM 7120 – definitely it’s the winner, and it’s totally based on my real-life experience, hours of research, online reviews, and an opinion from my family doctor.

If an extra few hundred rupees is a lot to you or had a bad experience with Omron earlier, try the other devices reviewed above. They should work fine.

A BP monitor is one medical kit which should be available in every home. It is as important as a good water purifier, an infrared thermometer, or a fitness tracker.

Not only it will keep a check on your health of your family, but also it will save one’s precious life.

It’s a great gift for yourself, your parents, or anybody close to you.

Indeed, it’s the best gift I have got for my father.

(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by the brand. However, I may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase products through links on my site.)

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