Window AC Vs Split AC – Pros And Cons: Which Is Better?

Window AC Vs Split AC – Pros And Cons: Which Is Better?

The age-old debate between choosing a Window AC and Split AC has been going on for a while. But, do you have an answer about which air conditioner is the best? Keep reading to know the answer.

Having an air conditioner is important for a house as it can be your friend during the summer season. However, there is always some kind of confusion among people when planning to decide between a Window AC and a Split AC. The struggle is real when they are about to purchase an AC as due to lack of proper information you end up choosing the wrong option.

There has been a divide among people when asked about which air conditioner they would prefer to go with. Some of them prefer the conventional Window Air conditioner, while others stick to Split.

To remove your confusion, I’ll be helping you with the answer regarding Window AC Vs Split AC (with pros and cons). Let’s get started:

Window Air Conditioner

Window AC

You can get it by the name as these air conditioners are wall-mounted and also happen to be budget-friendly. Having a small room or tiny space seems to be the perfect fit for a Window AC as the cooling capacity is considered to be on the lower side.

In the past, most of them used to be fixed-speed ACs. However, times have changed and now there are numerous inverter window air conditioners too in the market. A window air conditioner does have a single unit with the front part facing the room and the exhaust installed outside the window.

Split Air Conditioner

Split AC

A Split air conditioner looks like the new generation version of cooling your home. Unlike a Window AC, they can cool larger rooms. As you can get by the name, they consist of two units and are split between an indoor one and an outdoor one.

The fan and evaporator are placed inside the room, while the condenser and compressor are placed in the outdoor unit. Moreover, a Split AC can be further categorized between a Non-inverter AC and Inverter AC.

Window AC Pros and Cons

There are several Pros and Cons that you need to check out. They are as follows –

Easy installationIsn’t a good option when it comes to larger rooms.
It is an ideal air conditioner for smaller rooms.The functioning of a Wall AC is pretty noisy.
They tend to be energy savers as operation costs are on the lower side.Blocked window view.
There is no requirement for plumbing work when installing a Window AC.There are very few features when compared to a Split Air conditioner.
Chances of leakage are low.Have the tendency to pass in hot air and this can lead to the air conditioner being less efficient.
It can be relocated with ease from a certain window to the other.Humid weather can be a hindrance as a Window AC doesn’t work well in such weather conditions.
They are affordable when compared to Split AC.The design of a Window AC is not pleasing to the eye.

Split AC Pros and Cons

Similarly, there are a sizeable number of Pros + Cons of having a Split Air Conditioner.

Provides faster cooling when it is about larger rooms.It can be costly when you compare it with a conventional Window AC.
No requirement of making holes in the wall.Installation does require professionals who have a thorough knowledge of a Split AC.
Split Air conditioners tend to consume a lower amount of power.Cost of maintenance and repair will be on the higher side.
Tend to be stylish and attractive in the looks department.The exterior compressor does make a lot of noise.
Nearly all split air conditioners have a remote control. This makes it easier to control.It isn’t a good option to install a split air conditioner.
Very silent in terms of its operation throughout.You might have to change some parts in a couple of years as it suffers from longevity issues.
You’re ensured completely pure air.In terms of portability it isn’t a wise option.

Split AC Vs Window AC – which is better?

There are certain factors that I’ll be focusing on and how do both the air conditioners fare. This way, you can surely get to know who comes out as a winner!

Energy consumptionLow consumptionHigh consumption of energy due to poor insulation levels
CostQuite costlyEconomical
MaintenanceHard to maintain and requires continuous efforts for cleaningEasy to maintain with low efforts
InstallationEasier to installHard to install when compared to a Window AC.
CoolingOffers better cooling when compared to a Window ACCooling effectiveness is on the lower side
Noise levelDoes not make noiseCan be quite noisy
Warranty1-10 Years5-12 Years
PortabilityNot a good option in case you need to shift to a different city as removing it can take a tollEasy in terms of installation and removal. So, there shouldn’t be any problem

Bottom line

Numerous factors do separate both the ACs. Split AC’s might be a better alternative when it comes to cooling efficiency due to being the newer generation of air conditioners. If you see window air conditioners, they can be affordable and also much easier in terms of installation.

Technically speaking, I would suggest getting an AC which suits you in terms of your requirements. Whether it is a Split or Window AC, it all boils down to a list of factors that I’ve mentioned above in the article as that would make it easy for you to make a pick.

Happy cooling!

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