Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF Water Purifier: Yes Or No?

Pureit Water Purifier Review: Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP

After experiencing horrible services with my previous local water purifier brand VEPO, I finally decided to get a new budget branded water purifier which is – HUL Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP. This is an honest review about my new Pureit water purifier.

Before I get into the detailed review, let me share with you the reason why I got rid off my old water purifier (which was only two years and a few months old) and bought a new one. I am sure it will help you avoid making wrong buying decision about brand and product.

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Personal note: avoid unbranded water purifier

My old VEPO Alkaline 12L water purifier was working fine until one day it shut OFF completely. As it was a local brand, there was no customer care. So, I called up the person who sold the product to me for service. They sent a technician to fix the problem the next day.

Then, the nightmare begins. The technician said we have to replace the motor as it is broken. It costs Rs. 2,400. He then tried to sell me a plan of Rs. 3,800 that gives 1 year warranty for all parts.

But, I went ahead with only replacing the motor. The new motor which he brought doesn’t look new to me. He put on the new motor, then took out the filter and asked me to replace the filter too. I decided to replace only the motor for a while.

Next day, I noticed that water was not filtered properly. After three days, water started overflowing. I called up the technician again. He came and went through the device again, and he said that along with the filter, two other parts have also stopped working and we have to replace them too, which would cost me overall a sum of Rs. 5,200.

So, co-incidentally, everything stopped working after the technician touched the water purifier? Remember, the problem was only with the power motor. My gut says he deliberately did it.

Finally, I went ahead to buy a new branded water purifier instead of spending Rs. 3,200 more on fixing the old one.

So, the lesson is – never go for unbranded water purifier because you will regularly need services and replacement of parts and you don’t want to deal with unprofessional customer service. Also, you never know if these water purifiers and their accessories are medically tested.

HUL Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP Water Purifier review

If you are looking for a reasonable branded RO water purifier, then this should be the right choice. I was actually looking for 5 – 7 litre capacity with a reasonable price with at least 4+ Ratings and 500 plus positive reviews. So, this one perfectly fits my requirement.

The closest competitor is Ruby Economical Ro+ Uv+Tds Controller Multi Stage Water Purifier. It is cheaper and has awesome positive reviews. However, I finally decide to go ahead with this Pureit one because of the brand name.

Build and design

HUL Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP Water Purifier Review

This mountable water purifier is built with 100% food grade plastic which helps avoid harmful toxins polluting the water. Also, it looks sturdy, stylish, classy, and will fit perfectly in your kitchen without occupying any space. The size of the machine (423mm x 380mm) makes it great for people who have small family or tiny kitchens like mine.

There is no indicator of water level or TDS but it’s absolutely fine considering its price. Again, the water purifier automatically shuts off after the tank is full, thus saving power and having the indicator less important.

The product is available in two different names – ADVANCED and ADVANCED PLUS. They have almost the same design and features but I guess the latter one is an upgraded version.

Filters and features

Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP Water Purifier Features

The HUL Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF+MP Water Purifier uses 6 Stage Purifying Technology. It means the water is purified going through six different purification stages such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) stage and Micro Filtration (MF) stage.

The company says the device can filter hard water with TDS level as high as 1800 ppm. Now, if you talk about hard water, I live in a place where the water is extremely hard and salty. When boiling the tap water, there are white particles scattered all over the utensils.

After filtration, the water tastes really different and I’m not exaggerating here. With the earlier filter, the taste of the filtered water was always unsatisfactory to me.

When it comes to water storage, it is of 5 litres and it takes approximately thirty minutes to completely full the tank. 5L storage might be little small during summers for larger families. Not just drinking, you might be needing the RO water for cooking and other stuff.

So, to answer your queries –

Is this an RO Water Purifier? – YES

Does it have TDS Controller? – YES

Does it use stabilizer? – NO

Is it a UV water purifier? – NO

Is it very noisy?

This is what really concerns me before buying this product. Some people complain that the machine makes ridiculous loud noise during the purification process.

Now, after using it for 2 weeks I will say the water puffier makes little noise (of course) but it’s totally negligible and most water purifiers produce some sound, be it loud or low.

It will be hard to find a water purifier which has silent operation.


I am really impressed with HUL Pureit’s installation service. One hour after receiving the product, I got a call for installing the product. The technician came the next morning and installed it with no hassles. It hardly took 45 minutes. It was much easier for the guy to complete task faster as I wanted the purifier to be on the top kitchen slab and not wall mounted.

Is is available in other models?

Yes, HUL Pureit Advanced and Advanced Plus come in other models too with different features and purifications process such as RO+UV and RO+UV+MP. They are on a higher price and this RO+MF one is most reasonable one without compromising on the quality of the purified water.

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Drawbacks and improvements

Some users complain about water leakage or overflowing and I guess it has to do with installation and configuration or the item being defective. This can be assessed by the technician only. So far, I have not faced such type of issue.

The tap is a bit delicate and feels like it will come off anytime if it is handled aggressively.

Power adapter needs improvement as it is slightly bulky.

No indicator of water level but I won’t complain considering the amount I pay for the product.

Should you buy the HUL Pureit Advanced Plus 5L RO+MF Water Purifier?

Yes. This is definitely one of the best branded budget RO water purifiers in India without any doubt. If you have a small family and are looking for a decent RO water purifier then this HUL water purifier is a good option considering the price.

While Kent and Eureka Forbes devices are priced higher, I find this HUL water purifier really reasonable for me and everyone else. Built with an advanced RO and TDS Removal technology that can convert hard water to sweet water, this device is totally worth the money spent.

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