7 Best Office Chairs Under 5000 – For Long Hours Sitting 2023

A working individual spends almost 40-50 hours a week in the workplace. Our job demands us to sit and work before a computer for long hours. That is why you need a really good ergonomic chair. But, is there any office chair under 5000 INR? Yes, there are many options available.

Imagine spending long hours sitting on a chair that is not only uncomfortable but extremely painful for your back, spine, shoulders, and legs.

In such situation, you definitely won’t be able to focus on your work and give your best. Thus, it is extremely important to invest in the best furniture possible and when it comes to the furniture for WFH or office use, what could be your best friend other than an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is designed keeping the comfort and body posture in mind. It caters to your needs. It is stylish, comforting, and helps you maintain good posture. However, it is not easy to pick up a chair priced under 5k in India. But, don’t worry. I have selected some of the best options you can try.

(Prices of the products were considered at the time of updating this article – 24-03-2023)

7 best office chairs under 5000 in India (updated)

1. CELLBELL Desire C104

CELLBELL Desire C104 office hair under 5000
7 colours to choose from

CELLBELL produces affordable and high quality chairs and this one is of course one of the most sold ergonomic chairs under Rs. 5000 in India. CELLBELL Desire C104 Office Chair is designed to provide ample support to your aching shoulders and back, with its nylon, breathable mesh back padding.

The height can be adjusted as it comes with a height adjustor with a unique lock system. It also comes with a tilt lever using which you can tilt back to 120 degrees. The rate and ease of recline can be controlled using the tilt knob. Apart from office, this chair can be used for different occasions as well.

As the name suggests, this is the best affordable chair for sitting before computer for long hours. You don’t even have to worry about the seat getting dirty as the multi-layered, water resistant seat ensures easy cleaning. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean cloth and you are good to go.

Tilt lever and adjustable height level to find your comfortable positionHydraulic quality isn’t up to the mark
Ergonomic arm rests
Cushiony, thick, multi-layered seat
360 degree swivel with castor wheels
Sturdy – built with high quality materials

2. Green Soul Seoul Office Chair

Green Soul Seoul Office Chair under 5k in India
Available in two styles – contemporary & Seoul-X (with variety of colours)

Seoul office chair is one of the cheapest models from the brand Green Soul. Sitting on this ergonomic chair will definitely make you feel like a boss. If you are a workaholic who sites for long hours, we recommend you this Green Soul Seoul Office Chair.

The high back provides ample support for your back and has tilt feature, using which you can tilt back to 90-135 degrees and relax. Along with that, you can also adjust the height of the chair as per your convenience.

Designed for ergonomic experience with thick foam seat, fibre padded arms, and heavy duty dual castor wheels, it is durable, lightweight, and easy to move.

Whether you are on a Zoom meeting or working for continuously 8hrs on a project, this chair provides you full support to your whole back. Also, it is priced much lesser than other branded chairs.

Sturdy and contemporary lookTall people may find it less comfortable
Tilting mechanism and good quality wheel base
Adjustable height
Well designed to comfort the back
Cushioned foam seats and padded arms
Supports weight up to 125kgs

3. beAAtho Verona Desk Office Chair

beAAtho Verona Desk Office Chair under 5000
Offers in 7 colours

beAAtho Verona Office Chair is yet another popular chair that is comforting as well as budget-friendly. It is elegant and durable, and is well designed to comfort your back and shoulder. It can be tilted back to provide extra comfort and relaxation. The tilting mechanism lets you rock back and fro as per your comfort.

It is also extremely easy to adjust the height and make your spine relax while working. The moulded foam seat, padded arms, and the high breathable mesh back add to the overall ergonomic experience. You can easily assemble it without anybody’s help. The heavy duty castor wheels provide excellent 360-degrees mobility, which makes it easier to move the chair without any effort.

beAAtho is a pretty well known brand that specializes in chairs and this particular product ensures to provide you enough support throughout your working hours.

Easy to assemble. Ergonomically curvedNeed improvement on the finishing part & material quality
String metal stand and heavy duty castor wheels
Tilting mechanism and adjustable height
Professional look & comes in multiple colours
Well known brand
Soft cushiony seat with padded armrest

4. Savya Home Delta Executive Office Chair

Savya Home Delta Executive Chair

This is probably one of the cheapest ergonomic office chairs (under 4000). It encompasses all the features of an ideal office chair. It is perfect for a college going student or someone who don’t want to spend much on chairs. The adjustable lumbar support, breathable mesh back, and fixed armrest make it highly ergonomic.

Also, you can easily adjust the seat height and the seat depth. It comes with back recline locking that lets you tilt and relax. The tilting can be controlled as it comes with tilt tension control. This chair is a complete package. Contrary to the stereotypical belief, the mesh back is highly comfortable and allows air to pass through. The certified nylon base makes it sturdy and resistant to corrosion.

