Best Video Door Phone In India 2023: Hikvision, Godrej, Or CP Plus?

Best Video Door Phone In India: Hikvision, Godrej, Or Cp Plus?

You are concerned about the safety and security of your house and your loved ones and that is why you are here – looking for the best video door phone in India. Right? You might be already confused between Hikvision, Godrej, Panasonic, or CP Plus video doorbell.

Don’t worry, let me help you pick the right video door phone system for your home. Basically, a video doorbell will make you able to see who is on your doorstep through an inbuilt camera. You can talk with the visitor through the indoor monitor while sitting in any corner of your house. This beautiful piece of technology offers a lot of advantages and you might probably need it right now.

Video door phone is not something new. Millions of people in India and around the world have been using it conveniently for years. So, with the high demand for this VDP, lots of new brands have come into the market with exciting models, features, and technologies.

So, which is the best video door phone for me? Let’s find out. I will go through the technical aspects of each of the products – like range, connectivity, camera quality, night vision, and much more.

Alright, let me first convince you why you need to buy a video door phone for your home.

Why you should get a video door phone for your home?

1. It enhances home security

You may have lots of daily visitors to your house and video door phones enable you to talk with them while they are on the doorstep or outside the gate. You can deny the entry of unwanted people at your house or apartment without even opening the door. The best video doorbell makes you able to pretend that you are at home when you are not. It creates hype in the mind of any unwelcome intruder. With the help of this appliance, you can even cover the whole day movement outside your house. You can have visuals like a CCTV camera.

2. Smooth two-way communication

With the inbuilt audio system you can talk to the person standing next to your door. You won’t need to open your door without knowing the exact person. With the tiny inbuilt camera, you can track the outside activity of your house. It makes direct communication with visitors. For example, you can ask the delivery boy to keep the box at the doorstep without physically attending him. This two-way communication gives you a sense of peace and hustles free mindset.

3. Easy monitoring

Video door phones enable you to monitor every movement around your house door or outside premises. You can monitor these movements by comfortably sitting at your room. You can check whether your children have arrived or your parcel is delivered. So, this machine assures smart surveillance at any time.

4. Say NO to unwanted visitors

Best video door phone system assures that no visitor is unanswered. VDP makes you reach to every single visitor to your doorstep. No one will get offended by not having proper reception to your home. You can communicate with them in the comfort of your place. If there is an undesirable visitor to your house you can simply ask him to leave the premises.

These are the 5 best video door phones in India

1. Godrej Solus 4.3 Lite Video Door Phone

Godrej Video Door Phone review

The first on our list of the best video doorbells in India is this Solus 4.3 Lite Video Door Phone from Godrej. I have chosen it as the Top Pick because of its sturdiness, easy installation, and value for money.

I think the 4.3 inch colour indoor monitor is large enough to clearly view the visitors outside. Solus ST 7 Lite, the another model from Godrej offers a wider screen of 7″ but bit expensive.

Now, let’s come to the most important feature – camera clarity. It uses ‘HR Pinhole Camera’ to capture the images. The performance is not up to the mark but still manages to give clear views. Obviously, you won’t get that 1080p HD or 4k video clarity. In case you want to change the viewing functions for better performance you can still customize using the ‘On Screen Display Menu’ provided.

I really like the ‘Night Vision’ technology. It has got a beautiful LED night vision spec which gives you a very decent visual experience during darkness.

The video doorbell supports two-way communication through which you can talk with the visitors. You don’t need to open your door to attend the visitors when required. Useful feature for a lazy person like me! Again, if you are in the middle of something or don’t want to get distracted, you can simply use the Do Not Disturb feature.

The outer unit comes with a strong built quality which makes it resistant even in the toughest weather. No one can even destroy it with a hammer or stone. So, it is pretty safe from neighbouring thieves or robbers.

Easy to install (provides free installation too)Camera quality can be improved
Great nigh vision performance
Can connect up to two outdoor units
Two way communication with clear audio

2. Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 – Upgraded Video Door Phone

Hikvision VDP user review

The second one on our list of best door phone on the systems in India is this awesome piece from Hikvision. The brand has always been very selective in terms of its quality and specifications for video security systems, and this particular model has got everything you need.

Like other video doorbells, this device provides hand-free and two-way intercom communication. You can talk through the screen monitor with the visitors. For people who are already using CCTV cameras from Hikvision, get this one for getting more advantages, such as video recording.

