9 Best Premium Cycle Brands In India + Imported Ones (2023)

9 Best Premium, Imported Cycle Brands In India For Adults

Bicycling is fun, and I have been doing it for the last many years. It’s always my dream to upgrade my Lifelong Chaze to a high-end one. You might be feeling the same, right? As you become a serious rider, you start looking for a cycle that will offer you the biggest thrill and speed. Here, I will list down some of the top premium cycle brands in India you can watch out for.

In India, about 1.14 crore cycles are sold each year and the number is expected to hit 1.44 crore in coming years. The Indian bicycle market is dominated by brands like TI Cycles of India (Hercules, BSA, Roadeo), Hero Cycles, Urban Terrain, Lifelong, Avon, Atlas, and others.

How about other brands? Probably, you might have not heard of these brands stated below. They do manufacture expensive and high-quality bicycles.

9 premium bicycle brands in India for adults

1. Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes Nuke 29
Firefox Nuke 29

An Indian born company Firefox Bikes, founded by Shiv Inder Singh in 2005 focuses on premium bicycle segment. Their bikes are 40-50% more expensive than others, but they are designed to last longer with durable frame materials. Ranging from e-bike to MTB, there are different bike types and models you can choose from.

BAD ATTITUDE (6, 8, 10), RAPIDE, VIPER, STRRET X, METEOR are some of the popular models from the brand. They do offer bikes for kids and women as well, with lifetime warranty on frame. You can buy Firefox bicycle online or from the stores. Also, they are easily available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Price range: 7,000 – 75,000 INR

Website: firefoxbikes.com

2. Trek

TREK INDIA - Premium Cycle Brand In India
Trek Fuel EX5

Started in 1976 in Wisconsin, Trek is a giant bicycle maker in the world. The USA brand is known for its high-end bikes. It was even endorsed by Lance Armstrong. In India, it is collaborated with Firefox and they sell 50+ super-premium models in stores across metro cities.

You won’t believe but Trek bikes cost as high as Rs. 5 lakhs plus. So, you know how good and durable their cycles must be. Popular among elite cyclists, Trek is trusted by many, including professionals. Marlin, Domane, and Emonda are some of the Trek bike series you’ll find in India.

Price range: 31,000 – 5,58,000 INR

Website: trekbikes.com/in/

3. Ninety One

Ninety One Cycles
Ninety One Raptor 26

Started by two engineer brothers (Sachin and Vishal Chopra) in 2015, Ninety One is rocking the Indian premium bicycle market by offering luxury riding experiences to the riders. They sold over 1.7 lakh cycles in India in 2022. Crazy, right? Ninety One bikes are engineered with unique features, such as sealed bearings, alloy crank, ceramic brake pads, and so on.

Till now, Ninety One has produced more than 150 bicycle models, ranging from electric bicycles to road bikes. Black Tiger, Trooper 700C, Manchester 27.5T, Leopard 27.5T are some of the highest-selling models.

Price range: 6,000 – 30,0000 INR

Website: outdoors91.com

4. Bianchi (imported)

Bianchi (Imported Bicycle Brand)

Is Bianchi cycle available in India? The answer is YES. Thanks to ChooseMyBicyle.com for exclusively getting the brand to India. Bianchi is the surname of the founder Edoardo Bianchi. He founded the company back in 1885 in Italy, and it is popularly called ‘world’s oldest bicycle manufacturer’.

Of course, Bianchi cycles are damn expensive. The brand makes some of the super premium bicycles in the world loaded with intelligent technologies and features. If you have the budget, and looking for a world-class frame and performance, then it’s worth the money.

In India, as of today, Bianchi E-SUV Racer – XTR is the most expensive one, priced at Rs. 15.99 lakhs. On a cheaper side, Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora is available at around Rs. 83k.

Price range after discount: 83,000 – 15,99,000 INR

Website: bianchi.com / choosemybicycles.com

5. Montra


Started in 2011 by TI Cycles of India, Montra offers Hybrid, MTB, Electric, and Hybrid Sport bikes with high-end performance for Indian cycle enthusiasts who want speed and adventurous ride. Montra is genuinely making an effort to provide premium bicycles which are lighter, faster, and durable at affordable prices.

