Ptron Vs BoAt Vs Boult: Which One Is A Good Brand? (Full Comparison)

Ptron Vs BoAt Vs Boult: Which One Is A Good Brand? (Full Comparison)

These days it is essential to have premium quality earphones for an amazing sound experience while you’re watching your favourite show on your phone or listening to some foot-tapping music.

There are a lot of players in the audio segment that are pushing their limits in providing quality sound for you. These days’ people aren’t just using earphones/air dopes for listening to songs, but also for watching movies on the go or even playing online games.

Currently, I’ll be talking about three potential match-winners in the audio segment market. The fight between Ptron vs Boat vs Boult is the one that has been spicing up recently with all the three brands offering a range of Bluetooth earbuds and earphones at a competitive price.

If you’re wondering which brand is the better option out of the three, let me take you through a precise understanding of each brand and the differences. You shall be getting your answer.

Ptron vs Boat vs Boult: which is better? (comparison)

Sound QualityPTron does offer a decent sound quality. It can’t be compared to boAt, but it is pretty good.Fantastic sound quality in boAt airdopes and earphones. You’ll be getting premium audio quality.It is okay, given the price of bass buds and earphones.
PricingThe pricing is on the affordable side with a steal deal of bass buds at a range of Rs. 699-899.Known for its top-notch features, it can be expensive. Most of the airdopes provided by boAt are above Rs. 1200.Most affordable as compared to boAt and PTron. You can purchase a good enough wireless earphone for around Rs. 700.
Design & StyleThe styling and design of PTron products have been always top-notch. You can get a hint when you check how good the bass buds look from PTron.Gives a lot of emphasis on design and style. Most of its products look cool and stand apart.Impressive design, but they tend to fall behind its competitors in the style department.
Build QualityBuild quality is impressive in most of its products.Strong build quality in most of its earphones/airdopes. They do feel sturdy.Comfortable build quality. There’s not much of a difference when compared with PTron and boAt.
BassThe bass quality is worth mentioning. It can have its ups and downs, but most impressive.Fantastic bass performance in airdopes and wired earphones.Bass quality is up there with other top brands.
ConnectivityBluetooth connectivity in PTron earphones is top-notch with strong Bluetooth performance and has a 10M range.Earphones from boAt comprise Bluetooth 5.0. No issues of distortion and connection within the range of 10MConnectivity is good. The average range is about 10 meters.
Bluetooth & Battery lifeMost of the earphones/earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 enabled. The Battery life of bass buds can go up to 32 hours.Bluetooth 5.0 is enabled and battery life depends upon the model of airdopes. They range from 5-20 hours.Bluetooth 5.0 in most Boult wireless earphones and battery life of 4-6 hours.
Call QualityDecent call quality.Excellent call quality with more symphonic sound.Call experience is commendable with crisp sound quality.
Comfort LevelEasy to adjust to the ear and light.Whether they are wired or Bluetooth airdopes, they are light in weight and easily fit to the ear.Decent in terms of comfort and lightweight.
Noise cancellationNoise cancellation is present with passive noise cancellation.Passive noise cancellation as a feature is there on wireless airdopes.Some of the earbuds do have passive noise cancellation.
Popular ModelpTron Tangentbeat (SEE LATEST PRICE)boAt Rockerz 450 Pro (SEE LATEST PRICE)Boult Audio X1 – TWS (SEE LATEST PRICE)

Is PTron a good brand?

Is PTron a good brand?

PTron is a legitimate Indian mobile accessories company and has its base set up in Hyderabad, Telangana. As mentioned on their website, the components are made in China, which can be evident when you purchase a PTron product.

Now the question arises, is PTron a good brand? Well, the brand is on the upswing as they have been providing top-notch products at a convenient price. In just six years, it has turned out to be one of the preferred options of many for Bluetooth earphones.

The answer is a BIG YES! It is a pretty good brand and worth every buck as they tend to produce long-lasting quality earphones, airdopes, and so on.

Is boAt a good brand?

boAt review

Just in case you didn’t have a clue, boAt is an Indian brand that was established in the year 2015. People tend to think it is a Chinese brand, but it is not. The CEO of the company is Aman Gupta, and in a short span, the brand has reached heights with top-tier earphones and Bluetooth airdopes.

The earphones provided by boAt aren’t just about quality but they are priced reasonably well to suit everyone’s pocket. Whether it is about ear wears, headphones, sound bars, or portable audio speakers, they do pack a punch.

Yes, it is a well-recommended brand. Whether you’re a gamer, music enthusiast, or casually you want quality Bluetooth earphones, boAt stands firm as a brand.

Is Boult a good brand?

Boult Audio brand

An electronics company based in New Delhi which manufactures impressive audio products, that is Boult as a brand for you. In the past year or two, they have been making a mark in the audio segment market with affordable Bluetooth earphones. Boult is surely giving a run for the money to other top competitors due to the quality it offers at a low price.

If you ask me, is Boult a good brand? Well, it has been doing extremely well and has been focused on continuous improvement over the years. The products by Boult have improved a heck lot in recent times, and they are knocking on the door to be a top brand. Yes, it is a good brand in terms of purchasing earphones and other related stuff, but still, a long way to go when compared to the likes of PTron and boAt.


After going through the above-mentioned data and information, I’m sure that you know which one seems to be the winner as a brand. The Ptron vs Boat vs Boult battle has been spicing up over the last year or two due to the sheer competition.

If I have to pick up a clear winner out of the three, it will have to be boAt. The reason is, it has more experience under its belt and is a bigger brand. PTron and Boult do provide you with immaculate ear wear products at a reasonable rate, but they tend to fall behind when it comes to quality.

All the three brands are top-class and they have their own identity, but you can notice the difference between the wireless earphones of boAt and the other two. The difference is subtle, but that is what makes the difference.

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