Fitted with five-legged frame, you can seamlessly glide over hard floors or carpets. Yes, it is priced a bit lower than its competitors but it will surely give you strong support and comfort while sitting for long hours working.

Adjustable lumbar support and heightCheap – so, there is some quality issue
Tilt mechanism, adjustable seat depth
Cheap but has hundreds of ratings
Nylon casters & base that may last up to 10 years
Comfortable mesh seat. Elegant look

5. CELLBELL Calisto C83

CELLBELL Calisto C83 Blue
Look out for more colours

Another awesome product from the house of CELLBELL. This is an ergonomic chair with a mesh back that lets air pass through it, keeping you cool no matter how long you have to sit for. It also comes with strong plastic armrest, curved backseat, and padded seat for all day long comfort. The 4-inch-seat height adjuster lets you find your ideal position.

CELLBELL Calisto C83 also comes with one touch tilt adjustment. It is extremely easy to assemble and highly durable. This budget-friendly chair looks really neat, simple, and elegant and is perfect to enhance your workplace. The dual wheel nylon castors provide great support and ensure easy mobility.

You do not need to worry about the uncomfortable sitting positions. Calisto C83 will perfectly support your body structure. Almost everything, ranging from the fabric to the swivel base, it is designed keeping the workplace atmosphere in mind.

Overall, it’s a decent product, probably the best office chair under 5000 in India right now.

Highly affordable; ensures long-lasting experienceThe plastic armrest can be a bit rigid
One touch height and tilt adjustment
Mesh back with comfortable thigh support
Thick multi-layered seat for long hour sitting
Elegant look – also comes in different colours

6. Furnicom Chairs – Armo

Furnicom Armo

In case you are searching for a chair that isn’t only comfortable but also cheap, then this is the best option for you. It will add a highly sophisticated touch to your workplace without spending much. It is padded with good quality foam, which makes it extremely comfortable to sit on.

The rolling nylon coaster wheels (50mm) on a sturdy metal base provide 360 degree mobility. It is also really easy to adjust the height and find your ideal position as it comes with one-touch height adjustment lever. The ‘S’ shaped back is effective in reducing the back and neck strain due to bad posture while working for tiring long hours.

At the given price, Armo is the totally worth the money.

Sturdy, looks stylishCan’t hold too much weight (100kg max.)
You can easily assemble it
Highly comfy as it has padded back rest and thick foam seat. The enclosed arm rest makes it even better.
‘S’ shaped back rest
360 degree mobility with adjustable height lever

7. Timber Cheese MESHX (Zeenion)

Timber Cheese MESHX

This dynamic office chair by Timber Cheese is indeed among the best office chairs under 4000 that is designed to provide you extreme comfort and support. MESHX has high cushioned backrest with foam seat, which looks professional and make it perfect for your WFH workplace. The back is designed according to the shape of the human spine to provide support and help you get rid of back ache while working for long hours.

The curved plastic armrests support your arms, upper torso, and shoulder while working. You can trust this product when it comes to durability. The chair swivels 360-degrees and ensures multi-tasking convenience.

It has a strong plastic base (now upgraded to metal) that gives it a sturdy look. This chair can definitely be your office buddy who would always support you while sitting for long hours.

Elegant look – comes in 6 colours as wellNot recommended for tall, heavy people
Ergonomically curved for support and comfort
Comfortable push back mechanism with easy mobility
Padded seats with seat-height adjustments up to 5 inch
Cheap revolving chair – without compromising on the quality

How to choose an ergonomic office chair

Before buying an ergonomic office chair, it is really important to keep certain things and know some basic features so that you are able to make the best purchase. It takes a great deal of research and patience to find out how you can choose the best but don’t worry as we have made your job easier. While buying an office chair, make sure you consider these factors:

1. Lumbar support and comfort

Working all day long sitting on a chair is a tiring job for your body. So, many people complain about back, shoulders, and neck pain due to long working hours. Nowadays, chairs are designed keeping all these things in mind. All you have to do is identify the best product that caters to your need.

Go for a chair that can help you relax and make the job easier for you. There is no point buying an office chair that can’t provide enough lumbar support and comfort to prevent body pain. While buying a chair, go for the chair that has supportive back, padded seat, and comfortable armrest. It should be friendly to your spine.

2. Adjustability

Nowadays, almost all office chairs come with this feature and there is a good reason behind it. Adjusting a chair as per your convenience and comfort helps you find your ideal position and maintain a good body posture. Go for the chair that comes with height adjuster and tilt mechanism.

Certain chairs also come with adjustable head and armrest. All these features ensure good posture. But, do remember that all these features should be easy to use. You should be able to adjust your chair without putting too much effort into it. A good chair would never demand your too much energy.