According to 91wheels, Montra currently has about 8 bicycle models available both online and in stores. Montra Torro 20 T (for kids), the cheapest model, I guess, is available at around 9k, while the most popular models Downtown starts from 19k.

Price range: 15,000 – 44,000 INR (for adults)

Website: montra.in (horribly designed)

6. BTWIN by Decathlon

BTWIN Decathlon
BTWIN Riverside 120

Earlier known as Decathlon Cycle till 2006, the brand officially changed its name to BTWIN. In India, BTWIN isn’t yet popular comparing to other local brands. However, Decathlon is expanding and is available in 30+ cities, and BTWIN cycles are seeing a huge surge in sales because of the premium services from Decathlon.

BTWIN bicycles have sturdy frames, high-grip tires, and quality components. Thus, the prices of the bicycles are on a higher side. Rockrider and Riverside are two model series that are on a higher demand.

Price range: 6,000 – 1,65,000 INR

Website: decathlon.in

7. Schwinn Bicycles (imported)

Schwinn Bicycles (Imported Bicycle Brand)

Schwinn is an internationally acclaimed, American brand with millions of customers world wide. In the United States, the brand is mostly popular among casual and amateur riders. It was brought to India by country’s leading bicycle manufacturer TI Cycles of India in 2017. Since then, Schwinn bicycles are available at selected stores across India and online too.

Schwinn bicycles are not really high-ends but they still belong to premium category in India, because of the build quality, reliability, innovative designs, and good quality frames and components. They have some great options of cruiser and road bikes. Searcher, Super Sport, High Timber are some of top selling models in India.

Price range: 9,000 – 70,000 INR

Website: schwinnbikes.com (but available only in stores)


RALEIGH INDIA - Premium Cycle Brand from UK

Considered as one of the top-tier bike brands in the world, British company Raleigh has been selling bikes since 1887. In India, this brand partners with SUNCROSS & Naren International and they offer some of the best hybrid and MTBs for hardcore riders. Currently, there are about 66 Raleigh bicycle models, including seven models for kids priced under 10,000 INR.

Ever heard about Humber classic vintage bicycle in the 90s? Raleigh still sells it under their brand. Whether you are looking for a bicycle for daily commuting or exploring mountain trails and unpaved surfaces, Raleigh has great range of bicycles to choose from. For example, Raleigh TERRAIN 10, priced at around Rs. 28,000 is quite popular in India among MTB riders.

Price range: 6,000 – 55,000 INR

Website: raleigh-cycles.com / suncrossbikes.com

9. GT Cycles

GT Cycles
GT Agressor 3.0

Founded in 1979, American company GT Cycles produces some of the finest bicycles, especially BMX bikes. The brand is currently own by Dorel Industries, the company which also owns Cannondale. GT is on the same premium level as GIANT and TREK. If you are into mountain riding sport, you can truly rely on GT MTB. Not only strong and durable, their mountain bikes are made for racing and sporting.

In India, Track & Trail sells GT bicycles on their website and other offline stores as well. GT AVALANCE SPORT, AIR, and AGRESSOR SPORT/EXPERT are some of the models to look out for. GT AGRESSOR 3.0 is the cheapest, priced at Rs. 14.5k, while the most expensive one, GT Zaskar Carbon Elite 27.5 costs Rs. 1.53 lakh.

Price range: 14,000 – 1,053,00 INR

Website: gtbicycles.com / trackandtrail.in


There are a few more premium cycle brands in India, such as Phoenix, BMW Cycles, Ridley Bicycles, and Cannondale. I didn’t mention because these products are not easily available. Whether you are buying an expensive bicycle online or offline, I recommend you to look out for the brands mentioned above. They all belong to premium category. Also, six of them are imported brands.

Enjoy the speed. Happy cycling bros!

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