Here comes the interesting part. If you think 4.3 inch display is bit small for your taste then this should be your choice. This Hikvision video doorbell comes with a 7-inch giant video monitoring screen which gives you a crystal clear visual of every single visitor to your house. The 7-inch display is TFT LCD which is colourful.

You can expect clear voice quality as it comes with echo cancellation technology which ensures high quality of audio transmission. The built-in loudspeakers give very soothing sound quality and you will not be disappointed.

Clear voice qualityNo installation provided (it’s easy to install though)
Cheap and reasonably pricedNight vision needs improvement
Compatible with Hikvision CCTV systemsLess features
Screen size is big enough for a video door phone
Tough built with smart looking design

3. Panasonic Video Intercom System VL-SW251

Panasonic Video Intercom System

The most expensive video intercom system here on the list, but it comes with some advantages and awesome features that others don’t have. This high-tech device uses wireless technology and is fully connected through radio waves for communicating. You can respond (two-way communication) to the visitors from any corner of your house simply using the wireless handset. Amazing, right?

The Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom VL-SW251 also has a picture recording feature which captures very good images in every light. You even get a clear colour visual experience at dark because of its Night Vision technology. All thanks to its top notch camera quality.

With the 5.2 inches of colour TFT LCD main monitor you can clearly see all the happenings at your door or gate. The monitoring screen gives decent luminosity to the visual through its TFT surface. The video and picture quality is truly impressive.

One disadvantage is that it not completely wireless. The outdoor unit and indoor unit (main monitor) need to be connected using a cable or wire.

Overall, a decent video door phone for villas or hotels. It’s even worth having in the house for people who can afford it.

Can record images for visitorsVERY expensive
Wireless Handset comes with 1.8 inch monitor for visual experience
Wide viewing angle with clear visuals
Night Vision with colour display
Strong outdoor unit – resistant to tough weather conditions

4. ZEBRONICS Video Door Phone (ZEB-VD7WR)

ZEBRONICS Video Doorbell

ZEBRONICS (ZEB-VD7WR) is cheap and affordable but it has all the necessary specifications you need in a good VDP. It boasts of 7″ screen size with 800 x 400 of resolution, giving you a very good visual experience with more clarity while monitoring.

Here is what really impressed me – the camera quality and the viewing angle. It comes with almost 120° of viewing angle with 700 TVL which covers all most whole of your house premises. The night vision functionality even out performs some of the other premium video door phone systems. It gives sharp images and you can see the visitors outside even in dim light.

You can connect the video door phone to two monitors at the same time. So, for people who like to monitor from different floors or locations of the house then it’s really a useful feature. The outdoor unit should function properly as it can be operational in temperature upto +50°c, which is quiet compatible to Indian weather.

Overall, this video doorbell is a good choice if you are tight on budget and the above one like Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 goes out of stock at the place where you live.

Really affordableBuilt quality of outdoor unit needs some improvement
Has a really big screen with 800X400 resolution
Wide viewing angle with clear pictures
Night Vision with clear visibility
Has 16 different tunes/ringtones

5. CP PLUS Video Door Phone – P-PVK-70TH

CP PLUS Video Door Phone

The last pick on our ‘best VDPs in India’ is this CP-PVK-70TH from CP PLUS. For people who have not heard about the brand, CP Plus produces high-quality security and surveillance devices like CCTV cameras, DVR, and video doorbells.

This particular model has 7 inches of colour TFT LCD monitor with touch buttons for operation. The screen size with 1024 x 764 resolution is big enough to get any kind of special mention from any visitor. The intercom communication can be done with video visual which is hand free and easily operational. This Analog VDP obviously needs a wired setup but it is quite simple to install.

Now, let’s talk about its stand-out feature. The vandal-proof outdoor unit. Thieves and annoying neighbours would find it extremely hard to damage this video doorbell because it is surrounded and protected by an aluminium alloy panel. Again, the camera is made of nano glass. So, it is safe from any kind of mishaps.

To sum up, this is a great VDP if all the above ones are not available to you.

High visibility at dark because of built-in Infrared Night Vision cameraMade of plastic material
Big screen size with 1024 x 764 resolutionBit pricey when compared to its competitors like Hikvision
Can connect up to 3 indoor monitors and 2 outdoor units
Two way audio communication
Waterproof outdoor unit with aluminium panel

How to choose the best video door phone for your home?

