Difference Between Desert, Personal, Tower, & Window Air Coolers

Types Of Air Cooler - Air Cooler Buying Guide (Which One To Pick?)

Summer is just around the corner with the temperatures set to hit the high 40’s in the days to come. To make life easier, air coolers are your best bet as they are efficient in terms of cooling and you get them at an affordable price. Even though there has been a shift in recent years for air conditioners, they can cost you a lot of bucks. This is where air coolers come in handy as they don’t make a hole in your pocket.

However, there are different types of air cooler in the market with their fascinating features to lure you. You do not have to worry, as in this air cooler buying guide I’ll be listing numerous types of air cooler along with their features to let you pick the best air cooler as per your preference.

Have a look at the different types of air cooler below –

4 types of air coolers and their differences

Four different types of air coolers serve the purpose of cooling efficiently. Take a look at them:

1. Desert air coolers

Desert air cooler type and capacity

Desert coolers are known to be the perfect fit for hot and dry areas. They have an impressive ability of uninterrupted cooling for a longer duration with a large capacity accommodating up to 100-litres. These air coolers are specifically designed to cool larger rooms with big fans to throw the cool air into every corner of the room area.

Moreover, the new generation of desert coolers tends to have top-notch wheel castors to move from one place to the other freely.

Perfect for: Medium-large room, gym, restaurant, and closed outdoors

Weather: Hot & dry conditions

2. Personal air coolers

Personal air cooler

If you’re talking about portability and can be moved with ease, personal air coolers are the top choice in this aspect. Usually, they are smaller in terms of size and are an ideal choice for smaller rooms. They are a personalized cooling solution and they tend to operate without much noise and less energy is consumed.

Personal air coolers might have a tank capacity that is on the lower side with 20-30-litres, but it has a commendable capacity of quality cooling for a longer duration.

In the market, you’re offered a variety of impressive designs, size with castor wheels for easy movement. With a list of top-tier options, you can pick the desired shape/design to suit the needs of your living space or work area.

Perfect for: Bedroom, smaller office/shop, and dining area

Weather: Humid conditions

3. Tower air coolers

Tower air cooler

Known to be elegant in terms of design, they are sleek and slim which doesn’t require much space to fit in a room. Tower air coolers can be the right choice for medium-sized rooms of an area of 150-200 square feet.

The impressive thing I like about these coolers is that they can cool your room at a faster rate by pushing the air vertically. As they do have a good enough height, you get an even amount of cooling while you’re standing or sitting in the comfort of your couch.

Perfect for: Reception desk, bedroom, and shops of a smaller size

Weather: Scorching heat and humid conditions

4. Window air coolers

Window air cooler

These air coolers do require some maintenance as they are installed in your window with the body being placed outside. Window air coolers are your best bet for their ability to circulate fresh air within the room as they take in the air from outside.

Apart from having honeycomb pads that transform outside hot air to refreshing cool air, the consumption of power is less when compared to other air coolers. If I have to talk about its capacity, it can be a pretty good option for an area measuring 235 square feet.

Perfect for: Living room, smaller shops, and even guest rooms

Weather: Hot and dry conditions

Air cooler buying guide (features to consider)

Selecting the right type of air cooler is the key. However, there are certain features that you need to keep in mind while you’re on your way to purchase one.

If you have less knowledge about what are the important features that you require in an air cooler, deciding to buy an air cooler can result in you picking the wrong choice for yourself. To make it easier for you, I have listed some of the important features to consider while buying an air cooler.

They are as follows:

1. Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity of an air cooler is imperative as water is utilized from the tank for cooling. Air coolers do come in different tank capacities as it boils down to your requirements. Having a larger tank will result in a longer duration of cooling before you need to re-fill the water. If you do not have longer requirements of cooling, you can go for a smaller water tank capacity.

2. Cooling pads

Cooling pads do impact the cooling of an air cooler, as they let air flow through them for cooling. If the pads are thicker in size, you’re assured of better cooling. Aspen pads and honeycomb pads are the two types that can have an impact on your cooling. If you’re looking to pay a higher price but with a higher life, honeycomb pads should be the ideal option.

3. Ice cube chamber

An ice cube chamber can bring in faster cooling efficiently by adding ice cubes to the chamber, this will cool the water in no time and provide quick cooling in your room.

4. Inverter compatibility

Power cuts can be annoying when it interrupts your cooling experience. To cut away from this, you’re advised to get an inverter-compatible air cooler for an enjoyable experience without power cuts.

5. Remote control & water level indicator

The remote control is a basic necessity for any air cooler. You wouldn’t want to keep getting up all the time to manually adjust the settings of your air cooler. Similarly, having a water level indicator can help you from the trouble of opening the water tank at regular intervals to check the amount of water left in your air cooler.

6. Wheels

Most of today’s air coolers come equipped with castor wheels. It is recommended that you choose an air cooler with wheels for an easy moving experience.

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There are numerous types of air cooler in the market with features shaping up their own identity. As I said earlier, it all boils down to your preference and requirements of which one tick of all the boxes for you. Moreover, you need to keep in mind some of the essential features that an air cooler needs to have in the form of water tank capacity to cooling pads.

Knowing your needs will get you to the type of air cooler which is suitable for you.

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