3. Fabric

Choosing a chair with good fabric enhances the overall ergonomic experience. While purchasing, make sure the fabric is breathable and lets the air pass. A breathable fabric ensures that it doesn’t get sweaty and uncomfortable even after sitting all day long.

The mesh chairs are best when it comes to breathable fabric. Leather chairs are extremely comfortable and easy to clean. Don’t forget to check out the padding in the back, seat, and armrest. Everything should be comfortable.

4. Mobility/360-degrees movement

An office chair must have a swivel base that allows 360-degrees movement. Do check the quality of the wheels and the base before buying an office chair. A chair with good mobility also makes it easier to reach various parts of the desk while working.

You must be able to move from one place to another in your working area while sitting on a chair. This ensures multi-tasking and saves you from unnecessary hustle. It really makes you work efficiently and saves your time.

5. Brand

A good brand does make a difference. Do your research for a brand that is trusted amongst the customers. A good brand promises reasonable price value, warranty, good quality, and trust. Even if anything goes wrong, you can always get things fixed if the brand is trustworthy. Never compromise on that. CELLBELL, Savya Home, and Transteel are some of the top chair brands in India.

Why you should use a comfortable office chair

We often underestimate the role a good furniture plays. It can be life saviour. To improve your work life and productivity, many experts highly recommend using a good office chair, which I definitely agree.

Choosing an ergonomic chair that is well-designed for your body and comfort will not only encourage good posture but will also create a more productive office environment as you will be able to focus more on your work and won’t be distracted by discomfort or pain.

On the other hand, picking a wrong office chair can cost you your health, performance, working hours, and can even lead to serious medical issues. Today, so many people suffer from back and neck pain due to wrong body posture while working. Such problems hold them back from realising their full potential.

That is why we emphasise on the use of a comfortable office chair. It comes with various advanced features that will help you enhance your working experience with extreme comfort and support. It can be one of the best investments that you can make.

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Should you buy an office chair online?

Buying an office chair online isn’t only time saving but also very feasible. You can compare different brands, prices, available discounts, and features online. It will help you get a better perspective about what you are actually looking for. Also, it takes just one click to get your product delivered at your doorstep. So yes, you can definitely buy an office chair online.

But like everything else, there are certain disadvantages too that you should be aware of while buying an office chair online. The biggest advantage of online shopping is that you won’t be able to see and feel the product while making the purchase.

Buying offline lets you check the seat, padding, different parts, so that you can be satisfied. However, with online shopping, you can’t do that. All you can do is go through the product descriptions and customer reviews.

Another problem with buying an office chair online is that you don’t get to see how to assemble the different parts as these chairs are mostly do-it-yourself. So you will have to figure it out yourself.

There are always slight chances of damaged delivery. Along with that, it becomes extremely difficult to determine the quality of the chair while shopping online. However, by taking certain precautions and going through the product details thoroughly, you can make the best online purchase.

Renting vs. buying office chair for companies: which is better?

While looking for an office chair, you have two options available – renting vs buying. Renting can be a really efficient and feasible option for the businesses or companies that are just starting up. In this way, they do not need to spend much on the furniture and can use the money to strengthen the business or company.

Renting also makes a lot of sense if you have the doubts while purchasing furniture and want to check out the quality. In such situation, renting chairs before actually buying them can be a smart move. It is suggested that you rent the chairs as it is a flexible option. It can be the best solution for the fluctuating numbers of employees throughout the year.

Renting also allows you to keep changing the furniture with the time as per the changing décor and trend. However, renting in the long run can prove to be more expensive than actually buying the chairs.

Similarly, buying is also a really effective option with its own pros and cons. It gives you ownership and can be a good long-run investment but it can be limiting in certain aspects.

What are the top 10 chair brands in India?

Some of the brands that manufacture office chairs in India are:

  1. Urban Ladder
  2. Green Soul
  3. Durian
  4. Savya Home
  5. beAAtho
  6. Apex Chairs
  8. Godrej Interio
  9. Transteel
  10. Herman Miller

All these brands are known for their quality and trustworthy services amongst the customers. The chairs are a complete package of different useful features. They are comfortable and durable. You can easily find the customer reviews of these brands online and compare the products, price, and features. This way you can choose the best chair for yourself.

We have not included reviews of office chairs from some of these popular brands because of the non-availability of the products online.


Now that you know why an ergonomic chair is one of the best investments you can make, it is time to reward your body with the comfort and support it deserves.

Here, I have provided you with the detailed buying guide along with reviews and features of some of the best office chairs in India under 5000 INR.

Make sure you are clear about what exact features you are looking for and then make the purchase accordingly. Buying a comfortable office chair in India does require homework on your part but I have made the job easier for you.

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