Choosing the best video phone does not require too much of technical knowledge. Apart from considering the positive reviews while selecting the product, you just need to know your requirements and the budget. Here, let me share some features to look for in a video door system.

1. Wired or wireless?

Wireless doorbell uses radio waves for transmission and the signals can reach up to 1000 feet range, which is quite sufficient even for a huge home. Some wireless video door phone systems offer easy communication like intercom, motion sensors, and window sensors. Basically, it has multiple benefits over the wired video doorbell. You won’t need to spend extra effort in wiring and drilling your beautiful wall for connection.

It comes with wireless handsets and you can use them from any part of your house. However, it is pretty expensive like the Wireless Video Intercom VL-SW251/VL-SWD501 from Panasonic.

The wired video doorbells have no limitation for range and it can be customized as per the needs. They widely preferred because of its cheap and affordable to most people.

2. Installation process

As I have already explained above that wireless video door phones are comparatively easier to install than wired video doorbells. However, installing a wired VDP is easy and can be done by the user itself. It is not rocket science.

But anyway, before going for the best video door phone one should find out whether the company is providing a free installation service. If not, thoroughly inspect the installation procedure, read up the manual, or call up its customer care for help. Again, if both options are not feasible to you then you can simply hire a local electrician. It’s easily doable.

3. Does it have night vision?

If you want 24×7 safety and security of your home then you should look for a device with this feature, most preferably with IR LED Night Vision. Look for a decent camera quality so that you get better visibility at dim light or total darkness.

Most video door phones come with nigh vision though. Some even offer colour display at night.

4. Two-way audio interaction

The best part about getting two-way audio interaction is that everyone gets connected, be it a visitor or family. If it is one-way communication then only you will be able to hear the visitor’s voice and you can’t obviously communicate with him.

In two-way communication both of you can communicate and interact. You can ask the pizza boy to place the pizza at the doorstep or tell those annoying marketing guys that you are not interested in their schemes.

5. Does it work with smartphones?

It’s rare to find a reasonably priced video door phone in India that is compatible with smartphones. If you can buy it, good for you. You get better connectivity anywhere at any time. When it works with smartphones it enables you to access the visual and movement of your door through your mobile with internet connection. Through multiple applications, you can have a subscription on your phone to get live visuals from anywhere.

6. Adjustable setups

Your video doorbells must have an adjustable interface so that you can change them accordingly. It should have adjustable brightness, volume, colour, contrast, and ringtones. You can set it up as per your need and convenience. Sometimes you may need to lower the sound. Right? So, it should not have a fixed user interface otherwise you won’t be able to customize it.

Video door phones or smart home security cameras: which one is better?

Look, both of these devices have their pros and cons. They both let you know who is outside your home but can be used differently. Video door phones provide you live visual from your doorstep whereas security cameras make you aware of the overall vision of your house even when you are away. Video doorbells have a low range of visuals to show whereas security cameras have more resolution and clarity. Also, it provides recording function.

Video doorbells make you able to respond immediately to the person standing next to your doorstep. You can ask him to come inside or leave the premises if not necessary. Video doorbells only let you know the person coming on your doorstep whereas security cameras give you a larger scale of visual. In a way, they are used for different purposes and it would be wrong to compare these two technologies.

Summing up, home security cameras help you monitor and informed about what’s happening inside or outside of your home, live or recorded. A video intercom simply helps you communicate and interact with the visitors.

The verdict: Hikvision, Godrej, Or CP Plus video door phone?

So, which is the best video door phone in India right now? Well, I will say all the above-mentioned products have their own pros and cons. But, after after hours of research and considering many parameters such as positive reviews, build-quality, installation process, technical specs, and pricing I pick Godrej Solus 4.3 Lite as the winner, mainly because of its robustness. The display screen is bitter smaller than the rest but provides comfortable viewing.

On a lower budget, Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 is another great device and offers awesome performance with clear voice/sound. You get 7″ monitor at a very cheap price. A good choice for people who are looking for bigger sized video door phone.

Zebronics and CP Plus models are on a par and you can get it either of them if the above two are not up to your taste or goes out of stock. The Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom is on another level and offers more features and advantages than the rest. But, it comes with one negative side. It’s freaking expensive. Congrats if you can afford it!

Summing up, video doorbells are the need of the hour for every household. Security and safety of you and your loved ones should be the number one priority, and with these smart video door phones you can get rid of nerves and tensions.

Get it now!

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